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The boundary of the ancient parish of Trumpington ran along the centre of Hills Road from Purbeck Road to the modern City boundary south of Addenbrooke's Hospital.  The area north of Long Road was moved into Cambridge in 1912, and the area to the south (along with most of the rest of the village) in 1934. 



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1 Purbeck Road


1911-61         George and Alice (Coleman) Nunn with children

1966               Victor and Jean (Hall) Leader



2 Purbeck Road


1911-39         Walter and Elizabeth (Bailey) Mason with children

1945               Josiah and Mary (Kearns) Currington

1950               Henry and Mary (Swinburne) Acton

1950               Philip and Betty (Muggleton) Evett

1955-66         Harry and Ivy (Bowers) Sadler

1955               Arthur and Lily (Seymour) Clover






170 Hills Road



1891               Frank and Eleanor (Milnes) Carr with children

1901               Alfred and Harriet (Hutt) Kett with children

1911               Unoccupied

1913-58         George and Alice (Edwards) Searle        

1923-35         Henry and Ida (Merton) Clarke

1962-70         Roland and Phyllis (Dellar) Huddlestone



172 Hills Road



1891               Richard and Annette (Royle) Solly                      

1901               Harford and Hannah (Headley) Green with children

1911               Cephas and Automella (Sargent) Edwards with children

1913-21         Charles and Florence (Jeffery) Ray

1922-37         Percy and Claudine (Strange) Gray         

1937-39         Raymond and Margaret (Hicks) Scantlebury     

1945               Charles and Esther (Goode) Crowson

1948-57         Harry and Gertrude (Rouse) Cook with mother Mrs Emma (Barnes) Rouse



174 Hills Road



1881-1911     Henry and Rayne (Pearson) Beedham with daughter Miss Lucy Beedham

1913-37         James and Martha (Newburn) Auchterlonie with children

1938-55         Harry and Ethel (Poll) Davis with children

1960-66         (Flat 4) Frederick and Daisy (Coulson) Collier



176 Hills Road

Trumpington House Coachmans House


1871               Richard and Sarah (Blake) Hayden with children

1881-1931     Samuel and Agnes (Hobbs) Dean with children

1911               Mrs Agnes (Dean) Eyles (daughter of Samuel and Agnes) with children

1932-35         James and Isabella (Stearn) Whittingham         

1937-50         John and Florence (Hopkins) Tresize

1955               Bryan and Margaret (Roberts) Wilkin

1960-70         Harold and Cynthia (Andrews) Anderson



178 Hills Road

Trumpington House


1851-61         Stephen and Johanna (Poland) Adcock with children

1861               Miss Mary Kitson [housemaid]

1866-69         Edward and Harriet (Baker) Adcock (son of Stephen and Johanna) with children

1871               William and Charlotte (Hazell) Pennock

1881-1894     Alfred and Eliza (Miller) Jones with sister Mrs Marianne (Miller) Starmer

1895-1913     Alfred and Beatrice (Robinson) Jones with father Henry Robinson

1891-1901     Miss Mary Ward [companion & secretary]

1891-1901     Miss Matilda Chapman [cook]

1914-21         Arthur and Beatrice (Robinson) Hordern

1922-25         George P and Ellen (Dent) Hawkins with son George Hawkins

1926-48         Sidney and Mabel (Ridout) Smith with sister Miss Emily Ridout

1950-64         Miss Denise Brooks



188 Hills Road

Gardeners Lodge


1871               James and Susan (Clements) Bird with children

1881               Hallack and Charlotte (Harlock) Pamplin

1891-1913     Samuel and Martha (Howlett) Willers with children and brother Frederick Howlett 14897

1914-25         Samuel and Helen (Clark) Willers with Samuel's children

1926-38         Thomas and Elizabeth (Gray) Pett with father George Gray

1926-30         Frank and Lizzie (Thurgood) Unwin        

1931-33         George and Phyllis (Freestone) Melbourne       

1935               Miss Elizabeth Dingle

1937-38         Miss Edith Crawford

1939               Stanley and Doris (Taylor) Chapman

1945               Fred and Emily (Gray) Cousins

1950               Mrs Letitia (Mansfield) Betson

1955               Joseph and Nina (Lucas) Gregory

1960-70         Ernest and Agnes (Willsdon) Frayling-Cork       



190 Hills Road

The Lodge, Homerton College


1911-39         Fred and Emily (Gray) Cousins with son Fred E Cousins



216 Hills Road



1908-11         Henry and Edith (Clark) Turvey with children

1913-27         Mrs Emily (Bellman) Clark (Edith's mother) with son Sidney Clark

1927-37         Whitney and Eliza (Nunley) Wills with children

1935               Cecil and Gladys (Wills) Langford (daughter of Whitney and Eliza)

1938-39         William and Isobel (Kidd) Grice    

1945-50         Whitney and Dorothy (Bendall) Wills

1945-50         Oskar and Irene Katzenell (or Kaye)                   

1955-60         Miss Kathleen Howlett with father Ernest Howlett

1960-70         John and Annie (Nicholes) Arnold



218 Hills Road

Highfield, Satyagraha


1911-14         Joseph Pickard        

1919-24         Sydney and Kate (Mountain) Pain

1925-44         Albert and Minnie (Bates) Warboys

1945               Mrs Annie (Faulkner) Postlethwaite with daughter Miss Muriel Postlethwaite         

1945-58         Mrs Ada (Foot) Ansell with daughter Miss Enid Ansell

1960-77         Mrs Clara (Lewis) Harrison with son John Harrison



220 Hills Road



1911-14         John Mellowes        

1919-31         Charles and Joanna (Edwards) Dupont with daughter Miss Maggie Dupont

1931-57         John and Bertha (Todd) Bull        

1957-60         Percy and Marion (Stockings) Bull (son of John and Bertha)

1962-70         Paul and Rachel (Bush) O'Higgins



222 Hills Road



1911-20         George and Anna (Bullen) Wallis

1921-25         Sydney and Evelyn (Coombs) Start         

1927-29         John and Angela (Hatt-Cook) Le Sueur 

1930-70         Dyson and Marion (Rayner) Stockings with children and sister Miss Kate Stockings



224 Hills Road

Coolbawn, Hillcroft, Broadclyst


1911               Constant and Margaret (Boys) Ponder with children

1913-15         Norman and Annie (Moore) Myers           

1919               Alexander and Christabel (Burder) McKibbin

1920-31         Ralph and Gertrude (Mansfield) Moore   

1934               Michael Oakeshott  

1935               Leslie and Edith (Wilkin) England

1936-39         Samuel and Jane (Webb) Holliday          

1945-48         Frank and Lily (Aves) Stearn                    

1950-57         John and Frances (Gandy) Crowlesmith

1960-66         John and Irene Williamson (no information)

1969-95         Kenneth and Rosemary (Sands) Polack



226 Hills Road



1910-11         Henry and Ethel (Vinter) Bishop

1913               Mrs Rhoda (Cotes) Hailey

1919-20         Elizabeth Langdon (no information)

1921-23         Ronald and Alice (Savery) Holliday         

1924-68         Montague and Daisy (Lofts) Squires       



228 Hills Road

The Hawthorns


1911               Edward and Helen (Moreland) Shaughnessy with children

1913-39         Arthur and Jane (Barton) Greenwood with daughter Miss Winifred Greenwood    

1939-48         Robert Bainbridge  

1939-50         Frank and Ethel (Jenkins) Foulser

1957-68         Robert and Lucy (Geldart) Morris



230 Hills Road



1911               Henry Baker with children

1913-38         Thomas and Anna (Handy) La Touche with daughter Miss Lynette La Touche

1939               Robert and Florence (Guest) Hammond

1939-48         Gordon and Doris (Hammond) Slater (daughter of Robert and Florence)

1950-60         John and Margaret (Mason) Wedgwood

1962-70         David and Wilhelmina (Dullaert) Champernowne



232 Hills Road



1911-48         Edward and Mabel (Gardner) Cabread Jones with sister Miss Ethel Gardner

1939-86         Edward J Cabread Jones (son of Edward and Mabel)



234 Hills Road



1911               Unoccupied

1913-15         Frank and Winifred (Varley) Hall

1919-36         Mrs Mary (Bedford) Mitchell         

1937-85         Raymond and Edith (Smith) Williamson 

1939               George and Elsie (Whewell) Taylor



236 Hills Road



1911-18         Alfred and Clara (Wright) Duke with children

1911               Miss Rosetta Wilkerson [servant] 

1920-29         William and Charlotte (Newstead) Crosland      

1929-31         Alfred and Winifred (Howlett) Duke with daughter Miss Dora Duke

1935-39         Robert and Dorothy (Turner) French      

1948               Arthur and Violet (Reeves) Firth   

1950-55         Henry and Margaret Alexander (no information)           

1957-70         Christopher and Mary (Hall) Cheney      



The access to Trinity Farm was through what is now 236 Hills Road; it then became via Luard Road.  



238 Hills Road

St Columb


1911-32         Mrs Fanny (Newport) Gittus with son Harold Gittus

1911               Miss Julia Potter [servant]

1934-48         Eric Norris    

1950-70         Frank and Lily (Aves) Stearn        



240 Hills Road



1911-34         George Bedwell with children

1935               William and Erica (Tiffen) Richardson

1936-70         Mrs Marian (Godber) Clegg with mother Mrs Marian (Anthony) Godber and daughter Miss Quinelda Clegg



242 Hills Road



1911-52         Charles and Emily (Austin) Ellison with daughter Miss Marjorie Ellison

1950-67         Mrs Marjorie (Ellison) Knight (daughter of Charles and Emily)



244 Hills Road



1909-11         Harold and Kate (Crosthwaite) Murray with children

1911               Miss Jessie Burgess [nurse]

1913-14         Dennis and Dorothy (Brooke) Ginn with children

1914-15         Herbert and Susan (Miller) Coulson        

1917-51         Albert and Blanche (Culpin) Freeman with son Millice Freeman  and sister Miss Margaret Culpin

1955-70         Denis and Elizabeth (Kingsley-Pillers) Marrian 



246 Hills Road



1911-32         Ernest and Ada (Ginn) Vinter with children

1934-36         Max Born      

1937-38         Sir Hubert and Millicent (Langford) Sams           

1939-67         Sidney and Mary (Marshall) Miller



248 Hills Road

Dalkeith, Smalldene


1909-19         Hugh and Amelia (McAvoy) Chaplin with children

1920-32         Mrs Anna (Tyrer) Bishop with daughter Miss Alice Bishop

1935-39         Arthur and Alice (Newman) Rutter with mother Mrs Harriet (Barton) Newman 17596                                   

1948               Richard and Ruth (Scott) Richens

1950-66         Arthur and Ella (Dutton) Knight



250 Hills Road



1908-11         Ernest and Rachel (Hall) Peck with children

1913               Richard Courtauld              

1914-25         Joseph Pickard        

1927-45         Reuben and Flora (Hertz) Levy    

1948-50         Arthur and Sarina (Simons) Arberry

1955               Mrs Effie (Saul) Crisford with daughter Miss Elizabeth Crisford

1966               Hugh and Elizabeth (Nott) Sacker           



252 Hills Road



1908-19         Harry and Mary (Briggs) Few with children

1911               Miss Rose Wheal [nurse]

1921-40         Frank and Beatrice (Jackson) Trayes      

1945-70         Frederick and Margaret (Howe) Sanger 



254 Hills Road

East View


1911-21         George and Elena (Leith-Ross) Graham-Smith

1911               Miss Nora Haylock [cook]

1922-37         Mrs Susan (Miller) Coulson with son Herbert Coulson

1938-70         Mrs Dorothy (Dale) Thacker with daughters and mother Mrs Isabel (Mason) Dale

1950               Victor and Marianne (Finke) Quesnel



256 Hills Road



1911-13         John and Kathleen (Corfield) Edwards

1911               Miss Mary Flack [cook]

1919-24         David and Florence (Giffors) Pretto         

1925-30         Daniel and Florence (Boyes) Boyes        

1932-39         Mrs Eliza (Brown) Livermore with daughter Miss Christina Livermore

1945-48         Philip and Anna (Keown) Gosse              

1950-66         Fergus and Hilda (Marriott) Wilson



258 Hills Road



1919-22         Norman and Annie (Moore) Myers with children

1923-27         Willoughby and Muriel (Jordan) Harvey  

1929               Mrs Marie (Lofthouse) Chadwick             

1930-33         Arthur and Marjorie (Barnett) Heffer        

1934-35         Charles and Maggie (Brooks) Staniforth

1936-39         Miss Ethel Cabread Jones

1948-53         Herbert Ingle

1955-83         Miss Charlotte Nutter         



260 Hills Road



1923-31         Norman and Annie (Moore) Myers with children

1933-70         Edward and Ida (Little) Lavender 



262 Hills Road


1935-65         Victor and Mary (Abeline) Wallis with father Samuel Wallis

1968-79         Walter and Annie (Martin) Galer



264 Hills Road



1936-39         Charles and Daisy (Gould) Naylor

1945               Eugene and Rosalie (Benson) Doutre with daughter Miss Marjorie Doutre

1950               Austen Telfer

1955-60         Frank and Bessie (Milroy) Winfield

1964-70         Stanley and Margaret (Grocott) Stubbs              



266 Hills Road


1935-39         Edwin and Grace (Fuller) Williams          

1945-62         Lionel and Rosalie (Sacks) Suss 



270 Hills Road



1911-14         Joseph Green with sister Miss Edwina Green

1915-29         John and Louie (Brander) King    

1930-38         Alan and Margaret (Smith) Clover with daughter Miss Dorothea Clover

1939-69         William and Fanny (Pugh) Edwards        



272 Hills Road



1921-22         George and Priscilla (Fisher) Banyard    

1922-25         James and Mary (McMaster) Hindley-Smith     

1926-69         William and Elizabeth (Meyerhuber) Hardesty with children



274 Hills Road

Sutton Lodge


1922-59         John and Ada (Waller) Goodchild

1962-70         Miss Marianne Frost



276 Hills Road



1922-50         Sidney and Minnie (Thoday) French with children

1922-39         Francis and Gladys (French) Thoday (daughter and nephew of Sidney and Minnie)

1939               Wallace Cole

1939-45         Harry and Joyce (Davies) Davies

1945-54         Mrs Hannah (Dyson) Sykes with daughter Miss Constance Sykes (1954 in Flat 2)



276a Hills Road



1935               Leslie and Eva (Priestley) Howarth

1945               Gerald French (son of Sidney and Minnie at 276 Hills Road)

1948-60         Arthur and Evelyn (Reed) Adamson

1962               Philip and Grace (Pugh) Emerson

1969-70         Herbert and Cicely (Lambert) Beck



278 Hills Road



1924-68         Stewart and Edith (Inman) Wight 



280 Hills Road


1928-39         George and Gladys (Bryant) Teasdale   

1955-70         John and Mary (Alison) Coales    



282 Hills Road

Pentlowe, Eileanmore


1924-37         Basil and Zèlie (Ricks) Willey       

1938-70         Graham and Margaret (Dick) McCullagh

1939               Sidney and Oriska (Harnden) Gibbins    



284 Hills Road

Harwood, Dibrugarh


1924-26         James and Enid (Mudie) Elliot with brother Ian Mudie

1927-32         Mrs Gertrude (Ingle) Evans with sister Miss Ellen Ingle

1933-39         Charles and Violet (Cardell) Brooke

1939-48         Frederick and Ethel (Macdonald) Bowman        

1948-63         Horace and May (Man) Starte



288 Hills Road

Trinity House


1911-50         Henry and Anna (Symonds) Apthorpe with children

1957-70         Private



292 Hills Road

Neville House


1924-66         Cyril and Beatrice (Johnson) Ridgeon with son Cyril E Ridgeon



292a Hills Road

Kneighton Brae, 2 Kneighton Brae


1935-39         Jean and Ethel (Hanson) Piqué with nephew Philip Hanson

1948-50         Wolfram and Elenora (Kossman) Gottlieb                      

1957-58         Otto and Ursula (Blau) Frisch       



292b Hills Road

1 Kneighton Brae


1937-45         John and Emily (Himmelveit) Yudkin      

1945               Cyril and Cicely (Turner) Havers


292b Hills Road

1 Kneighton Brae Flat 1


1948-62         Albert and Johanna (Husselman) Kempton       


292b Hills Road

1 Kneighton Brae Flat 2


1948-50         Ian and Margretta (McKay) Ramsey

1955               James and Gladys (Dobbs) Hamilton                 

1957-62         Peter and Nathalie (Naoumova) Squire  



294 Hills Road


1931               Geoffrey and Enid (Oldham) Lapage

1932-38         William and Flora (Crowe) Gifford with daughter Miss Phyllis Gifford

1939-45         Albert and Annie (Trace) Endacott                      

1948-70         Gordon and Winifred (Palmer) Thoday   



296 Hills Road


1931-39         George and Constance (Martin) Robinson        

1939               David and Frida (Silberberg) Wineman

1945               Leonard and Harriet (Howard) Thring with daughter Miss Elizabeth Thring

1948               Harry and Edith (Silvester) Hard

1949-52         James and Dorothy (Garbett) Brown      

1955-62         Alfred and Annie Wood (no information)

1966-68         John and Joan (Bowers) Hick       



298 Hills Road


1935-64         William and Elizabeth (Driver) Elworthy with son Frank Elworthy

1966-70         Frederick and Minnie (Francis) Swann



300 Hills Road


1937-45         Kenneth and Evelyn (Woodbridge) Dodson with mother Mrs Happie (Coker) Woodbridge

1948-66         Mrs Mary (Tollemache) Dubs with son John Dubs



302 Hills Road

Five Trees


1938-66         Isaac Aronowitz with sisters Mrs Jeannette (Aronowitz) Phillips and Mrs Clara (Aronowitz) Myers



Many Gates


1927-50         Robert and Nellie (Verlander) Brown with children

1928-30         Miss Kathleen Biggs

1931-34         Miss Elsie Holgate

1955-66         Maurice and Olive (Kitcatt) Dickerson


Many Gates was demolished in 1967 and Stansgate Avenue was built on the site.





(Until World War II these houses had addresses in Hills Road)





1933-66         Donald and Alice (Anderson) Stevenson

1966-70         Robert and Hilda (Cox) Stoneley



Old Tiled House


1939-55         Harold and Hilda (Westley) Ridgeon

1956-57         Frederick and Edith (Wanklyn) Roques

1962-70         Mrs Iris (Lamb) Hare with daughter Miss Elizabeth Hare



Tudor House


1935               Harold and Kathlyn (Canham) Trillwood

1936               Mrs Alice (Cooper) Batty

1938-48         John and Eleanor (Gow-Smith) Urquhart

1957-70         John and Joan (Hammond) Burn-Murdoch





1922-60         George and Elena (Leith-Ross) Graham-Smith

1955               John and Edith Spencer (no information)


In 1966 Forvie was divided into two flats.



Red Cross Farm, later Red Cross Cottage


1891               Noah and Sarah (Carse) Webb with children

1901               William and Martha (Elsom) Mansfield with children

1911-23         John and Emily (Woor) Palmer with children

1926-41         Joseph and Dorothy (Hayden) Wells

1945               Francis and Lily (Porter) Harrington

1950               Wilfred and Cissie (Garner) Pierson

1955               John and Margaret Stanley (no information)



Hills Cross


1928-59         Hugh Watson

1950-55         George and Mabel (Dyson) Cheason with sister Miss Ethel Dyson

1962-69         Frank and Elisabeth (Willink) Bell



Red Cross House, White House


1891-1926     William and Eleanor (Boning) Vawser with William's children

1927-30         Edmund and Martha (Spratt) Saunders with daughter Miss Dorothy Saunders

1930-31         Ronald and Kate (Walmsley) Tims

1934-39         Mrs Frances (Wanless) Kerner Greenwood



St Anne's House (built on the site of White House), now the Bell School


1940-60         Mrs Frances (Wanless) Kerner Greenwood with mother Mrs Lizzie (Rye) Wanless



White House Lodge, St Anne's Lodge, The Lodge


1928-31         Robert and Martha (Hosler) Wayman

1934-39         Ernest and Emma Hale

1945-60         Ernest and Nellie (Nash) Reed with daughters

1960-62         John and Ann (Pryor) Lennox Cook

1964-70         Private



St Anne's Cottage


1945               Herbert and Winifred (Good) Roberts

1950               Alfred and Muriel (Reed) Brace





Before 1934 these houses had addresses in Hills Road.


2 Babraham Road



1929-58         Miss Elizabeth Quinney with brother Harry Quinney and mother Mrs Sarah (White) Quinney



4 Babraham Road



1930-59         Reginald and Mona (Hill) Appleton with parents Joseph and Mary (Cooke) Hill

1960               Unoccupied

1964-80         Walpole and Marion (Cumming) Lewin



6 Babraham Road

Grosvenor Lodge

1930-39         Harry and Christina (Young) Nichols

1948-69         Max and Sylvia (Miller) Robinson with father Herbert Robinson and mother Mrs Hannah (Scales) Miller



8 Babraham Road



1935-76         Mrs Joyce (Fricker) Oakeshott with mother Mrs Lena (Bockett) Fricker and sister Mrs Barbara (Fricker) Oakeshott

1955-70         Ian and Ailsa (MacQueen) Proudman



10 Babraham Road

Thaxted Lodge


1939-50         Fraser and Marjorie (Tyler) MacDonald

1968-74         Cecil and Winifred (Buxton) Manning



12 Babraham Road


1955-70         Eric and Gladys (Holt) Wright



14 Babraham Road


1957-66         Arthur and Joyce (Wing) Layton

1966-70         Roger Todd




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