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1 Bentley Road


1927-38         Mrs Adele (Vieweg) Higgins

1939               Herbert and Daphne (Baker) Robinson

1945-71         Lord Rotherham (Stuart Holland) and Lady Miriam (Wright) Rotherham

1945-46         Ronald and Mary Palethorpe



3 Bentley Road



1929-33         Frank and Lilian (Nicholas) Potts

1935-39         Walter and Olive (Fladgate) Lake

1937               Miss Doris Searle [cook]

1939               Ronald and Charlotte Morris

1945-65         George and Madeline (de Carteret) Thorold with mother Mrs Jeanette (Baker) de Carteret

1966-69         Deryck and Marjorie (Lyon) Cobb



5 Bentley Road



1927-30         John and Dorothy (Buchanan) Whytehead

1931-69         Ralph and Eleanor (Heale) Goodchild with daughters

1935-39         Miss Grace Flack [maid]

1965-67         Miss Rose Sandall [cook]

1970               Jack (later Sir Jack then Baron Lewis of Newnham) and Freddie Lewis



7 Bentley Road



1929-36         Basil and Georgina (Spraggon) Fletcher

1938-39         Joshua and Doris (Bell) Beardsall with mother Mrs Emmeline (Ramsey) Bell

1945-49         Mrs Frances (Williams) Chaplin

1945-49         William and Mabel (Hardiment) Lansdowne [houseman, cook]

1950-70         Kenneth and Margaret (Fielding) Wilsdon


9 Bentley Road



1927-32         Horace and Ada (Shepherd) Dewberry

1933-70         Bernhard and Mabel (Hosegood) Campkin

1945-70         Miss Grace Greenwood with sister Miss Violet Greenwood



11 Bentley Road


1927-35         James (later Sir James) and Aileen (Stewart-Brown) Chadwick

1936-38         James and Amelie (Loewenthal) Boyd

1939-48         Wilhelm and Katharina (Scheffler) Feldberg

1946-47         Miss Katherine Grove-White

1949-70         Frank (later Sir Frank) and Ruth (Turner) Young with father Thomas Turner and sister Miss Margaret Young



12 Bentley Road

Cefn Llys, Pied-a-Terre


1911-27         Austin and Emily (Milton) Keen

1925-27         Stanley and Charlotte (Keen) Morgan (daughter of Austin and Emily)

1929-74         Richard and Beatrix (Wherry) Oldfield

1934-39         Miss Rose Gifford [house-parlourmaid]

1936               Miss Gwendoline Moore

1937-39         Miss Marjorie Moore [cook] (Gwendoline’s sister)

1942-45         William and Violet (How) Truslove

1945-47         John and Albinia (Oldfield) Willis (daughter of Richard and Beatrix)

1946-47         Alexander and Myrtle (Brown) Carpenter

1948-70         Miss Olive Butcher




14 Bentley Road

Gable Ends, Beverley


1911-20         James and Ethel (Duncan) Bilderbeck

1922-60         Cecil and Norah (Evers) Mason with children

1935               Miss Eliza Butler [servant]

1936               Miss Annie Missen

1961-70         Private



14a Bentley Road


1963-70         Robert and Nora (Jenkin) Newham



15 Bentley Road

Eleanor Cottage


1927-31         Chauncey and Maud (Charlesworth) Winckworth

1932-49         Mrs Harriot (Gambling) Bird with children

1934-70         Miss Enid Bird (Harriot’s daughter)

1936-63         Charles Bird (Harriot’s son)

1939               Thomas and Freda (Barrington) Bird (Harriot’s son)

1934-36         Miss Mary Pledger

1937-39         Miss Joan Powell [housemaid]

1945-54         Miss Jessie Lander

1963-70         Robert and Nora (Jenkin) Newham 16166



17 Bentley Road

The Red House


1926-36         John and Joan (Eckhard) Stirland

1938-45         Roger and Theodora (Jaboor) Pilkington

1946-53         Alan (later Sir Alan) and Marion (Rous) Hodgkin

1954-66         John and Hilda (Pearson) Weddell with daughter Jean Weddell



19 Bentley Road

The Gerrans


1926-39         Creswell and Amy (Hext) Shearer

1934-39         Miss Edith Crissall

1939-65         Henry and Maud (Kirk) Hilton with son Richard Hilton

1966-70         Julian and Rosemary (Lewis) Faux



21 Bentley Road



1924-39         William and Eva (Rayner) Hartree with son Douglas Hartree

1930-39         Miss Millicent Edwards [domestic] with mother Mrs Elizabeth (Carter) Edwards

1945-46         John (later Sir John, then Baron Baker of Windrush) and Fiona (Walker) Baker

1947               Mrs Eva (Rayner) Hartree

1947               Miss Millicent Edwards [domestic]

1948-67         Douglas and Elaine (Charlton) Hartree (son of William and Eva) with mother Mrs Beatrice (Eyres) Charlton

1968-70         Don and Patricia (Ogilvy-Reid) Holister



23 Bentley Road



1930-38         Mrs Lilian (Greenwood) Eagleston

1930-38         Miss Gladys Brunning [cook]

1939               Stuart and Ida (Michell) Grant-Dalton

1939-45         Leonard and Margaret (Hunt) Tully with parents Maurice and Margaret (Anger) Hunt

1946               Miss Emma Billington [cook]

1946-53         Mrs Annie (Browne) Cow

1954-70         Henry and Mary (Fowle) Batten



25 Bentley Road



1930-70         Carl and Amy (Smith) Pantin with children

1936-39         Miss Lilian Smoothy [cook]



Clare College Sports Pavilion


1939-70         Ernest and Constance (Woollard) Hobbs




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