A.   Much more information about these houses, and many (but by no means all) of the people listed, can be found in “Rus in Urbe”, by Jane M Renfrew, Magnus A Renfrew and John K Rose, published by Solachra, Cambridge, in 1996. 


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1 Chaucer Road



1880-1901     Louis and Harriett (Dixon) Borissow with children

1881-91         Miss Fanny Fordham [nurse]

1888-92         Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji

1891               Miss Clara Peppercorn [cook]

1901-31         John and Susanna (Edmonstone) Venn

1932-70         Robert and Sibyl (Schuster) Hutton with children

1939               George and Brita (Tragardh) Angeloglou           

1945               Leonard and Hilda (Cargill) Hawkes                    

1946-47         William and Helen (Nalder) Phillips         

1948-59         Mrs Alice (Hutton) Davy (Robert Hutton’s sister)

1948-58         Mrs Alice (Smith) Jeffery   

1950-59         Denis and Daphne (Tyser) Beggs

1964-65         Gordon and Christina Donaldson


House demolished in 1987.



2 Chaucer Road (4 Chaucer Road before 1932)

Woodlands, Woodland Grange


1881               Henry and Rebecca (Rowell) Tomlison with children

1891-93         Philip and Kezia (Ingle) Knowles with children

1895-1907     Mrs Jessie (Kennedy) Redfern with son William Redfern

1904               Charles Williams

1910-11         James (later Sir James) Jeans

1913-45         Reginald and Frances (Foster) Appach with children

1936-37         Miss Florence Hensby [cook]


From 1948 the house became the headquarters of the Cambridge University Air Squadron, and later also the University Royal Naval Unit.


1950              Terence and Margaret (Rontoul) Parrock           

1953-63         Sydney and Fanny (Weber) Hodges [caretaker]

1964-70         Benjamin and Lucy (Booker) Hardman   



3 Chaucer Road



1884-94         James and Eliza (Hartley) Bryan with daughter in law Mrs Fanny (Martell) Bryan and grandson George Bryan

1898-1936     Edwin Barrett with sister Miss Catherine Barrett

1937-70         Henry and Violet (Bullough) English       


House demolished in 1987, and then rebuilt.



5 Chaucer Road

St Rhadegund’s


1881-85         Henry and Charlotte (Barnes) Morgan with children

1887-91         Mrs Elizabeth (Hutchinson) Kitson with children

1891               Miss Sophy Smith [kitchen maid]

1895-1936     Sir Clifford and Susan (England) Allbutt 

1911               Miss Amy Watkins [housemaid] with sister Miss Julia Watkins [cook]

1930-36         Miss Sarah Pampling         

1939-64         Robert and Eileen (Tait) Howland with sister in law Mrs Geraldine (Debenham) Tait

About 1942    Geoffrey Winthrop Young



5a Chaucer Road



1939-47         John and Aileen (Masefield) Draper        

1946-47         Miss Marion Hardy  

1948-70         Mrs Christine (Wilson) Murray-Allen       

1953-54         Martin Reardon       



5b Chaucer Road


1945-53         Mrs Anna (Dunne) Crutchley with daughter Miss Enid Crutchley

1954               Vivian and Laura (Grunstein) Gaster with daughter Miss Elizabeth Gaster

1957-65         Private




St Rhadegund’s Cottage (was 7 Chaucer Road)


1884-88         Alexander and Lizzy (Haslop) Holden [coachman]

1895-1930     William and Annie Moore [gardener]



6 Chaucer Road

Birnam House, Owlbrigg, Dalberg


1883-88         Ephraim and Caroline (Hanchett) Wayman

1888-91         William and Margaret (Watt) Caldwell and children

1894-95         Richard and Frances (Bazley) Assheton with son Richard T Assheton

1895-1902     John (Baron Acton) and Marie Dalberg-Acton with children

1905-33         William and Margaret Briggs with William’s children

1930               William Charlo [butler]

1935-38         Leonard and Anna (Kilner) Elliott-Binns with sister Miss Florence Binns


Flat 1, 6 Chaucer Road


1951-57         Charles Sells

1951-58         John and Mary (Blair) Lant

1959               Dyfrig and Clare Morgan                                       

1960               Robert and Dorothy (Gabe) Coleman                 


Flat 2, 6 Chaucer Road


1958               Michael and Rebecca (Reynolds) Posner                      



Owlbrigg Cottage (was 4 or 6a Chaucer Road)


1929-31         Albert and Martha (Chapman) Chaplin [gardener] with daughter Iris Chaplin

1934-35         James and Ada (Butcher) Haynes [gardener] with son James W Haynes

1936-50         Russell and Laura (Darby) Knight [gardener]



7 Chaucer Road


1939-51         James and Edith (Jordan) Bethune-Baker         

1951               Arnold Bursill           

1951-59         Mrs May (Lilley) Creed with children

1952-53         David and Joan (Cushen) Rees   

1959-70         David and Mary (Harris) Clark      



8 Chaucer Road (10 Chaucer Road before 1932)

Willowbank, Willowbrook


1891               Alfred and Mary (Seels) Cooke                

1900-24         Harry and Mary (England) Cronin with son Clifford Cronin

1901-11         Miss Kate Sargent [parlourmaid, housekeeper]

1926-28         Alexander and Mina (MacLennan) Pearce Higgins with son Alexander G Pearce Higgins

1929-55         George Heffer with sisters Misses Kate, Lucy and Emma Heffer and mother Mrs Mary (Crick) Heffer

1937-48         Mrs Alice (Newling) Peppercorn [cook-housekeeper] with daughter Miss Edna Peppercorn [housemaid]

1956-70         Frederick and Mair (Jones) Spratling      



9 Chaucer Road



1895-1919     Arthur and Anna (Tyrer) Bishop with children

1901-11         Miss Thurza Harper [parlourmaid, housemaid]

1911               Miss Catherine Wilson [housemaid]

1920-29         Edward and Ethel (Evans) Hopkinson    

1931-41         Miss Margaret Locke with aunt Miss Jessie Watson

1936-37         Miss Sarah Grist [servant]

1938-39         Miss Sarah Hagger [cook]


From 1945 Edwinstowe was a Red Cross home for the elderly.



10 Chaucer Road (12 Chaucer Road before 1932)

York House


1901-53         Alan and Maude (Vickers) Gray with children

1930-52         Miss Dorothy Lander [parlourmaid]

1937-39         Miss Laura Neaves [cook-housekeeper]

1937-46         Miss Gladys Simons [housemaid]

1945-46         Miss Esmee Bushnell        

1953               Edvard and Elisabeth (Raverat) Hambro            

1954-70         Mark and Sophie (Raverat) Pryor (Elisabeth’s sister)


10a Chaucer Road


1949-50         Alan and Caroline (Hearse) Gray (grandson of Alan and Maude)

1951               Leonard and Yvonne (Keele) Olyott                    

1952-57         Private

1958               Anthony and Mary (Deane) Weston-Webb                    



11 Chaucer Road



1906-34         Arthur and Alice (Bales) Chaplin with children and Alice’s niece Miss Ethel Sizer

1935-53         George and Margaret (Walker) Hawkins

1937-39         Miss Kate Fordham [cook]

1955-70         Maurice and Philippa (Pass) Hill  


11a Chaucer Road


1967-77         Archibald and Margaret (Keynes) Hill (Maurice’s parents)



12 Chaucer Road (14 Chaucer Road before 1932)



1907-11         William and Edith (Ashhurst) Coplestone with children

1911               William and Hannah (Meloy) Chapman [gardener]

1919-26         Reginald and Lottie (Chadwick) Branston with daughter Joan Branston

1927-28         Norman and Muriel (Phillips) Holloway

1929-35         Alfred and Mary (McFarlane) Barclay     

1935-38         Reginald and Lottie (Chadwick) Branston with daughter Joan Branston

1936-37         Miss Florence Arbon [parlourmaid]

1936-37         Miss Eva Metcalfe   

1936-37         Miss Bessie Missen

1939-49         Sydney (later Sir Sydney) and Marjorie (Dykes) Roberts with Mrs Winifred (Moore) Roberts (daughter in law of Sydney and Marjorie)

1939               Michael (later Baron) Swann (Sydney Roberts’ stepson)

1939               Miss Helen Burling [cook] with sister Miss Maud Burling [parlourmaid]

1946-47         Robert and Winifred (Wombwell) Hewitt 

1949-50         Reginald and Ruth (Fletcher) Kingsford 

1951-70         Donald and Jessie (Prior) Denman         


12a Chaucer Road


1950-70         Mrs Winifred (Moore) Roberts      


12b Chaucer Road


1949-51         Kenneth and Cecilia (Cochrane) Meakin

1955-58         Elihu (later Sir Elihu) and Judith (Hettinger) Lauterpacht        

1958-59         Anthony and Ellen (Ware) Waterson       



14 Chaucer Road


1959               Lady Margaret (Clarke) Alexander                      

1960-68         Mrs Charlotte (Alexander) Carey (Lady Alexander’s daughter)

1969-70         Sir Edward and Margery (Hatfield) Gordon Jones


14a Chaucer Road


1956-63         John and Patience (Fairbairn) Purdy



15 Chaucer Road

Heyroun, Showells


1895-1903     Walter and Ethel (Ruston) Heape with children

1904-15         Marshall and Helen (Clarke) Jonas with children

1919-39         Henry and Irene (Hope) Law

1930-39         Mrs Martha (Collett) Brand [ladies maid]

1934-39         Andrew Botto [butler]

1935-36         Miss Marjorie Moore [cook]

1939               Miss Florence Arbon [parlourmaid]

1946-52         Mrs Irene (Hope) Law

1946-52         Miss Florence Arbon [parlourmaid]

1946-52         Reginald and Edna (Callaby) Peters

1949-52         Miss Daisy Alsop [cook]

1953               Arnold Bursill

1955-70         Cyril and Doris (Lyon) Deane



16 Chaucer Road (20 Chaucer Road before 1932)


1931-90         Philip and Beryl (Trevelyan) Durrant

1945               David and Joan (Perring) Stockdale

1946               Miss Alice Battensby

1947-48         George and Cecily (Howell) Slack



17 Chaucer Road



1932-69         George and Marjorie (Smith) Green

1935-62         Miss Olive Gunn [servant]

1945-48         Gerald and Florence (Murray) Vivian



18 Chaucer Road (22 Chaucer Road before 1932)

The White House


1931-43         John and Millicent (Clift) Barker

1944-49         John and Gladys (Jarman) Barker

1950-70         Richard and Lily (Tie Ten Quee) Jackson

1953-54         Mrs Kathleen (Kaile) Kessick


18a Chaucer Road


1956               Bruce and Stella (Crook) Somes-Charlton



19 Chaucer Road (23 Chaucer Road before 1932)



1904-62         Charles and Grace (Blenkin) Pollock with children

1911               Miss Ada Northrop [parlourmaid]

1949               Anthony and Margaret (Sparrow) Gardner-Brown

1965-67         John and Margaret Perry with mother Mrs Edith (Sharpless) Perry

1968-83         Donald Kellaway



20 Chaucer Road


1932-56         John and Greta (Braun) Burkill with children

1939               Harry Reuter

1947               Sydney and Laura (Dale) Hook

1957-67         Asher and Shirley (Austin) Korner



21 Chaucer Road (25 Chaucer Road before 1932)

St Guthlac’s, Southmead


1904-06         George and Katherine (March) Blenkin

1907-23         Francis and Margaret (Stewart) Jenkinson

1925-48         James and Ada (Walker) Andrews with children

1937-39         Miss Stella Osborne [housemaid]


Flat 1, 21 Chaucer Road


1952               Ernest and Marjorie (Hibbard) Rupp

1953               Ralph and Nancy (Stuckey) Lapwood

1959-62         John and Doris (Rich) Thoday


Flat 2, 21 Chaucer Road


1952               Michael and Irene (Woolf) Halliday

1955               Leslie and Hassai (Levinson) Orgel

1957-58         Robert and Marie (Eyermann) Loinsworth

1968               Keith (later Sir Keith) and Mary (Land) Sinclair

1969               Alan (later Sir Alan) and Margaret Rushton



22 Chaucer Road

Fen House


1932-94         Travers and Alice (Kingham) Wyatt with children

1934-46         Miss Florence Porter [children’s nurse]

1939               Augustus and Eleanor (Riley) Diamond

1945-61         Miss Ada Sharp

1949-70         Miss Ethel Grace Osborn [housekeeper]


23 Chaucer Road (27 Chaucer Road before 1932)

Upwater Lodge


1902-56         Sir William and Catherine (Holt) Dampier (Dampier Whetham) with children and mother Mrs Mary (Dampier) Whetham and sister Miss Alice Whetham (Dampier)

1957-62         Miss Edith Whetham (daughter of Sir William and Catherine) 10285

1911               Miss Eliza Cambridge [housemaid]

1947-63         Miss Eva Mortlock [servant]

1964-70         Private


23a Chaucer Road


1946-56         Alan and Margaret (Whetham) Anderson (daughter of Sir William and Catherine)


23b Chaucer Road


1954-63         Private



26 Chaucer Road (now 26a Chaucer Road)

Upwater Cottage


1910-30         Harry and Eleanor (Davidson) Rose [coachman & gardener] with children

1930-34         William and Ethel (Todd) Folk [gardener, servant]

1935-39         Percy and Norah (Hart) Boot [chauffeur-gardener] with children

1945-52         Donald and Annie [Plumb] Holmes [gardener]

1954-70         William and Hilda (Hortop) Sowden


Keeper’s Cottage, Coe Fen Cottage (abutting 26a Chaucer Road)


1861               Charles and Louisa (Young) Cottage with children

1863-76         Samuel and Mary (Jefferies) Clarke with children

1881               Alfred and Caroline (Alcock) Brett with son Albert Brett

1891-97         John and Eliza (Daniel) Griffin with children

1901               Alfred and Elizabeth (Clements) Archbold

1907               Folkard and Eliza (Everett) Green






These propertiess were originally in the grounds of Southacre, and accessed from Latham Road.  In 1988-89 Southacre Drive was constructed, providing the present day access.



11 Southacre Drive

Southacre Coachman’s House, Garage House, Southacre Cottage


1889-1901     Read and Sarah (Haylock) Wade

1904-05         Arthur Bell    

1929-36         Robert and Constance (Pettit) Benton with son Robert W Benton

1943-49         Christopher and Margaret (Kershaw) Marsden 

1953               John and Barbara (Sadler) Rishbeth                  

1955-70         Ralph Sadler with mother Mrs Ellen (Simpson) Sadler



Flat 6, University Flats, Southacre Drive


1952-70         John and Delia (Simpson) Agar   


Flat 7, University Flats, Southacre Drive


1955               Robert and Nellie (Warner) Stepney                   

1956-68         William and Aenea (McCallum) Allen      


Flat 8, University Flats, Southacre Drive


1952-59         Oscar and Ruth (Eades) Buneman         

1964-66         Alexander and Joan McDonald    


Flat 9, University Flats, Southacre Drive


1952-63         Alexander and Joan McDonald    


Flat 10, University Flats, Southacre Drive


1952-53         Stanley and Gwendoline (Roberts) Harries        

1954-56         Ralph and Nancy (Stuckey) Lapwood     

1957-68         John and Greta (Braun) Burkill    


Flat 11, University Flats, Southacre Drive


1954-60         John and Margaret Rowe (no information)


Flat 12, University Flats, Southacre Drive


1952-64         Alan and Joan (Battersby) Betts   


Flat 13, University Flats, Southacre Drive


1952-57         Maurice and Henrietta (Stavorinus) Little


Flat 14, University Flats, Southacre Drive


1952-66         Alan and Enid (Nathan) Maycock

1967               Peter and Edna (Bolton) Wheatley

1968               Davidson and Marjorie (Johnston) Nicol


Flat 15, University Flats, Southacre Drive


1952-65         Mrs Kathleen (fforde) Baxter         

1952-62         Miss Olive Waller    


Flat 16, University Flats, Southacre Drive


1952-67         Miss Marie Overton

1969               Malcolm and Anna (Verrinder) Piercy

1970               Guy and Gladys Overbeke


Flat 17, University Flats, Southacre Drive


1952-55         Daniel and Ruth (Adams) Morgan

1956-57         Timothy and Claire (Goldingham) Glover

1958-89         Eric and Eleanor (Holmes) Chambers    




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