A.   Most houses in Bishop’s Road were not given numbers until, at the earliest, 1939. Until that year we have either house names to go on, or simply the address “Bishop’s Road”; we have not yet managed to identify all of these houses.  You will therefore see below a few instances of “EITHER . . . OR” where it is not yet clear who lived exactly where.  Any extra information will be gratefully received.


B.   Houses with numbers above 85 (and Bishop’s Court), which were built after 1965, are not included here.


C.    Please read the general notes about these street pages .




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2 Bishop’s Road

The Bungalow, Alle(a)ndale


1923-28         Frank and Rececca (Cooper) Smith

1930-31         Walter and Kathleen Shilleto

1934               Thomas and Doris (Hobbs) Young

1936-39         Wallace and Agnes (Duncan) Monaghan

1941               Mrs Fannie (McDermot) Creek

1944-63         John and Margaret (Balls) Darling

1964-65         Ivan and Janet (Sprackland) Beedom



2a Bishop’s Road



1955-66         Alfred and Edith (Norvall) Leach

1967-70         Ralph and Dorothy (Bowser) Niblett



4 Bishop’s Road


1928-70         Edward and Minnie (Jepps) Richardson with son Eric Richardson



5 Bishop’s Road


1959-83         William Pamplin with uncle Richard and Emma (Scarr) Harman

1984-2001     Mrs Phyllis (Dexter) Chandler



6 Bishop’s Road



1926-27         Eric and Agnes Ford (no information)

1928-29         Ethelbert and Rachel (Cross) Rigg with children

1930-31         George and Phyllis (Mellard) Bradley

1934-37         Walter and Agnes (Brighouse) Matthams

1939               John and Margaret (Dunkley) Wood

1945-70         Cyril and Patricia (Simpson) Balls



7 Bishop’s Road


1939-40         Miss Charlotte Thacker

1946-48         Mrs Gertrude (Wallman) Human with daughter Miss Maisie Human

1949-56         John and Louisa (Coles) Harper with sister Miss Elizabeth Coles

1957-70         Frank and Gladys (Randall) Last



8 Bishop’s Road



1926-27         Eric and Agnes Ford (no information)

1928-31         EITHER Richard and May (Facer) Hague with daughter Sybil Hague

                        OR Charles and Ethel (Hoadley) Parmée

1934               Thomas and Elsie (Chapman) Pike

1937-70         Samuel and Georgina (Bond) Bigg



9 Bishop’s Road


1939-75         Jack and Nellie (Wilson) Curtis



10 Bishop’s Road

Dellmead, Moseley


1926-29         EITHER George and Rosa (Bright) Kingswell with children

                        OR John and Agnes (Revill) Davison

1930-31         Philip and Grace (Baldwin) Wolf

1934               Douglas and Kate (Robinson) Perkins

1935               Victor and Kathleen (Port) Hill

1937-39         George and Winifred (Cornish) Kite

1945-70         Alexander and Isabella (Boyd) Lant



11 Bishop’s Road


1945-50         George and Winifred (Cornish) Kite

1951-70         Cecil and Mary (Midgley) Muncaster with mother Mrs Ethel (Hadfield) Midgley



12 Bishop’s Road



1926-29         EITHER George and Rosa (Bright) Kingswell with children

                        OR John and Agnes (Revill) Davison

1930-70         Cecil and Phyllis (Hillyard) Stubbings



14 Bishop’s Road



1930-51         Evelyn and Cissie (Watts) Watson

1945               Wallace and Agnes (Duncan) Monaghan

1952-58         Gerald and Hilda (Kirkham) Hudson

1959-65         Hilda Pearse (no information)



15 Bishop’s Road


1939-70         William and Hilda (Chapman) Wolfe



16 Bishop’s Road



1929-36         Ernest and Charlotte (Rule) Cooper

1937-53         Eric and Olive (Stearn) Peters

1954-57         Harold and Jean Carter (no information)

1958-70         Harold and Mary (Sarll) Wolfe



17 Bishop’s Road



1927-70         Stephen and Jessie (Holden) Brown with children and father Walter Holden



18 Bishop’s Road



1930-70         William and Mary (Marley) Tindle



19 Bishop’s Road



1927-42         Newman and Emma (Bartlett) Harman with son Frederick Harman

1943-52         Henry and Orpha (Benton) Clark

1953-63         Ian and Audrey (Allen) Stuart

1964-70         John and Elsie (Silvester) Callow



20 Bishop’s Road



1930-39         Vernon and Winifred (Sweet) Boyle

1945-48         Cyril and Avery (Richards) Holmes

1949-50         Miss Daisy Showler

1951-70         Benjamin and Dorothy (Porter) Rich



21 Bishop’s Road



1927-82         Mrs Ellen (Wick) Sharp with daughter Miss Eva Sharp

1929               Joshua and Mary (Golding) Butler



22 Bishop’s Road


1930-38         Sidney and Jessie (Dasley) Mayle           

1939-54         Cyril and Ellen (Thorogood) Gathercole

1955               Percy and Susan (Fison) Graves

1956-69         Ronald and Olive (Woods) Tyler



23 Bishop’s Road



1928-31         EITHER Richard and May (Facer) Hague with daughter Sybil Hague

                        OR Charles and Ethel (Hoadley) Parmée

1931-67         Arthur and Florence (Tuthill) Careless with son Clarence Careless



24 Bishop’s Road


1930-70         Alfred and Doris (Taylor) Shipp



25 Bishop’s Road


1929-49         Frank and Rebecca (Cooper) Smith with daughter Helena Smith

1950               Harry and Susan (Boyce) Crisswell with son Spencer Crisswell

1951-65         Barry (later Sir Barry) and Audrey (Crow) Cross



25a Bishop’s Road


1956-70         John and Janet (Morgan) Woolfenden



25b Bishop’s Road


1956-70         Frederick and Alice (Constable) Woolfenden



25c Bishop’s Road


1958               Robert and Josephine (Peck) Mynott



26 Bishop’s Road

Clive Cottage


1930-70         Joshua and Mary (Golding) Butler



27 Bishop’s Road


1945-50         James and Eleanor (Teal) Farrar 

1951-60         Francis and Ethel (Butler) Damerell with son Arthur Damerell

1961-69         Malcolm and Florence (Parker) Woolf




28 Bishop’s Road

Council Houses


1930-58         Arthur and Sarah (Lomax) Plummer with son Ernest Plummer

1930-70         Miss Ethel Plummer (daughter of Arthur and Sarah)

1947-48         Jack and Flora Plummer (Ethel’s son)



29 Bishop’s Road


1945               Thomas and Irene (Bush) Banks

1946-2003     Stewart and Bessie (Reeve) Drake         



30 Bishop’s Road

Council Houses


1930-36         Eric and Olive (Stearn) Peters

1937-55         Sidney and Ethel (Benge) Butler

1949-70         Leslie and Rosemary (Butler) How (daughter of Sidney and Ethel)



31 Bishop’s Road



1935-65         Percy and Beatrice (Bolton) Smart



32 Bishop’s Road



1930-70         Edward and Lilian (D’Aguilar) Andrews with children



33 Bishop’s Road


1935               Henry and Florence (Andrews) Wright

1936-38         Richard and Olive (Fenn) Mitchell

1939               Josef and Maria (Verheijde) Pelikan

1945-46         Jack and Nora (Purkis) Goddard

1947-49         John and Helen (Luard) Fry

1950-54         Gordon and Hazel (Lynch) Mackay

1955               Richard and Mildred Carter (no information)

1956               William and Pamela Taylor (no information)

1957               Stanley and Enid (Turnage) Gould

1958-70         Kenneth and Joyce (Tomlinson) Lawrence



34 Bishop’s Road


1934-53         Henry and Alice (Peters) Oxley

1945               Miss Emma Billington

1955-62         Ernest and Olive (Nichols) Morgan

1963-70         Leonard and Catherine (Coombes) Carty



35 Bishop’s Road



1935-70         Douglas and Eliza (Atkinson) Reynolds with children



36 Bishop’s Road


1934-48         Charles and Mary (Bass) Pratt with daughter Dora Pratt

1949-69         Roland and Olive (Elbourne) Bridgeman



37 Bishop’s Road



1935               George and Annie Vickers (no information)

1936-39         Thomas and Vera (Suckling) Gerrard

1945-49         Mrs Marguerite Vanderveer

1951-55         Bernard and Ena (Stubbens) Olive

1956-59         Private

1963-66         Private



38 Bishop’s Road

Council Houses


1934-50         Walter and Georgina (Grant) Andrews

1947               Donald and Ethel (Jackson) Freestone

1951-70         Frederick and Grace (Moule) Nottingham



39 Bishop’s Road



1935               Robert and Winifred (Page) Saunders

1936-38         Walter and Mary (Fisher) Orriss with son Percy Orris

1939-70         Albert and Josephine (Voake) Gordon with son William Gordon and mother Mrs Mary (Croghan) Voake



40 Bishop’s Road

Council Houses


1934-51         Edwin and Florence (Fuller) Upchurch

1952-70         George and Winifred (Ison) Seekings



41 Bishop’s Road


1937-59         Herbert and Maud (Rackham) Baxter

1946-49         Edwin and Joan (Baxter) Cutting (daughter of Herbert and Maud)

1960-64         Sydney Stacey (no information)

1965-2016     Charles and Ethel (Gammon) Napthen



42 Bishop’s Road



Demolished in 1966 to create access to Lantree Crescent.


1933-65         Henry and Ellen (Burrell) Jackson with parents Alfred and Florence (Cubberley) Burrell



43 Bishop’s Road


1936-48         Leslie and Dorothy (Walker) Slater          

1945-46         Leonard and Peggy (Beagle) Purcell

1947               Charles and Gladys (Unwin) Judd

1948-49         Frank and Lucy (Snoxell) Holt

1950-54         Sidney and Alice (Ager) Atkin

1955-70         William and Dorothy (Johnston) Stratten



44 Bishop’s Road



1936-64         Leslie and Winifred (Braine) Bowers



45 Bishop’s Road


1937               William and Edith (Berry) Godfrey

1938-39         John and Audrey (Bullard) Kennedy

1939-45         Stanley and Doris (Bancroft) Spedding

1946-51         William and Alice (Wombwell) Curtis

1952-54         Alfred and Christine (Hainsworth) Lambden

1955-56         Douglas and Betty (Leath) Corbin

1957-70         Errington and Dorothy (Smee) Bottomley



46 Bishop’s Road


1936-52         Cecil and Ethel (Plumb) Meadows

1953-70         Cecil and Lilian (Walpole) Meadows with Lilian’s son Maurice Rayner



47 Bishop’s Road


1937-49         Ulysses and Minnie (Wren) Neaves

1946-70         Private

1953-55         Herbert and Emily (Vincent) Hudson      



48 Bishop’s Road


1939-56         Alexander and Alice (Tullett) Jeffery

1957-58         William and Mary McGrath (no information)

1959-70         Private



49 Bishop’s Road


1939               Sydney and Doris (Lawford) Free with mother Mrs Charlotte (Gould) Lawford

1945-66         Stanley and Margaret (Bicheno) Carter

1969-70         Ronald and Jean (Rookard) Street



50 Bishop’s Road


1939-55         Martin and Hannah (Carter) Sisson with Hannah’s cousin Sarah Carter

1956-61         Peter and Phyllis (Young) Thulbourne

1963-70         Private



51 Bishop’s Road


1938-54         Alfred and Edith (Norvall) Leach

1955-70         Sidney and Charlotte (Hills) Wickham



52 Bishop’s Road


1939-70         Harold and Olive (Stocker) Wilson with mother Mrs Elizabeth (Dunn) Stocker



53 Bishop’s Road


1939               Mrs Annie (Robinson) Lewingdon with children

1945-53         Russell and Gladys (Bransom) Forbes

1955-56         Keith and Pauline (Moore) Ballard

1957-70         Colin and Vera (Cowell) Partridge



54 Bishop’s Road



1939-53         William and Joyce (Caton) Collins

1954-90         Kenneth and Joan (Blackmore) Jordan



55 Bishop’s Road


1939-56         Jonathan and Una (Chapman) Martin with mother Mrs Eleanor (Brighton) Chapman and sister Miss Pamela Chapman

1958-59         William and Joan (Boyle) Scoble

1960-70         Private



56 Bishop’s Road


1953-70         Private



57 Bishop’s Road


1939-51         Charles and Irene (Taylor) Mitchell

1952-61         Mrs Catherine (Legge) Storey



58 Bishop’s Road


1949-70         Ernest and Iris (Levitt) Astin



59 Bishop’s Road


1939-64         Arthur and Lillie (Etheridge) Pratt with son John Pratt

1968-69         Joe and Lillie (Pratt) Taylor (daughter of Arthur and Lillie)



60 Bishop’s Road


1947-57         Frederick and Eileen (Hawkins) Harlow with grandmother Mrs Bertha (Judge) Hawkins

1958-59         Richard and Audrey Jones (no information)

1960-64         Eustace and Phyllis (Turner) Moy with father Charles Moy

1965-70         Mrs Eula (Brady) Turner



61 Bishop’s Road


1948-70         Richard and Edith (Davies) Storey



62 Bishop’s Road


1948-61         Bernard and Rose (Daines) Hodges

1962-70         Leslie and Kate (Smith) Barton



63 Bishop’s Road


1948-2018     Alexander and Mary (Moir) Pitman



64 Bishop’s Road


1949-63         Private

1964-70         Zinowij and Margaret Zyzka



65 Bishop’s Road


1960-70         Private



66 Bishop’s Road


1948-70         William and Margaret (Wimble) Hick



67 Bishop’s Road


1960-70         John and Marjorie (Scrivener) Cleverly



68 Bishop’s Road


1948-64         Sidney and Hilda (Pinkard) Woodcock

1965-70         Mrs Lucy (Geldart) Morris with children



69 Bishop’s Road



1954-56         Miss Edith Girling and Miss Alice Girling (sisters)

1957-70         Samuel and Atholeen (Rose) Ginn



70 Bishop’s Road


1953-70         Maurice and Kathleen (Riley) Twinn



71 Bishop’s Road



1954-59         Thomas and Elsie Evans (no information)

1960-70         Miss Kathleen Twinn (sister of Maurice at 70 Bishop’s Road)



72 Bishop’s Road


1953-70         Edward and Mary (Wedd) Mills



73 Bishop’s Road



1954-55         Vivian and Paulette (Johns) Kitchen

1957-70         Douglas and Emily (Wesson) Ryder



74 Bishop’s Road


1954-63         Harold and Vesta (Ball) Slater



75 Bishop’s Road



1953-56         Richard and Tryphena (Sanders) Brewster

1957-58         Private

1959-63         Francis and Betty (Fell) Colmar



77 Bishop’s Road



1953-55         Ian and Gwendoline Jones (no information)

1956-67         Frank and Kathleen (Green) Otterwell

1968-70         Leonard and Florence (Casbolt) Nunn



78 Bishop’s Road


1951-70         Dennis and Mymosa (Robertson) Wedd



79 Bishop’s Road



1949-67         George and Mabel (Marston) Pagdin



80 Bishop’s Road


1948-69         Herbert and Elizabeth (Connor) Collins

1970               Joe and Lillie (Pratt) Taylor



81 Bishop’s Road

Jesters Castle


1947-70         Patrick and Winifred (Farrow) Rawlingson Plant



82 Bishop’s Road



1948-49         Mrs Olive (Tabner) Barnes with stepmother Mrs Dorothy (Threader) Tabner

1949-52         Clifford and Elsie (Rutherford) Phillippo

1953-68         Albert and Peggy (Eyre) Chenery



83 Bishop’s Road

Meadow View


1947-52         Miss Ethel Birch with mother Mrs Florence (Birch) Birch

1951-52         Ernest and Florence (Birch) Howe (Ethel’s sister)

1953-64         William and Grace (Spicer) Hillman

1965-70         Hugh and Eunice (Bowyer) Medlow


84 Bishop’s Road




1948-54         Frederick and Daphne (Wright) Robinson

1955-62         Harry and Violet (Langford) Smith

1964-70         Wesley and Florence (Patman-Wallis) Stopher


85 Bishop’s Road



1953-70         Ernest and Florence (Birch) Howe with sister Miss Ethel Birch (Florence’s sister)





All Private (from 1969 onwards), with the following exceptions:


55 Bishop’s Court


1970               Angus and Sheila (Wells) Mitchell



69 Bishop’s Court


1969-70         Miss Alfryth Wyatt






All Private (from 1967 onwards), with the following exceptions:


7 Lantree Crescent


1967-69         Bernard and Irene (Rex) Hotson



13 Lantree Crescent


1968-70         Andrew and Mary (Donohoe) Garscadden



14 Lantree Crescent


1967               Frank and Inga (Duthie) Grandpierre



19 Lantree Crescent


1969-70         Jeffrey and Flora (Brown) Thompson



22 Lantree Crescent


1967-70         Tony and Jennifer Buffery



29 Lantree Crescent


1969-70         John and Bessie (Cairnie) Rischmiller with father James Cairnie



30 Lantree Crescent


1967-70         Brij and Jennifer (Barrow) Gupta



34 Lantree Crescent


1967-70         William and Gloria (Brand) Glennie



36 Lantree Crescent


1967-69         Ronald and Renee (Young) Strover

1970-78         Prasanta and Beryl (James) Ghosh



42 Lantree Crescent


1967-69         Mrs Christina (Clapton) Reed



48 Lantree Crescent


1968-2010     Robert and Didi Dakin



58 Lantree Crescent


1970               Robert and Joan (Mayne) Knox





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