GRANTCHESTER ROAD and WOOD END, including Trumpington Hall


(also known at times as Church Lane, Church Street, Grantchester Lane, School Lane)




A.    The modern numbering of Grantchester Road only started in 1953.  Before that, it is not always clear which house is which in the various records.  Before 1861 the pattern of occupancy is very difficult to decipher, and only a few properties show information before that year in the lists below.


B.    Please read the general notes about these street pages .



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1 Grantchester Road

The Vicarage


1779-1817     Rev Thomas and Mary (Day) Heckford

1817-47         Rev John and Mary Hailstone

1847-66         Rev John Grote with niece Miss Alexandrina Grote

1851-61         Miss Ann Sherratt [housemaid]

1867-69         Rev William and Florence (Deedes) Saumarez Smith

1870-75         Rev Spencer and Emily (Dakyns) Mansel with Emily’s nephew William Dakins

1871               Miss Martha Miller [housemaid]

1876-80         Rev John and Eliza (Thompson) Kempthorne with son John A Kempthorne

1880-85         Rev Edward Birks with sister Miss Anna Birks

1885-91         Rev Howard and Ellen (Scott) Crosbie with children

1891-1902     Rev Charles and Fanny (Heath) Gordon Wright

1901               Miss Rachel Carter [cook]

1903-18         Rev Robert and Eloise (Lanyon) Bury with son John Bury

1918-33         Rev Arthur and Mabel (Wollaston) Moule

1934-44         Rev Arthur and Margaret (Chalk) Wright with children

1935-36         William and Beatrice (Heal) Symons

1937-39         Frederick and Blanche Humphreys [manservant and cook]

1944-54         Rev Thomas and Clarissa (Haslewood) Young

1946               Miss Helen Walker

1947               Frederick and Jocelyne (Gould) Stacey

1948               John and Alice (Sibley) Sidgwick

1954               David and Joan (Cushen) Rees

1956-90         Rev David and Lucy (Griffiths) Maddox



2 Grantchester Road

(Stockton Cottage, 1 Stockton Cottages)


1861               John and Catherine (Austin) Careless with children

1865-71         Charles and Matilda (Harradine) Scott with children

1881               William and Sophia (Careless) Peters with children

1891-1924     William and Mary (Haslop) Peters (son of William and Sophia) with children and aunt Miss Harriet Careless

1925-57         Edward and Annie (Hood) Peters (son of William and Mary) with son Eric Peters

1958-61         Ronald and Shirley Smith (no information)

1962-68         John and May (Cleeve) Spring

1970               Arthur and Gladys (Nunn) Ansell



4 Grantchester Road

(2 Stockton Cottages)


1861               David and Margaret (McKinley) Gooding with children

1870-74         James and Margaret (Hignell) Speed with children

1881-1922     John and Matilda (Taylor) Haslop with children

1923-52         Robert and Lilian (Walpole) Rayner with children

1953               Rex and Teresa (Rand) Catliff

1954-56         Ronald and Shirley Smith (no information)

1957-70         Horace and Sophia (Housden) Stimpson


Early 19th century maps of Trumpington show some houses behind Stockton Cottages.  From census returns, it seems that the following were probably occupants:


1861               James and Sarah (Coleman) Darnell with son William Darnell

1871               William and Mary (Allen) Rayner with children

1871               James and Rebecca (Carter) Kefford with children



6 Grantchester Road

(3 Stockton Cottages)


1853-62         James and Sarah Belcham with children

1871-81         Frederick and Hannah (Rowe) Ilett with daughter Sarah Ilett

1891               Thomas and Emily (Kefford) Cambridge

1901-25         Robert and Eliza (Carter) Rayner

1926-70         Albert E W and Elsie (Dockerill) Darling (son of Albert W and Ada at 8 Grantchester Road)



8 Grantchester Road

(4 Stockton Cottages)


1849-64         William and Elizabeth (Savell) Thorogood with children

1871               Henry and Sarah (Pearson) White with children

1888-1901     William and Mary (Allen) Rayner

1911-22         Henry and Ann (Ilett) Peters with children

1923-58         Albert W and Ada (Kitchener) Darling with children

1959-61         Arthur and Olive (Taylor) Hitch

1963-64         Arnold and Betty (Rose) Bailey



10 Grantchester Road


1857-61         John and Hannah (Kingwell) Downton

1871-1905     John and Sarah (Carter) Rayner with children

1905-34         John Carter (Sarah Rayner’s son)

1935               Percy and Cicely (Kendall) Seekings with children

1936-55         Thomas and Alice (Bishop) Scrivener with children

1956-59         Harold and Florence (Wilby) Fellingham

1959-70         George and Hilda (Pallant) Elsey



12 Grantchester Road


1861               Mrs Catherine (Askew) Nightingale with children

1871-91         John and Ann (Edwards) Kefford with children

1901               Frederick and Louisa (Malyon) Cracknell with children

1911-16         William and Jane (Morgan) Day with children

1925-28         William Dunn

1935-48         William and Doris (Osborne) Hunt

1949-69         William and Louisa (Burton) Broyd



14 Grantchester Road


1861               James and Ann (Sparks) Marshall with children

1871               William and Sarah (Edwards) Marshall (brother of James)

1880-84         Thomas and Emily (Cudmore) Flack with children

1885-1901     Thomas and Anne (Utteridge) Flack with children

1911               Arthur and Jessie (Rash) Stearn with children

1913-35         William and Emily (Buckle) Chamberlain with children

1937               Walter and Doris (Payne) Leverett

1939-48         Harry and Margaret (Bushnell) Short

1949-52         Robert and Rosetta (Upton) Woodley

1953-55         Reginald and Violet (Pammentor) Wayman

1956-57         Mrs Alice (Bishop) Scrivener with daughter Miss Ethel Scrivener

1958-60         Private



16 and 18 Grantchester Road

Dated Cottage


Until 1957 this was subdivided into two semi-detached houses, 1 and 2 Dated Cottage.  Unoccupied from 1958 to 1970; Historic England state “the exterior was completely re-modelled in 1969 and bears little relation to its original appearance”.  It is now a single property (no 18).


16 Grantchester Road

1 Dated Cottage


1861-1906     Samuel and Sarah (Stearn) Rayner with children

1907-49         Miss Eliza Rayner (daughter of Samuel and Sarah)

1950-52         Mrs Gertrude (Willson) Jordan with daughter Mrs Elsie (Jordan) Hobbs

1953-55         Robert and Rosetta (Upton) Woodley

1957               Raymond and Eileen (Skipp) Missen


18 Grantchester Road

2 Dated Cottage


1871-87         Mrs Eliza (Farrington) Rayner with children

1887-1915     Misses Sarah and  Ellen Rayner (Eliza’s daughters)

1926-39         Fred and Flora (Darling) Chapman

1949-54         Ron and Jean (Burgess) Goodliffe

1957-58         Ernest and Annie (Downing) Parr



20 and 22 Grantchester Road


This building was originally a terrace of three small cottages.  In about 1900 the two western cottages were combined into what became Park Cottage.  From 1969 onwards this was all one house, 20 Grantchester Road



20 Grantchester Road


1861-95         Mrs Eliza (Beaumont) Harradine with children

1901-10         William and Mary (Allen) Rayner

1911-26         William and Kate (Lander) Gathercole with children

1936-65         Sidney and Emily (Crow) Haslop


22 Grantchester Road

Park Cottage


1861-71         William and Sophia (Careless) Peters with children

1881-1925     John and Mary (Lloyd) Peters with children (son of William and Sophia)

1935-36         Ronald and Mary (Guy) Tisdall

1937-42         John and Margaret (Balls) Darling

1949-54         Frank and Rose (Marshall) Holmes

1955-58         Ron and Jean (Burgess) Goodliffe

1960-63         Private


Third cottage, Grantchester Road


1861-71         William and Hannah (Norman) Wilson with children

1881-98         David and Eliza (Rayner) Lloyd and brother George Rayner



Until the 1870s there was a set of houses known as “Bakehouse Yard” in Grantchester Road.  Almost certainly the present Bakehouse beside the parish church.


Bakehouse Yard, Grantchester Road


1851-67         John and Jemima (Hales) Farringdon with children


Bakehouse Yard, Grantchester Road


1861-75         William Lloyd with children, also his mother Mrs Rachel (Prime) Lloyd



3 Grantchester Road

Anstey Hall Farm (also Tollers Farm, Parsons Farm)


1851-72         John and Ann (Swannell) Toller with children

1869-71         Richard and Sarah (Alexander) Toller with children (son of John and Ann)

1878-91         Francis and Frances (Wellsman) Parsons with children

1881               Miss Adelaide Brett [servant]

1881               Miss Rebecca Careless [housemaid]

1901-15         Christopher and Emma (Reynolds) Parsons with children (son of Francis and Frances)

1920-24         Arthur and Jane (Shave) Chinery with children

1925-32         Frederick and Jessie (Perry) Pryke  with son Olly Prike

1933-35         Frederick and Florence (Wiltsher) Pryke

1936-60         Henry and Olive (Oliver) Parsons with children (nephew of Francis and Frances)

1938-70         Thomas and Annette (Hummerstone) Parsons (son of Henry and Olive)



Anstey Hall Farm Shepherd’s Cottage in the fields


Access was initially from Grantchester Road, and later from Hauxton Road.


1849-57         James and Caroline (Cranwell) Richardson with children

1861-71         Thomas and Mary (Taylor) Parker with children

1891               Joseph and Sarah (Long) Parker (Thomas’ brother)

1897-1915     Arthur and Mary (Yorke) Wardley with children and mother Mrs Emma (Salsbury) Yorke

1923-31         John and Amelia (Gilson) Facer with children



Trumpington Hall


Included here, as present day access is from Grantchester Road.  Originally, though, access was from High Street.


Members of the Pemberton family:


1725-1762     Francis and Elizabeth Pemberton with children

1753-1800     Jeremy and Anne (Baron) Pemberton (son of Francis and Elizabeth)

1800-1869     Francis C J and Frances (Keene) Pemberton (grandson of Jeremy and Anne) with daughter Miss Frances Pemberton

1836-54         William and Frances (Pemberton) Campbell with children

1871-99         Henry and Frances (Pemberton) Pemberton (formerly Hodgson)

1911-27         Thomas and Patience (Pemberton, formerly Campbell) Pemberton (formerly Hudson) with children

1923-62         William and Viola (Pemberton) Pemberton (formerly Wingate) with children

1961-99         Francis (later Sir Francis) and Diana (Woods) Pemberton (formerly Wingate)


Other residents:


1841-72         James Toleman [butler]

1878-81         Charles Baines [butler]

1881               William Haslop [under groom]

1881               Ann Osborne [kitchen maid]

1901               William and Annie (Mutlow) Cambridge

1911-62         Miss Annie Mason [servant]

1911-34         Miss Harriet Stalley [parlour maid]

1911               Miss Florence Attlesey [housemaid]

1937-38         Miss Gwendolen Deal

1939               Mrs Grace (Pearson) Hyde with son Peter Hyde

1939               Miss Joyce Jacklin [servant]

1939               Mrs Ada (Tabor) Peters

1947-48         Norman and Barbara (Mynott) Summers

1947               Bernard and Florence (Spence) Bird [chauffeur]

1950-54         Henry Mintern

1962-63         Mrs Elsie (Bursnoll) Custerson


Flat 1, Trumpington Hall


1947-48         Miss Rachel Somervell

1949-55         Miss Edith Pridden

1957-61         Miss Rachel Somervell

1963-70         Mrs Viola (Pemberton) Pemberton

1963-67         Miss Annie Mason


Flat 2, Trumpington Hall


1950-59         Frank and Doris (Gaylor) Bayliss

1962-70         Arthur and Clarice (Muffett) Salmon        


Flat 3, Trumpington Hall


1947-53         Ronald and Mary Palethorpe

1954-55         James and Helen (Kydd) Bean

1956               Kenneth and Margaret (Wells) Pinch

1957-59         Mrs Mary (Haward) Somervell (sister in law of Rachel Somervell in Flat 1)


Flat 4, Trumpington Hall


1948-53         Arthur and Mabel (Conyard) Wheeler

1956-57         William and Hannah (Mason) Nockolds

1959-60         John and Grace (Patterson) Stalham




The last remaining house in Dagling End


1861-99     Joseph and Mary Ann (Careless) Medlock with children


The Lodge (Coachmans House),Trumpington Hall


1881               James and Susannah (Haggis) Rayne with niece Miss Susanna Haggis

1891               William and Emma (Wiles) Hardwick with son Frank Hardwick

1901               Unoccupied

1911-27         Arthur and Mary (Paulger) Haslop

1929-45         Albert and Norah (Chapman) Kitson       

1946-50         Arthur and Gladys (Newman) Missing    

1951-59         William and Frances (Smart) Coxall        

1962-65         Reginald and Ivy (Harriott) Badman        

1967               Russell and Freda (Dadge) Yaxley

1968-70         Ernest and Lucy (Boyes) Bower


Gardeners Cottage, Trumpington Hall


1924-46         Alfred and Ethel (Smith) Harrison with daughter Miss Myra Harrison

1947-48         Bertie and Alice (Allwood) Smith

1949               Eric and Nesta (Chambers) Vestergaard

1950-55         David and Margaret (Gilliatt) Hislop

1956-70         Frederick and Edna (Roope) Mothersole


Grooms Cottage, Trumpington Hall


1962-68         John Cousins



Wood End, Grantchester Road


Early maps tell us that in 1800 the road passed to the south of Wood End; by 1830 this had been replaced by the route we see today.  There were houses here in 1800; these were rebuilt to form the present terrace of four houses, probably between 1901 and 1911.  The present numbering dates from 1939.


Wood End until 1901


It is impossible to tell, from census and electoral records, who lived in which house, so these are educated guesses at the history.


First house


1851-58         John and Harriet (Hawes) Rowling with children

1861-78         Thomas and Harriet (Hopwood) Neaves with daughter Mrs Ann (Neaves) Custance and her children

1879-81         John and Allison (Smith) Utteridge with children

1890-1901     George and Mary (Rayner) Hart with children


Second house


1851-93         Samuel and Louisa (Rayner) Lloyd with children

1894-1901     Henry and Ellen (Rutter) Attlesey with daughter Florence Attlesey


Third house


1851               William and Hannah (Hills) Hockley with children

1860-68         Charles and Charlotte (Harradine) Fuller

1868-75         William and Eliza (Rayner) Stallan with children

1881-99         James and Susan (Wright) Belverstone

1899-1901     Arthur and Jessie (Rash) Stearn with daughter Constance Stearn


Fourth house


1851-91         Robert and Elizabeth (Shildrick) Rayner

1901-05         George and Emily (Payne) Lowe with children


Fifth house


1851-61         Thomas and Caroline (Wilson) Lloyd


Sixth house


1861               Henry and Mary (Jackson) Harradine with son Charles Harradine


Wood End 1911 onwards


1 Wood End


1911-13         William and Emily (Buckle) Chamberlain with children

1920-22         Herbert and Ada (Plumb) Ison

1924-35         Arthur and Jessie (Hughes) Bradford

1936-55         Frederick and Florence (Wiltsher) Pryke

1956-64         Private

1967-69         Bertie and Beryl (Holden) Batts


2 Wood End


1911-34         Henry and Ellen (Rutter) Attlesey

1937-48         Frederick and Miriam (Ellis) Baxter

1948-50         Bertie and Queenie (Beckett) Maile

1955-70         Percy and Cicely (Kendall) Seekings with children


3 Wood End


1911-47         George and Mary (Rayner) Hart with children

1948-70         Miss Hilda Hart (daughter of George and Mary)


4 Wood End


1911               Thomas and Anne (Utteridge) Flack with children

1912-31         Robert and Isabella (Raeburn) Smith with children

1934-35         William and Matilda Chamberlain (no information)

1936-51         John and Amelia (Gilson) Facer with children

1952-54         Richard and Ethel (Papworth) Sewell

1955-70         Frederick and Florence (Brett) Wallage



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