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2 Foster Road


1947-53         Raymond and Joyce (Alderman) Potter

1954-59         Charles and Pearl (Cockerton) Flitton

1960-70         Reuben and Ada (Taylor) Watts



4 Foster Road


1947-48         Robert and Phyllis (Burling) Benton

1949-59         Samuel and Alice (Taylor) Higgins

1949-51         Irving and Ivy (Higgins) Lloyd (daughter of Samuel and Alice)

1960-68         Frederick and Betty (Tully) Pratt



6 Foster Road


1947-48         Frederick Gentle

1948               Reginald and Queenie (Scott) Phillips

1949-60         George and Alice (Reed) Carter

1961-68         Mervyn and Cicely (Leader) Barker with parents Leonard and Lily (Wilson) Leader



8 Foster Road


1947-48         George and Agnes (Thorpe) Chapman with brother Leonard Chapman

1954-59         Leslie and Valerie (Offord) Prime

1960-70         Sidney and Phyllis (Mortlock) Littlechild



10 Foster Road


1947-48         Wilfred and Edyth (Blomley) Tipper

1949-54         Dennis and Phyllis (Palmer) Craft

1955-70         James and Mina (Dowden) Bell



12 Foster Road


1947-48         Douglas and Marguerite (Hodson) Elsome

1949-55         Anthony and Marjorie (Brown) Colling

1956-65         Leslie and Jessie (Brasher) Farrington

1966-70         Leslie and Violet (Hewish) Farrington



14 Foster Road


1947-50         Charles and Ethel (Ison) Butler

1951-55         Charles and Henrietta Bennett (no information)

1956-70         Cyril and Muriel (Lugg) Jarvis



16 Foster Road


1947-60         Sidney and Alice (Julier) Jones



18 Foster Road


1947-48         Christopher and Beatrice (Baulk) Frost

1947-48         William and Christine (Frost) Pixsley (daughter of Christopher and Beatrice)

1949-52         Stanley and Mabel (Pardoe) Crain

1953-70         Mrs Mary (Saba) Rick

1953-55         Albert and Marie (Key) Rick (Mary’s son)



20 Foster Road


1947-48         Patrick and Norah Fitzgerald

1949-50         Alfred and Monica (McEntee) Richardson with brother Joseph McEntee

1951-70         Stanley and Kathleen (Lindsell) Chapman



22 Foster Road


1947-48         Harry and Annie (Benstead) Wasbrough

1949-70         Ernest and Beatrice (Himus) Hart



24 Foster Road


1947-64         Reginald and Edith (Cook) Elmer

1965-70         Claude and Lily (Elsom) Chapman



26 Foster Road


1947-63         Arthur and Grace (Asby) Lynn

1964-70         Anthony and Edwina (Hart) Burden



28 Foster Road


1947-48         Frederick and Vola (Chapman) Wilkin

1949-51         Philip and Gladys (Godwyn) Farmer

1952-60         Mrs Hilda (Davis) Webster with son Patrick Webster

1961-62         Alfred and Ruth (Street) Chessum

1963-70         George and Millicent (Hall) Cutbush



30 Foster Road


1946-51         William and Queenie (Williams) French

1952-64         Arthur and Edith (Webber) Pamby

1965-70         William and Hannah (Mason) Nockolds



32 Foster Road


1947-70         Thomas and Violet (Murdock) Carr with mother Mrs Amy (Marriott) Carr



34 Foster Road


1947-53         Duncan and Amy (Stokes) Whyte

1952-63         Albert and Edith (Roberts) Tyrrell

1964-70         John and Maureen (Nockolds) Pilkington



36 Foster Road


1947-70         Clarence and Frances (Cook) Fishenden

1947-64         Harry Piper

1947-51         Eric and Catherine (Fishenden) Piper (Harry’s son and Clarence and Frances’ daughter)



38 Foster Road


1947-62         Ronald and Ivy (Hirst) Hardy

1948-58         Mrs Ada (Linfoot) Ritter (Ivy Hardy’s mother)

1963-65         Gildo and Teresa (Zupo) Miceli



40 Foster Road


1947               Arthur and Edna (Louye) Wilson with brother Richard Louye

1948-70         Ralph and Mabel (Weait) Lown with sister Dorothy (Weait) Brown



42 Foster Road


1946-70         Basil and Edith (Slatter) Cowell



44 Foster Road


1946-54         Alfred and Mabel (Gillingham) Watts



46 Foster Road


1946-47         William and Elsie (Whitlow) Chapman

1947-70         Charles and Millicent (Rider) Ellum



48 Foster Road


1947-48         John and Margaret (Browne) Clark

1948-52         Francis and Annie (Galley) Purse

1949-50         Cyril and Doreen (Sturgeon) Kingswell (Annie Purse’s daughter)

1953-55         Albert and Marie (Key) Rick

1956-66         Basil and Lillian (Lusher) Whiteman

1967-70         Leslie and Amy (Goodwin) Quinton



50 Foster Road


1946-47         Owen and Lilian (Matthews) Sharp

1948               Victor and Ethel (Simonds) Aves

1949-57         Henry and Elizabeth (Clay) Fry with daughter Miss Elizabeth Fry

1958-70         Mrs Doris (Church) Finlay



52 Foster Road


1946-56         Harry and Florence (Fordham) Collins

1957-70         Cecil and Bertha (Smith) Hutchison



54 Foster Road


1946-49         Horace and Ethel (Cox) Ingle with son Gordon Ingle

1950-60         Leslie and Brenda (Holdgate) Hodgson with mother Mrs Rosina (Hunter) Hodgson

1961-70         Sidney and Alice (Julier) Jones



55 Foster Road


1947               Ralph and Mabel (Weait) Lown

1948-68         Donald and Doris (Jones) Bailey

1969-70         Mervyn and Cicely (Leader) Barker with father Leonard Leader



56 Foster Road


1946-52         John and Edith (Bridgeman) Clayton

1953-67         Horace and Ethel (Cox) Ingle



57 Foster Road


1947-67         Alfred and Frances (Hearn) Dowe with sister Miss Sarah Hearn



58 Foster Road


1947-52         Richard and Mary (Metcalfe) Nightingale

1953-57         Basil and Lily (Wright) Newling

1958-70         Ronald and Irene (Hannant) Hughes



59 Foster Road


1947-67         George and Maude (Roe) Hinde



60 Foster Road


1947-62         Frederick and Ivy (Sandfield) Short

1963-70         Mrs Muriel (Aitchison) Brewer

1963-66         Mrs Anne (Burdett) Norrington



61 Foster Road


1947-55         Wilfred and Beatrice (Finney) Boast

1948-50         James and Olive (Boast) Kirk (daughter of Wilfred and Beatrice)

1956-67         William and Pamela (Marshall) Gordon



62 Foster Road


1947-52         William and Beatrice (Self) Bull

1953-70         Mrs Ella (Brown) Daines with daughter Miss Albina Daines



63 Foster Road


1947-50         William and Sarah (Garner) Jolley

1951-62         William and Mabel (Elliston) Carter

1963-70         Miss Marion Selkirk with aunt Miss Eva Hart



64 Foster Road


1947-51         Frederick and Jessie (Nightingale) Canning

1951-70         Henry and Minnie (Jacklin) Hayward



65 Foster Road


1946               Cecil and Dulcie (Raven) Lucas

1948               Frank and Gladys (Randall) Last

1949-60         Alfred and Mabel (Fisher) Golding

1961-70         Reginald and Phyllis (Mason) Pratt



66 Foster Road


1947-70         Francis and Hilda (Hawkins) Bullock



67 Foster Road


1946-47         William and Nellie (Hart) Arbon

1948-66         Noble and Rose (Harradine) Wheaton

1967-70         Robert and Edith (Powley) Ambrose



68 Foster Road


1947               Reginald and Gladys (Donaldson) Carter

1948               George and Dorothy (Payne) Rollings

1949-54         Alfred and Ivy (Pilsworth) Broom

1955-70         Reginald and Winifred (Bone) Jordan



69 Foster Road


1946-55         Robert and Bessie (Cronin) Dixon

1956-61         John and Mary (Connelly) Wejknis



70 Foster Road


1947               William Raeburn

1948-57         Frank and Ivy (Richardson) Tonks

1948-64         Frank and Joan (Morris) Tonks (son of Frank and Ivy)



71 Foster Road


1946-47         Sarah Brown (no information)

1948-53         Thomas and Kathleen (Wells) Sutcliffe

1954               Ernest and Elvezia (Mallion) Baker

1956-70         Vincent and Eva (Pearson) Gordon



72 Foster Road


1947               William and Mary (Harrison) Collins

1948               Charles and Edith (Turner) Lyes

1949-50         Albert and Daisy (Smith) Hall

1951-64         Arthur and Hilda (Bishop) White

1965-70         Frederick and Louisa (Goodman) Elbrow



73 Foster Road


1946-49         Philip and Frances (Curtis) Bly

1950-68         Mrs Alice (Thompson) Clark



74 Foster Road


1947-65         William and Eleanor (Griffin) Clark

1967-70         George and Maud (Roe) Hinde with son Kenneth Hinde



75 Foster Road


1946-50         Percy and Dorothy (Taylor) Butler

1951-54         Colin and Greta (Markham) Clarke

1955-58         Robert and Jean (Parker) Palmer

1959-70         Sidney and Gwendoline (Reynolds) Eusden with mother Mrs Mercy (Hobbs) Reynolds



76 Foster Road


1947-53         Francis Limrick with daughter Miss Olive Limrick

1954-56         Sidney and Doris (Pilsworth) Archer

1962-70         Mrs Lily (Hills) Hewish       



77 Foster Road


1947-54         Ephraim and Gladys (Wetherell) Collen

1956-58         Muriel Patrick (no information)

1960-70         George and Jean (Waterfield) Timms



78 Foster Road


1947-65         Albert and Freda (Thorpe) Morley



79 Foster Road


1947-49         Sidney and Joyce (Hanson) Ware-Lane

1950-58         Walter and Edith (Radley) Allensby

1959               Ivor and Beryl (Nurse) Saul



80 Foster Road


1947-62         Laurence and Alice (Beeby) Chapman

1963-66         Henry and May (Brotherton) Chapman



81 Foster Road


1947-48         Kenneth and Gertrude (Arnold) Matthews

1949-51         Robert and Joyce (Tweed) Howard

1952-54         Richard and Ivy (Alexander) Dilks

1955-70         Mrs Ellen (Eaton) Challis and daughter Miss Dorothy Challis



82 Foster Road


1947-52         Frederick and Gladys (Shelton-Smith) Tungatt

1953-57         Eric and Catherine (Fishenden) Piper

1958-70         John and Mary (Blair) Lant



83 Foster Road


1947-50         Cyril and Elsie (Cowell) Atkin

1953-55         William and Ada Day (no information)

1956-58         Sydney and Gabrielle (Maxim) Smith 17145

1959-62         Arthur and Ethel Cooper (no information)

1963-70         Gwendoline Chamberlain (no information)



84 Foster Road


1947-62         Frederick and Ivy (Collins) Roberts

1963-70         Stanley and Dora (Wilson) Hicks



85 Foster Road


1947-48         Sidney and Phyllis (Fuszard) Farrant

1949-62         Arthur and Madge (Chapple) Stacey

1965-70         Richard and Lillian (Saintey) Wilson



86 Foster Road


1946-48         Ernest and Julia (Richards) Harrison

1948-70         William and Phyllis (Hardman) Goddard



87 Foster Road


1947               Richard and Morfyd (Thomas) Benton

1948-50         Harold and Lilian (Short) Newell

1951-70         Frank and Doris (Youngs) Lucas



88 Foster Road


1946-51         Thomas and Rosina (Lemon) Palmer

1952               Frederick and Jessie (Nightingale) Canning

1953-63         Stanley and Mabel (Pardoe) Crain



89 Foster Road


1947-54         Arthur and Mabel (Chapman) Plant with sister Mrs Nellie (Plant) Barton

1957-61         Robert and Violet (Martin) Rae

1962-65         Albert George



90 Foster Road


1947-59         Walter and Lilian (Mitchell) Scott

1960-70         Walter and Dora (Barnes) Scott



91 Foster Road


1947-49         Harry and Eileen (Larmour) Crowe

1950-67         Wilfred and Laura (Thompson) French



92 Foster Road


1947-48         Ernest and Joyce (Wheaton) Tyrrell

1949-56         Ronald and Mary (Platten) Little

1968-70         Mrs Mona (Munns) Searle



93 Foster Road


1948-58         Willis and Adelaide (Brant) Gadsby

1959-62         William and Dorothy Butler (no information)

1963-67         Cyril and Inge (Dempewolf) Antill



94 Foster Road


1947-62         William and Emma (Brown) Marshall

1962-66         Mrs Beatrice (Cousins) Lander



95 Foster Road


1948-70         Thomas and Joyce (Teversham) Kirby



96 Foster Road


1947-70         Oliver and Rose (Stevens) Gawthrop



97 Foster Road


1947               Richard and Dorothy (Turner) Crick

1949-50         Stanley and Ethel (Ashby) Desborough

1951-65         Stanley and Phyllis (Darling) Hoyle



98 Foster Road


1947-49         Percy and Jean (Clark) Baggaley

1950-56         Arthur and Ethel (Griffiths) Price

1957-70         Augustus and Sheila (Camps) Green



99 Foster Road


1947-49         Arthur and Beryl (Whiting) Narracott

1950-51         Frank and Doris (Cleal) Chappell

1952-60         Jack Morss

1956-57         Douglas and Muriel (Howe) Morss (Jack’s son)

1961-70         Mrs Dorothy (Wagstaff) Nelson



100 Foster Road


1947-51         Albert and Ida (Smith) Winter

1953-67         Mrs Alice (Cornwell) Thurbon

1953-67         Leonard and Joyce (Thurbon) Hammond (Alice’s daughter)

1968-70         Henry and Elsie (Douglas) Facer



101 Foster Road


1946-70         Sidney and Doris (Wilson) Plane with mother Mrs Florence (Thompson) Wilson and sister Miss Rose Wilson



102 Foster Road


1948-49         Ronald and Joyce (Bailes) Hardingham

1950-52         Ralph and Anne (Poole) Beyer

1953-68         Leslie and Vera (Harris) Gothard



103 Foster Road


1946-60         Mrs Florence (Davis) Ringe 9756

1961-67         John and Marie (Brownrigg) Armstrong with daughter Mrs Mary (Armstrong) Dawes



104 Foster Road


1948-66         William and Phyllis (Harding) Gray



105 Foster Road


1946-47         Edwin and Elsie (Dutton) Beaumont

1948-49         George and Violet Brown (no information)

1950-58         Redvers and Sybil (Plumb) Camps

1959-70         Mrs Eva (Webb) Carter



106 Foster Road


1949-63         Robert and Florence (Warden) Clarke



107 Foster Road


1946-58         Archibald and Rose (Sadler) Little

1946-48         Ronald and Mary (Platten) Little (son of Archibald and Rose)

1959               Henry and Eva (Ward) Nunn

1960-62         Leonard and Catherine (Coombes) Carty



108 Foster Road


1948-70         (Private)



109 Foster Road


1949-70         Harry and Monica (McGrain) Clarke



110 Foster Road


1948-54         Albert and Violet (Moulding) Hall

1955-58         Ronald and Teresa (Goodwin) Markham

1959-64         Cyril and Zita (Antill) Hawker

1965-70         Alfred and Barbara (Hostler) Ranner



111 Foster Road


1949-61         William and Dorothy (Udolloress) Lambert



112 Foster Road


1948-56         Maurice and Vera (Stokes) Fletcher with father George Stokes

1958-70         Jan and Emily (Brown) Horniak



113 Foster Road


1949-64         Thomas and Johanna (Kearney) Maley



114 Foster Road


1948-59         Hugh and Phyllis (Clarke) Barker

1966-70         Mrs Ivy (Stacey) Squires



115 Foster Road


1949-70         Leslie and Ivy (Norman) Mann

1965-66         James McGennity



116 Foster Road


1948-70         Alfred and Lilian (King) Edwards



117 Foster Road


1949-55         Horace and Annie (Coe) Stearne

1956-65         Frank and Kathleen (Fullagar) Start

1966-70         Edward and Josephine (Drenon) Aplin



118 Foster Road


1948-70         John and Joyce (Hard) Garner with father James Hard

1961-68         Mrs Florence (King) Kefford



119 Foster Road


1949-63         Claude and Eileen (Blackmore) Taylor

1968-70         William and Rose (Shearing) Wilson



120 Foster Road


1948-65         Charles and Emanuella Clark



121 Foster Road


1949-70         William and Sarah (Daly) Coad



122 Foster Road


1949-70         John and Marie (Garnett) Ryder



123 Foster Road


1949               Adrian and Phyllis (Harker) Cowell

1950-55         William and Delia (Scully) Henry

1956-70         Frederick and Patience (Hilsden) Meddick



124 Foster Road


1949-70         Sidney and Phyllis (Fuszard) Farrant



125 Foster Road


1949-70         Frederick and Eliza (Allen) Gentle



126 Foster Road


1949-70         Ralph and Edith (Metcalfe) Nightingale with children Geoffrey and Miss Molly Nightingale



127 Foster Road


1949-54         Angus and Bessie (Bush) Powley

1955-70         Henryk and Constance (Cole) Nowicki



128 Foster Road


1949-70         Charles and Hilda (Leaper) Potter with mother Florence (Goodwin) Leaper



129 Foster Road


1949-51         Harry and Violet (Fordham) Abercrombie



130 Foster Road


1949-54         Ernest and Joyce (Wheaton) Tyrrell

1955-70         Joseph and Joyce (Lumley) Handy



131 Foster Road


1949-52         Arthur and Lilian (Prewer) Edwards

1953-60         Harold and Dorothy (Bulling) Mayfield

1965-70         Frank and Joan (Morris) Tonks



132 Foster Road


1949-57         Harry and Annie (Benstead) Wasbrough

1958-70         Frank and Joan (Garrett) Wilmshurst



133 Foster Road


1947               William and Joyce (Crothall) Matthews

1948-70         Leonard and Mary (Bridge) Livermore



134 Foster Road


1947-70         Stanley and Daphne (Collen) Bradford



135 Foster Road


1947-51         Cyril and Edith (Symonds) Poulter

1952-53         Gordon and Mary Webb (no information)

1954-70         Mrs Florence (Westcott) Flavell with parents Robert and Amelia (Akast) Westcott and brother William Westcott



136 Foster Road


1948-65         Jack and Lilian (Simpkin) Griggs



137 Foster Road


1947-70         William and Frances (Hull) Cowdrey



138 Foster Road


1947-57         George and Ivy (Lambert) Rowark

1958-61         Mrs Lily (Hills) Hewish

1962-69         Albert and Ruth (Jones) Bailey



139 Foster Road


1947-54         William and Elsie (Lawrence) Gardner with mother Miss Ida Lawrence



140 Foster Road


1947-70         Mrs Norah (Brady) Johnston with mother Mrs Laura (Denmark) Brady

1948-70         Joseph and Kathleen (Johnston) Griffin (Norah’ daughter)



141 Foster Road


1948-57         Clifford and Cicely (Barnard) Lilley

1958-70         Edward and Edith (Cope) Shearing



142 Foster Road


1948-70         Brian and Maude (Byers) Tindale



143 Foster Road


1949-50         Francis and Margery (Fowler) Parsons

1951-60         Douglas and Agnes (Slack) Bassett

1961-70         Alec and Bertha (Jacklin) Reeson



144 Foster Road


1949-59         Cecil and Elizabeth (Brown) Cutler



145 Foster Road


1948-89         Ronald and Marjorie (Teversham) Stearn



146 Foster Road


1949               Frederick and Catherine (Fox) Peterson

1950-70         Alfred and Grace (Dowsett) Cant



147 Foster Road


1948               Wilfred and Joyce (Williams) Easter

1949-69         Russell and Edna (Dunn) Howard



148 Foster Road


1948-50         Ronald and Norah (Huckle) Page

1956-70         Donald and Jessie (Day) Rattenbury



149 Foster Road


1948-63         Reginald and Mabel (Betts) Rayner

1964-70         Thomas and Eliza (Prosser) Reardon



150 Foster Road


1948-66         Edwin and Marjorie (Pearce) Potter



151 Foster Road


1948-52         William and Lily (Whitton) Vince

1953-55         Edward and Barbara (Salisbury) Roberton

1956-64         Arthur and Joan (Tyler) Haslop



152 Foster Road


1948-70         Leonard and Kathleen (Ward) Donovan



153 Foster Road


1947-70         William and Olive (Langford) Brown



154 Foster Road


1947               John and Marion (Brooke) Gunning

1948-70         Ronald and Gertrude (Sharpe) Baker



155 Foster Road


1947               John and Iris (Dew) Gyton

1948-57         Gordon and Cecilia (Pettit) Moore

1958-66         Irving and Ivy (Higgins) Lloyd



156 Foster Road


1947-50         Douglas and May Bell (no information)

1951-52         Arthur and Doris Lloyd (no information)

1953-70         James and Gladys (Mitson) Sadler



157 Foster Road


1947-70         Charles and Kathleen (Hammond) Holbrow with father Harry Hammond



158 Foster Road


1947-70         Owen and Dorothy (Cutter) Paice



159 Foster Road


1947-60         Oliver and Leah (Starr) Northrop

1961-70         Edward and Grace (Waters) Nightingale with mother Mrs Maud (Bartholomew) Waters

1961-70         Ralph Pinkney



160 Foster Road


1947-70         Arthur and Nellie (Cooper) Richmond



161 Foster Road


1948-51         Alfred and Kathleen (Best) Everson

1952-66         Hector and Ethel (Fordham) Abraham with mother Mrs Eva (Hebbes) Fordham



162 Foster Road


1948-54         Reginald and Gladys (Donaldson) Carter with father George Carter

1955-61         Cyril and Charlotte (Cole) Lamb



163 Foster Road


1948-51         Peter and Gwendoline (Thomas) Stepney

1952-69         Mrs Doris (Cleal) Chappell with sister Mrs Eileen (Cleal) Weakes



164 Foster Road


1948-51         John and Dorothy (French) Britt

1952-66         Hubert and May (Goodwin) Gurling

1967-70         Peter and Mavis (Stricker) Kelly



165 Foster Road


1948-58         Robert and Ada (Matthews) Gedge

1959-70         Horace and Vera (Hall) Farrington



166 Foster Road


1949-50         Walter and Doreen (Currington) Weaver

1951-70         Harold and Lilian (Short) Newell with father George Short



167 Foster Road


1948-50         James and Elsie (Hartley) Wadham

1953-54         Albert and Nora (Mason) Hooks

1956-70         Michael and Edith (Thomas) Bartlett



168 Foster Road


1948               Peter and Nancy (Paine) Weedon

1948-62         Philip and Dorothy (Daws) Carter



169 Foster Road


1948-59         Bernard and Elsie (Brasher) Aylett

1960-66         Isaac and Irene (Littlechild) Free



170 Foster Road


1948-63         William and Kathleen (Littlechild) Raeburn



171 Foster Road


1948-68         William and Blanche (Curtis) Dockerill



172 Foster Road


1948-55         Robert and Florence (Newman) Reynolds

1957-58         George and Joyce (Marsom) Sherwood



173 Foster Road


1948-50         Kitchener and Gladys (Dawson) Jellings

1921-65         Henry and Barbara (Moule) Flude



174 Foster Road


1948-58         Arthur and Edna (Louye) Wilson with mother Mrs Eva (Peasey) Louye

1959-70         Lawrence and Bridget (Jordan) Callaghan



175 Foster Road


1948-56         Geoffrey and Edna (Grimble) Turner

1957-70         James and Dorothy (Balls) Gardiner



176 Foster Road


1948-70         Edwin and Ellen (Barlow) Stanford



177 Foster Road


1949-54         Arthur and Sarah Brown (no information)

1956-70         Anthony and Ruth Thomas (no information)



178 Foster Road


1948-50         Albert and Peggy (Clark) Stepney

1951-70         Frederick and Jessie (Nightingale) Canning



179 Foster Road


1948-70         Ernest and Elsie (Bright) Robbins



180 Foster Road


1949-70         Ernest and Julia Harrison



181 Foster Road (Flat)


1949-70         Mrs Edith (Hovey) Field-Hyde



183 Foster Road (Flat)


1948-62         George and Emily (Elliott) Brown

1963-70         Florence Hill (no information)



185 Foster Road (Flat)


1949-52         Mrs Margaret (Gillingham) Howard

1953-55         Miss Bessie Brand

1956-60         Miss Winifred Denson

1961-68         Cecil Weston



187 Foster Road (Flat)


1948-53         Mrs Jessie (Cooper) Talbot

1954-56         Mrs Annie (Papworth) Head

1957-70         Mrs Ethel (Cooke) Rotherham


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