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Note: 1a to 8b are flats above and beside the shops.  9 to 12b were flats, and 13 to 28 were bungalows, before their demolition in 2017.


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1a Anstey Way


1956-63         Bert and Brenda (Muggleton) Truelove

1964-70         Miss Lucy Cornwell with sister Mrs May (Cornwell) Jones



1b Anstey Way


1956-58         Basil and May (Baff) Nicholls

1959-63         Miss Lucy Cornwell with sister Mrs May (Cornwell) Jones



2a Anstey Way


1956-57         (Private)

1958-70         (Private)



2b Anstey Way


1956-58         (Private)

1959-70         Norman and Violet (Hayward) Morrow-Tait



4a Anstey Way


1956-62         George and Millicent (Hall) Cutbush

1963-66         Mrs Emily (Osbourne) Haylock

1967-81         Miss Edith Earnshaw



4b Anstey Way


1956-70         Mrs Hilda (Evans) Hancock

1956-57 and 62 Mrs Emily (Webb) Human



5a Anstey Way


1956               James and Esther Lynch (no information)

1957-60         Cecil and Hildegard (Hart) Robinson

1961-65         Mrs Florence (Davis) Ringe

1966-70         Harold and Marjory (Evetts) Baylis



5b Anstey Way


1956-60         (Private)

1961-62         Agnes Campbell (no information)

1963-67         Reginald and Agnes (Harris) Violet

1969-70         Leon and Elizabeth (Thomas) Goussaert



6a Anstey Way


1956-57         (Private)

1958-59         Mrs Charlotte (Graveling) Arnold with daughter Miss Dora Arnold

1962-70         Bertram and Doris (Unwin) Clarke



6b Anstey Way


1956-61         William and Florence Hardy (no information)

1962-70         Mrs Elsie (Moule) Spalding with son Donald Spalding



7 Anstey Way


1956-58         Margaret Findlay and Constance Gibb (no information)

1959-68         Caroline (Flack) Cornwell



7a Anstey Way


1956-60         Alfred and Ruth (Street) Chessum

1961-65         Patrick and Carolyn (Williams) Webster

1966-70         William Seekings



7b Anstey Way


1956-70         Robert and Emily Roberts (no information)



8 Anstey Way


1956-57         Kenneth and Joyce (Tomlinson) Lawrence

1965               Frederick and Christine (Gane) Tanner



8a Anstey Way


1956-60         Thomas and Iris (Warren) Cowans

1961-62         Peter and Ivy (Skinner) Kent

1963-64         John and Gladys (Cooper) Tutty



8b Anstey Way


1956-61         Albert and Gabrielle (Atkinson-Hill) Cox

1962               William and Maisie James (no information)

1963-70         Thomas and Ivy (Barnes) Rhodes



9 Anstey Way


1956-70         George and Hilda (Beales) Scarboro



9a Anstey Way


1956-70         Douglas and Lilian (Watson) Whitworth



9b Anstey Way


1956-70         Arthur and Ethel (Arrandale) Harvey



10 Anstey Way


1956-60         Arthur and Lillian Williamson (no information)

1961-65         Albert and Gertrude (Phillips) Squires

1966-70         Mrs Dora (Warren) Parsons with daughter Mrs Haidee (Parsons) Horn



10a Anstey Way


1956-70         Mrs Doreen (McThoy) Dobbie with mother Mrs Ethel (O’Bryan) McThoy



10b Anstey Way


1956-60         Percy and Evelyn (Potter) Martin

1961-67         Charles and Eileen (Allen) Mott

1968-70         Mrs Eileen (Cleal) Weakes



11 Anstey Way


1956-57         Mrs Jane (Norman) Arber

1958-60         Mrs Sarah (Moxon) Kester

1961-66         Mrs Gertrude (Morley) Coombs

1967               Mrs Emily (Osbourne) Haylock



11a Anstey Way


1956-70         Miss Doris Sanders



11b Anstey Way


1956-61         Miss Lilian Langford

1962-64         George Money

1965-70         Mrs Sylvia (Bennett) Johnson



12 Anstey Way


1956-70         Frank Pearce



12a Anstey Way


1956-65         Mrs Noreen (Connor) Campbell with Arthur Rowe (her future second husband)



12b Anstey Way


1956-67         Bertram and Sylvia (Obmann) Hayns

1968-70         John Armstrong with daughter Mrs Mary (Armstrong) Dawes



13 Anstey Way


1955-70         Alfred and Mabel (Gillingham) Watts



14 Anstey Way


1955-70         Edward and Rachel (Smith) Piper



15 Anstey Way


1955-65         Miss May Midwinter

1966-70         Alfred Howard


16 Anstey Way


1955-63         Mrs Mabel (Pake) Pardoe

1964-70         Mrs Eveline (Rowley) Taylor



17 Anstey Way


1955-70         Thomas and Alice (Day) Cooper



18 Anstey Way


1955-70         Francis and Lilian (Cooper) Laver



19 Anstey Way


1956-58         Mrs Louise (Smith) French

1959-70         George and Emily (Duddridge) Arbery



20 Anstey Way


1956-70         Charles and Daisy (Chapman) Martin



21 Anstey Way


1955-70         Bert and Maud (Williamson) Linsey



22 Anstey Way


1956-63         Mrs Bessie (Thorne) Goodman

1965               Miss Bertha Wedd



23 Anstey Way


1955-70         Miss Mary Bullimore and Miss Hetty Bullimore (sisters)



24 Anstey Way


1955-70         Arthur Plant



25 Anstey Way


1955-56         Mrs Emma (Crick) Radford

1957-63         Miss Lise Walker and Miss Caroline Walker (sisters)

1963-64         Miss Elsie Plummer and Miss Margery Plummer (sisters)

1965               Walter and Edith (Rodgers) Badcock

1966-70         Miss Emily Poulter



26 Anstey Way


1955-63         Miss Lucy Elgar

1964-66         Mrs Elizabeth (Manning) Lockwood

1967-70         Mrs Edith (Day) Digby



27 Anstey Way


1955-61         Mrs Minnie (Wren) Neaves

1962               William Bull

1963-65         Mrs Alice (Beeby) Chapman

1966-67         Sidney Haslop

1968-70         Mrs Laura (Stockwell) Shearing



28 Anstey Way


1955-70         Mrs Ellen (Stiff) Cook



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