A.   Originally this was the driveway to Goldieslie (later Gazeley) and Quy Villa.  The road only started to be called “Gazeley Road” in about 1928.  Before that, these houses had addresses in Trumpington Road / Cambridge Road / High Street.


B.   Please read the general notes about these street pages .




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Goldieslie / Gazeley


1890-1911     Richard and Mary (Kennedy) Wright with children

1915-39         John and Kate (Tearle) Collin with son Hugh Collin

1924-27         Thomas and Katie (Seabrook) Samuel

1929-39         Miss Alice Nash [companion help]

1934-35         Percy and Rose (Flack) Beale [servant, cook]

1939               Charles and Janie (Bosomworth) Ough

1945-70         Charles and Mary (Bennett) Trevelyan

1957-58         Elster and Ann (Barron) Kay

1959-60         Edwin Mortlock



Gazeley Lodge / Gazeley Cottage / The Cottage


1928-31         Mrs Amy (Millington) Hutchinson with Elizabeth Hutchinson (no information)

1934-39         Earl and Esther (Ives) Bound [chauffeur gardener] with son Earl C Bound

1945-59         Abraham and Edith (Cheesley) Beer



Quy Villa / Achray


1890-1904     Thomas and ­Sarah (Creger) Porter with children and Thomas’ aunt Mrs Elizabeth (Shildrick) Rayner

1891               Miss Emily Mansfield [servant]

1901-1911     Miss Jane Pearson [servant]                     

1905-37         Thomas and Emily (Marshall) Porter with Thomas’ children

1938-55         Thomas and Doris (Wisbey) Porter (son of Thomas and Sarah)

1945-47         Herbert and Joan (Porter) Jude (daughter of Thomas and Doris)

1955-70         Alexander and Eva (Wastell) Moffatt



Mackery End


1928-69         Misses Bessie, Alice and Iris Rutter (sisters)

1970               Hubert and Olive (Goodall) Darke



Little Kersland


1947-57         Frank and Agnes (Todd) Carr

1952-54         Miss Marion Hazell

1957-70         John and Edith (Vincent) Carr (son of Frank and Agnes)



Merrion Gate


1947-70         Glanville and Lorna (Lawfield) Williams





1958-70         Gwilym and Mary (Davies) Roberts





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