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1 Byron Square


1948-50         Frederick and Grace (Moule) Nottingham

1951-52         Frederick and Hilda (Tebbutt) Welford

1953-56         John and Gwendoline Matthews (no information)

1957-70         Ernest and Lorna (Eastwood) Gooch



2 Byron Square


1948-51         Tony and Lilian (Randal) Chaffe with mother Phyllis (Sadler) Chaffe

1952-70         Robert and Nancy (Bell) Smart



3 Byron Square


1948-70         Arthur and Hilda (Allan) Latham



4 Byron Square


1948-52         Reginald and Joyce (Curwain) Hogger

1953-70         Harold and Lavinia (Perrin) Coombs with mother Mrs Gertrude (Morley) Coombs



5 Byron Square


1948-53         George and Hilda Taylor (no information)

1954-56         (Private)

1957-66         (Private)

1967-70         John and Audrey (Human) Sebborn



6 Byron Square


1948-53         Kenneth and Joan (Blackmore) Jordan

1954-70         Thomas and Florence (Lewis) Ponder



7 Byron Square


1948-66         William and Violet (Arbery) Wolfe

1967-70         Brian and Margaret (Eaves) Wootton



8 Byron Square


1948-51         Herbert and Eileen (Bailey) Alvin

1952               Walter and Violet (Cordaroy) O’Dell

1953-70         William and Ivy (Course) Rayner



9 Byron Square


1948-50         Ronald and Violet (Hewett) Seeley

1951-70         John and Winifred (Dowsett) Mumford



10 Byron Square


1948-52         Alfred and Annie (Rawlings) Belcher

1953-57         Mrs Doris (Church) Finlay

1959-70         Leonard and May (Barrett) Whitmore



11 Byron Square


1948-57         Henry and Emma (Taylor) Docwra

1958-64         William and Hannah (Mason) Nockolds



12 Byron Square


1948-70         Cyril and Mabel (French) Cornell



13 Byron Square


1947-60         William and Henrietta (Gibbs) Barnes

1961-63         Anthony and Edwina (Hart) Burden

1964-70         Patrick and Agnes Digney



14 Byron Square


1947-70         Edward and Agnes (Eaton) Pitt with brother Walter Pitt-Fox



15 Byron Square


1947               Thomas and Suzanne Matthews (no information)

1948               Leonard and Alice (Smith) Lofts

1949-58         Albert and Beatrice (Cousins) Lander

1951-52         Robert and Marjorie (Lander) Haylock (daughter of Albert and Beatrice)

1959-70         Kenneth and Simone (Fockedey) Dunn



16 Byron Square


1947-70         Frederick and Emily (Buck) Ames with daughter Mrs Josephine (Ames) Ablett



17 Byron Square


1947-53         Ronald and Ruby (Camps) Carter with father William Carter and sister Mrs Sheila (Camps) Foulger

1950-53         Richard Healey

1955-63         Mrs Elizabeth (Croxon) Thulborn



18 Byron Square


1947-54         John and Edith (Warman) Cook

1947-54         Lewis and Marie (Hardy) Cook (son of John and Edith)

1955-56         John and Joan (Redgewell) Finlayson

1958-70         Edward and Winifred (Austin) Peacock



19 Byron Square


1948-51         Alan and Joan (Marsh) Wigley

1952-54         George and Dorothy Russell (no information)

1955-70         Roy and Margaret (Stubbens) Males



20 Byron Square


1948-56         David and Doris (Fogg) Morris

1957-63         James and Margaret (Giddings) Lord



21 Byron Square


1948-49         Kenneth and Edna (Curwain) Brown

1950-70         Geoffrey and Eva (Carrick) Reddaway



22 Byron Square


1948-56         Henry and Ethel (Cooke) Rotherham

1957-70         Eric and Hazel (Cox) Chandler



23 Byron Square


1948-59         Henry and Eya (Ward) Nunn with brother Ronald Ward

1960-61         Sidney and Jean (Butler) Myhill



24 Byron Square


1948-50         Harold and Phyllis (Wilson) Smith

1951-52         Percy and Alice (Gray) Perrin

1953-70         William and Stella (Offord) Sweet



25 Byron Square


1948-54         Sydney and Peggy (Garfield) Nugent

1955-70         Frederick and Irene (Ovenden) Holman



26 Byron Square


1948-70         Arthur and Hilda (Priest) Cordy



27 Byron Square


1947-54         Douglas and Winifred (Fox-Teece) James

1955-59         John and Edna (Aves) Mole

1960-65         Leslie and Valerie (Offord) Prime

1966-70         Andrew and Ruby (Sale) Gallagher



28 Byron Square


1947               George and Violet Brown (no information)

1948-57         Edwin and Elsie (Dutton) Beaumont

1958-2018     Neville and Joan (Martin) Haylock



29 Byron Square


1947-55         William and Gwendoline (Baker) Cole

1956-70         Mrs Lilian (Griffin) Green with sister Miss Florence Griffin



30 Byron Square


1947-50         William and Hilda (Ayris) Wales with mother Mrs Ada (Collins) Ayris

1951-52         Norman and Edna (Harniess) Howlings

1953-54         Ronald and Lilian Barker (no information)

1955-70         Ronald and Audrey (Barker) Symonds



31 Byron Square


1947-60         George and Winifred (Chapman) Calton

1961-70         Albert and Ivy (Hitchings) Orledge



32 Byron Square


1947-68         Ronald and Freda (Jenner) Bath

1969-70         Kenneth and Freda (Jenner) Lawrence



33 Byron Square


1947-70         Ernest and Jane (Southgate) Thompson



34 Byron Square


1947-48         Ernest and Vera (Andrews) Mills

1949-57         Douglas and Marguerite (Hodson) Elsome



35 Byron Square


1948-70         Frank and Phyllis (Gore) Careless



36 Byron Square


1948-70         Basil and Kathleen (Newman) Charles



37 Byron Square


1948-70         William and Ivy (Hudson) Pugh



38 Byron Square


1948               Denis and Olive (Mitchell) Starr

1949-53         Frederick and Vola (Chapman) Wilkin

1954-56         Cecil and Winifred (Goodrum) Unwin

1957-70         James and Catherine (Strappe) Torpey with brothers Michael Torpey and Edward Torpey



39 Byron Square


1949-70         Frank and Clarice (Matthews) Davenport



40 Byron Square


1948-54         Robert and Dorothy (Edmunds) Harrison

1955-56         Joseph and Vera (Manigan) Wilks

1957-70         Arthur and Ethel (Griffiths) Price



41 Byron Square


1947-49         Rolando and Winifred (Jones) Pesci

1951-70         George and Muriel (Flack) Talbot



42 Byron Square


1947-61         Albert and Maud (Jacobs) George

1962-70         Robert and Violet (Martin) Rae



43 Byron Square


1949-57         Alfred and Ivy (Hensby) Halls

1958-70         (Private)



44 Byron Square


1947               Francis and Annie (Galley) Purse

1949-70         John and Margaret (Browne) Clark



45 Byron Square


1947-70         Reginald and Doris (Jolley) Huckle



46 Byron Square


1947-70         Claude and Alice (Cooper) Hunt with sister Gladys (Cooper) Tutty

1948-59         Donald Douglas (Claude Hunt’s half-brother)



47 Byron Square


1947-49         John and Laura (Taylor) Cousins

1950-70         Charles and Vera (Chandler) O’Malley



48 Byron Square


1947-52         George and Gladys (Harman) Freestone with mother Mrs Elizabeth (Smith) Harman

1952-70         Roy and Margaret (Roche) Housden



49 Byron Square


1949-70         Victor and Ethel (Simonds) Aves with parents Sidney and Ethel (Clift) Simonds and sister Miss Margaret Simonds



50 Byron Square


1949-56         Frank and Gladys (Randall) Last

1957               Ernest and Joyce (Hamence) Powell

1958-64         Albert and Joan (Charlton) Dean



51 Byron Square


1948-50         John and Sybil (Rank) Browning

1951-56         Harold and Vera (Weaver) Chapman

1954-56         Mrs Laura (Nunn) Wayman

1961-70         Shamus and Winifred (Morgan) Brennan



52 Byron Square


1947-70         Ralph and Joan (Williams) Pettit



53 Byron Square


1947-70         Stanley and Ethel (Jackson) Melbourne



54 Byron Square


1947-58         Sidney and Gwendoline (Reynolds) Eusden with mother Mrs Mercy (Hobbs) Reynolds

1959-70         Kenneth and Kathleen (Reynolds) Hammond



55 Byron Square


1948-53         John and Ethel (Chapman) Gilbert

1956-59         Leonard and Catherine (Coombes) Carty

1961-67         Thomas and Iris (Warren) Cowans



56 Byron Square


1949-50         William and Christine (Frost) Pixsley

1951-57         Trevor and Iris (Flood) Rees

1965-70         John and Cathryn (Murfitt) Mumford



57 Byron Square


1947-51         Charles and Gladys (Potts) Pilmer

1952-60         Albert and Olive (Rhodes) Guntrip



58 Byron Square


1947-70         John and Elizabeth (Gormley) Pollock



59 Byron Square


1947-48         George and Alice (Reed) Carter

1949-52         Percy and Agnes (Peters) Sparkes

1953-57         Robert and Dorothy (Cowling) Buckridge

1958-70         John and Dorothy (Cowling) Piper



60 Byron Square


1947-50         William Harris

1951-56         Alfred and Monica (McEntee) Richardson

1957-63         Oliver and Florrie (Middleton) Impey



61 Byron Square


1947-48         John and Violet (Graves) Clark

1949               Alfred and Grace (Dowsett) Cant

1950-54         Frederick and Catherine (Fox) Peterson

1955-63         Walter and Katherine (Gallagher) Konik

1964-70         Oliver and Kathleen (Conlon) Quinn



62 Byron Square


1947-49         Alfred and Eva (Wellington) Smith

1950-70         Charles and Stella (White) Field with father Frederick White



63 Byron Square


1947-65         Arthur and Sylvia (Bennett) Johnson

1951-52         Victor and Sylvia (Johnson) Skelton (daughter of Arthur and Sylvia)



64 Byron Square


1947-48         Walter and Elizabeth (Turner) Edwards

1955-66         Cecil and Joyce (Sellars) Anstee



65 Byron Square


1947-48         Wilfred and Florence (Hore) Fearn

1949-53         Wilfred and Edyth (Blomley) Tipper

1954-70         Raymond and Joyce (Alderman) Potter



66 Byron Square


1947-56         Raymond and Hazel (Bye) Whitfield

1957-70         Charles and Penelope (Gerrard) Orders



67 Byron Square


1947-48         Graham and Muriel Price-Lawrence (no information)

1949-66         William and Mona (Munns) Searle



68 Byron Square


1947-63         Thomas and Isabel (Bowler) Paxton

1964-68         Kenneth and Jean (Burgess) Medcalf with mother Lilian (Rumbelow) Burgess



69 Byron Square


1947-49         Leslie and Emily (Norman) Gates

1950-54         Philip and Frances (Curtis) Bly

1955-70         Reginald and Ethel (Newman) Snell


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