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All private, except:


2 Allen Court


1966-70†††††††† Mrs Dorothy (Isaacs) Thomas



4 Allen Court


1965-70†††††††† Roger and Lilian (Tunstall) Gregory



5 Allen Court


1964-66†††††††† Frederick and Beatrice (Goodin) Bywaters with sister Miss Cecilia Goodin



6 Allen Court


1964-70†††††††† Alfred and Katherine (Elliott) Stearn






1 Hauxton Road


1930-51†††††††† Thomas and Mabel (Shanks) Phillips with Mabelís daughter Miss Grace Edwards

1952-58†††††††† Harold and Daisy (Dicker) Woodcock with son Bryan Woodcock

1959-64†††††††† Eric and Jessie (Greenwood) Dodd

1965-70†††††††† Kenneth and Gladys (Canham) Summerlin



2 Hauxton Road



1928-34†††††††† Wilfred and Dorothy (Pearce) Allman

1935-62†††††††† Hector and Viney (Williams) Holdsworth with daughter Sheila Holdsworth

1945-48†††††††† Horace and Elsie (Runham) Day

1949-50†††††††† George and Joan (White) Berneye

1963-67†††††††† Private



3 Hauxton Road


1929-38†††††††† Alfred Jackson and Hilda (Bond) Cox

1934-38†††††††† Doris Potter (no information)

1945†††††††††††††† Harold and Lilian (Lyon) Tacon

1945-66†††††††† Ernest Sydenham

1945-57†††††††† Joseph Silvester



4 Hauxton Road



1929-31†††††††† Harry and Rose (Stamp) Lillicrop

1934-39†††††††† Herbert and Edith (Lyon) Whittaker with son Albert Whittacker

1945-48†††††††† Kenneth and Lucilla (Benton) Foote

1949-51†††††††† Private

1952-70†††††††† Harry and Edith (Silvester) Hard



5 Hauxton Road



1930-56†††††††† Watson and Minnie (Warren) Rogers with son Thomas Rogers

1957-61†††††††† Bernard and Christine Cummins (no information)

1963-69†††††††† Jack and Mary (Thurkettle) Boatwright



6 Hauxton Road



1930-35†††††††† William and Mary (Yeabsley) Clifton with mother Mrs Laura (Street) Yeabsley

1937†††††††††††††† John and Harriet (Duncan) Atkinson

1938-39†††††††† Claude and Lilian (Ellis) Chepmell

1949-62†††††††† Leopold and Gertrud (Heller) Meisel

1963-67†††††††† Private



7 Hauxton Road



1930-32†††††††† Harold and Elinor (Addington) Lewis

1934-52†††††††† Frederick and Dorothy (Lupson) Holland

1945-48†††††††† William and Florence (Bickerton) Hudson

1953-57†††††††† Harold and Elizabeth Eggleston (no information)

1958-59†††††††† Thomas and Constance (Bolter) Barron

1960-70†††††††† Richard and Lucy (Hopcroft) Bagley



8 Hauxton Road



1930-50†††††††† Matthew and Mabel (Richford) Brewster with children

1951-54†††††††† William and Ruth (Baker) Elliott

1955-70†††††††† John and Kathleen (Collins) Chown



9 Hauxton Road



1931†††††††††††††† Bernard and Olive (Watts) Dixon

1935-51†††††††† William and Emma (Proctor) Breed with daughter Violet Breed

1952-64†††††††† Edward and Kathleen (Moodie) Bullen



10 Hauxton Road

Park View


1930-39†††††††† George and Gladys (Wallis) Milnes

1945-70†††††††† Frederick and Norah (Walker) Tyler with children and sister Miss Frances Walker

1945-70†††††††† Norman and Joyce (Tyler) Wheeler (daughter of Frederick and Norah)



11 Hauxton Road



1930-31†††††††† Anthony and Phyllis (Nicholas) Trew

1934-35†††††††† James and Gladys (Fish) Clarkson

1936-60†††††††† Wesley and Ethel (Parker) Ingamells with daughter Joan Ingamells (later Mrs Joan Orme)

1961-70†††††††† Anthony and Phyllis (Nicholas) Trew



12 Hauxton Road



1931†††††††††††††† Gordon and Esme (Gates) Shepherd

1934†††††††††††††† Edward and Grace (Willis) Steedman

1935-37†††††††† Frank and Dorothy (Lee) Whittle

1935†††††††††††††† Miss Beatrice Northrop

1939-48†††††††† Howard and Constance (Toon) Wells

1948†††††††††††††† George and Winifred (Hewitt) McCombe

1949-54†††††††† Kenneth and Kathleen (Enoch) Denbigh

1955-61†††††††† Colin and Gillian (Lake) Black

1963-69†††††††† William and Louisa (Pierson) Dodson



13 Hauxton Road

St Fagans


1930-51†††††††† Mrs Kate (Setchfield) Foster

1934-70†††††††† Miss Doris Foster (Kateís daughter)



14 Hauxton Road


1930-67†††††††† Evelyn and Helen (Miller) Whybrow

1936-52†††††††† Jack and Peggy (Collins) Whybrow (son of Evelyn and Helen) 5718



15 Hauxton Road


1935-37†††††††† Benjamin Upperton with mother Esther (Cooper) Upperton

1938-39†††††††† Raymond and Phyllis (Bailey) Edwards

1945-52†††††††† Derrick and Joan (Wood) Howe

1953-70†††††††† Jack and Peggy (Collins) Whybrow



16 Hauxton Road


1931-70†††††††† Reginald and Ruby (Bard) Miller 5432



17 Hauxton Road

The Laurels


1928-46†††††††† Cyril and May (Brown) Blunt

1947-48†††††††† David and Elizabeth (Crowther) Harper

1949-60†††††††† William and Beatrice (Kirby) Lawrence

1961-65†††††††† Alice Gibson (no information)



18 Hauxton Road

Cherry Vale


1930-39†††††††† Frederick and Helena (Marshall) Collis with sister Miss Edith Marshall

1936-39†††††††† Henry Smith

1945†††††††††††††† Arthur and Jessie (Skinner) Hardman

1945-58†††††††† Albert and Lucy (Lawrence) Collyer

1959-70†††††††† Winifred Barber (no information)



19 Hauxton Road



1930-70†††††††† George and Rosa (Bright) Kingswell with children

1939-54†††††††† Edward and Edith (Kingswell) Lugton (daughter of George and Rosa)



20 Hauxton Road



1930-70†††††††† Harold and Hilda (Bolden) Cowell with daughter Patricia Cowell



21 Hauxton Road

The Curragh


1930†††††††††††††† John and Barbara (Bowley) Cohn

1934-37†††††††† Mrs Rebecca McConnell with daughter Mrs Mabel (McConnell) McCormack

1938-39†††††††† William and Florence (Bickerton) Hudson

1945-46†††††††† Lionel and Gladys (Clark) Worwood

1947-56†††††††† Private

1949-52†††††††† William and Doris Smith (no information)

1957-66†††††††† Jack and Joyce (Pledger) Arber



Broadwinds, Hauxton Road


1949-63†††††††† Donald and Violet (Morley) Denton-Smith

1964-68†††††††† Victor and Margaret (Day) Minter



1 Freshways, Hauxton Road


1955-2018†††† Private


2 Freshways, Hauxton Road


1955-69†††††††† Harry and Ellen (Dockerill) Newell



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