(also known at times as Church Street)




A.    The modern numbering of Church Lane only started in 1953.  Before that, it is not always clear which house is which in the various records.  There were also several houses that have now disappeared; when those can be identified from old maps, their approximate positions are indicated below.  Before 1861 the pattern of occupancy is very difficult to decipher, and only a few properties show information before that year in the lists below.


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Until 1959 there was a terrace of three houses standing approximately where nos 8, 9 and 10 are today.  Before 1939 they were unnumbered; from 1939 to 1952 they were 1, 2 and 3 Church Lane, then from 1953 to 1959 5, 6 and 7 Church Lane.  They can be seen in this photograph of the War Memorial



5 Church Lane

(1 Church Lane 1939-52)


1861-71         Thomas and Mary (Cotton) Mars­­hall with children

1881               Alfred and Emma (Greenslade) Rayner with children

1891-97         Frederick and Maud (Bebee) Smith with children

1900-01         William and Sarah (Powter) Turner with daughter Lily Turner

1911-59         Arthur and Edith (Dawes) Chapman with children and father Thomas Dawes



6 Church Lane

(2 Church Lane 1939-52)


1861               Edward and Keziah (Seville) Harradine with children

1871               Mrs Sarah (Harradine) Matthews with children and brother James Harradine (children of Edward and Keziah)

1881               Joseph and Ellen (Hudson) Kefford with children

1888-94         George and Bertha (Lloyd) Utteridge with children

1901-03         Thomas and Sophia (Cook) Dawes

1911-54         Henry and Emily (Rowlinson) Wilson with children

1953-58         Miss Rhoda Wilson (Henry’s sister)



7 Church Lane

(3 Church Lane 1939-52)


1861-91         John and Charlotte (Careless) Rayner

1901-35         Mrs Maud (Bebee) Smith with children

1949-59         Robert and Florence (Chamberlain) Wilson with son James Wilson



Nos 8 to 13 Church Lane (three pairs of semi-detached houses) were built between 1960 and 1965.



8 Church Lane


1967-70         Roy and Joan (Bowers) Hammond



9 Church Lane


1965-70         Private



10 Church Lane


1961-2015     John and Grace (Patterson) Stalham



11 Church Lane


1961-68         William and Elsie Scott (no information)



12 Church Lane


1960-70         Private



13 Church Lane


1960-70         Private



Until after 1901 there was a house set well back from the road, in what is now the back gardens of 11 and 12 Church Lane, with a smaller house attached to it.  It seems that the residents there were as follows.


Larger house


1851-77         Mrs Frances (Miller) Dawes with children

1877-84         Miss Eliza Dawes with sister Miss Emma Dawes (Frances’ daughters)

1901               Mrs Martha (Saunders) Wilson with daughter Mrs Ellen (Wilson) Young


Smaller house


1861-71         Swan and Sarah (Okey) Ogle

1881               William and Mary (Haslop) Peters with children



Until 1899 there was a terrace of three houses on the road, on the site of what would become Elm and Cedar Cottages.  Working from the north-east, their residents were as follows.


First house


1853-99         Thomas and Sarah (Dobson) Cambridge with children


Second house


1861-79         Mrs Sarah Smith

1881-91         Thomas and Sophia (Cook) Dawes with children


Third house


1861               Joseph and Emma (Carter) Rayner

1871-98         James and Sarah (Lloyd) Carter with children



Nos 14 and 15 Church Lane (Elm and Cedar Cottages) were being built at the time of the 1901 census.


14 Church Lane

Elm Cottage (Grocers Shop), 4 Church Lane (1951-52)


1911-27         William and Elizabeth (Matthews) Lowe with children

1934-35         Cecil and Winifred (Bray) Jehan

1937               William and Dorothy Corbett (no information)

1938               George and Sarah (Pearson) Short

1939               Frank and Rosa (Kirbyshire) Newman with father Samuel Kirbyshire

1947-65         Miss Joan Lowe with mother Mrs Elizabeth (Matthews) Lowe

1966-67         Private


15 Church Lane

Cedar Cottage, 5 Church Lane (1951-52)


1911               P.C. William and Ellen (Lofts) Gentle with son Sidney Gentle

1923-70         Alfred and Ellen (Matthews) Burbridge with son Hugh Burbridge


17, 18 and 19 Church Lane are a terrace, and were numbered as such in 1953.  From 1951 to 52 they were 6, 7 and 8 Church Lane.


17 Church Lane

(6 Church Lane 1951-52)


1870-73         William and Nancy (Bebee) Kefford with children

1897-22         William and Georgina (Young) Trigg with children

1923-60         George and Agnes (Saxby) Green with children

1961-64         John and Miriam Saunders (no information)

1965-66         Leonard and Sylvia (Wattam) Minett


18 Church Lane

(7 Church Lane 1951-52)


1871-72         Mrs Mary (Smith) Saunders with daughter Miss Sarah Saunders

1881-1915     William and Hannah (Coleman) Careless with children

1920-61         William and Eliza (Richards) Trigg with daughter Peggy Trigg (son nof William and Georgina next door at 17 Church Lane)


19 Church Lane

(8 Church Lane 1951-52)


1871               John and Matilda (Taylor) Haslop with children

1881-85         William and Hannah (Norman) Wilson with children

1891-1916     George and Rachel (Lloyd) Seeby with children

1916-77         Nathan and May (Quigley) Seeby with son Percy Seeby and brother George F Seeby (sons of George and Rachel)

1944-2012     Percy and Mabel (Jameson) Seeby (son of Nathan and May)



Until the 1880s there was a house between the present 19 and 20 Church Lane, end on to the road.  Residents as follows.


1851-71         William and Elizabeth (Butler) Rayner with children

1881               Stephen and Sarah (Ilett) Brown with children



20 Church Lane

(The Old House)


Until the 1920s there were two dwellings in this building, with the smaller one at the south-west end.  From 1926 onwards, after renovation and extension, it was a single dwelling.


Main house (north-eastern end)


1851-70         William and Elizabeth (Walker) Harradine

1881-1915     William and Elizabeth (Utteridge) Haslop with children

1926-29         Richard and Isabella (Wingate) Southwell with children

1936-50         James and Judith (Beevor) Pope with children

1939               Miss Dorothy Robinson [domestic servant]

1951-70         Sir Richard and Isabella Lady (Wingate) Southwell with children

1952-70         Albert and Ellen (Addison) Haynes


Smaller house (south-western end)


1861               William and Elizabeth (Utteridge) Haslop with children

1871-91         Joseph and Emma (Carter) Rayner

1901-13         Edward and Annie (Hood) Peters with children



21 Church Lane

(School  House)


1851               William and Ann (Flack) Bridges with children

1861-62         Thomas and Sarah (Withers) Higham

1865-1874     George and Emily (Bridges) Hutt (daughter of William and Ann) with children

1875-1901     George and Emma (Frettingham) Hutt with children

1909-48         Percy and Margaret (Amps) Robinson with son Reginald Robinson

1945-67         Eric and Winifred (Watts) Youngs with Winifred’s aunt Mrs Edith (Watts) Willcox and mother Mrs Martha (Barrett) Watts

1968-70         Mrs Eveline (Keogh) Ellwood


22 Church Lane

(The Unicorn Inn, later the Lord Byron)


1851               Mrs Elizabeth (Haslop) Moore with daughter Miss Emma Moore

1852-80         Isaac and Elizabeth (Haslop, late Moore) Bryant

1881               James and Emma (Moore) Constable with son John Constable (daughter of Elizabeth (Haslop, late Moore) Bryant)

1891               George and Mary (Hunt) Morgan with children

1901               Edward and Frances (Stubbins) Rogers

1911-13         Herbert and Ellen (Harrington) Flint with children

1935-58         Ronald and Alexandra (Plumb) Sell

1963-66         Peter and Ada (Ozzard) Shiston



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