A.   Much more information about these houses, and many (but by no means all) of the people listed, can be found in “Rus in Urbe”, by Jane M Renfrew, Magnus A Renfrew and John K Rose, published by Solachra, Cambridge, in 1996. 


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1 Latham Road

Strathmore, Douglas Bank


1913-22         Alexander and Annie (Bartholomew) Macintosh with children

1924-35         Geoffrey and Inda (Sedgwick) Morris      

1930-35         Miss Florence Arbon [parlourmaid]

1934-35         Miss Doris Searle [cook]

1946-51         William and Mabel (Eardley) Nicholes    

1949-51         John and Sylvia (Nicholes) Dulley (daughter of William and Mabel)

1946-48         Mrs Alison (Elias) Hollick   

1946-47         Miss Frances Roseveare   

1948-49         John and Dorothea (Rodwell) Bourdillon

1950-55         Miss Iris Martindale

1952-55         Mrs Freda (Martindale) Milliken (Iris’ sister)


Flat 1, 1 Latham Road


1952-56         William and Anne (Appleton) Lidbury      


Flat 2, 1 Latham Road


1955               Albert and Molly (Merry) Pilsworth                       

1956-57         Miss Iris Martindale

1956-57         Mrs Freda (Martindale) Milliken (Iris’ sister)       


Flat 3, 1 Latham Road


1953-56         John and Athene Withycombe     

1957               Archibald and Marjorie (Ayer) Sidders                


Flat 4, 1 Latham Road


1955-56         Archibald and Marjorie (Ayer) Sidders    

1963-66         Mrs Stella (Brawn) Rothery           


Flat 5, 1 Latham Road


1957-65         Joan Waldron (no information)


Flat 6, 1 Latham Road


1957-70         Margaret Thorburn (no information)

1957-65         Miss Cynthia Nicoll


1a Latham Road



1946-71         Alfred and Ethel (Dyer) Lucas-Smith      



2 Latham Road

Nurseries, Latham End, The Pink House


1824-61         Michael and Maria Brewer with children

1871-91         George and Catherine (Littlechild) Willers with children and sister Miss Mary Littlechild

1871-1915     George H and Alice (Lawrence) Willers (son of George and Catherine) with daughter Miss Kitty Willers

1916-37         Arthur and Mary (Willers) Stallan (daughter of George and Catherine)

1939-57         William and Adele (Ogilvy) Guthrie with daughter Miss Anne Guthrie

1958-70         Arthur and Edith (Eccleston) Hunt



3 Latham Road



1914-22         Alfred and Mabel (Rumsey) Bartlett         

1923-30         Alfred and Dorothy (Reed) Bartlett           

1931-71         Frederick Caröe      



4 Latham Road


1938-70         Reuben and Nesta (Jones) Heffer

1945-46         George and Brita (Tragardh) Angeloglou



5 Latham Road



1925-53         Percy and Louisa (Bester) Johnson with daughter Miss Margaret Johnson

1930               Miss Helen Burling [cook] with Miss Maud Burling [parlourmaid]

1939-48         Miss Eleanor Acker (in 1948 Mrs Eleanor Stallabrass and husband Andrew Stallabrass) [cook]

1954-78         John and Marguerite (Harvey) Green     



7 Latham Road



1925-75         Conrad and Mary (Polkinghorne) Skinner with daughter Miss Rosemary Skinner

1945-46         Richard and Rosemary (Skinner) Crossley-Holland (daughter of Conrad and Mary)



8 Latham Road



1880-1902     Henry Latham          

1901               Edward Latham (Henry’s brother)

1881-1901     Miss Emma Ball [housekeeper, cook]

1881-1901     Miss Sarah Drury [housemaid] with niece Miss Hilda Drury [underhousemaid]

1881               Miss Ann Cowles [under housemaid] with brother James Cowles [coachman]

1881               Albert Pamplin [footman]

1881               Miss Eliza White [kitchenmaid]

1891               John Forbes [footman]

1903-07         Lothar and Victoria (Buxton) de Bunsen with children

1911-12         Frederick and Mary (Randall) Hatch with children

1911               Miss Rachel Carter [cook]

1913-15         Charles and Josephine (Wolf) Wolf with Josephine’s Tallerman children

1919-20         Prince Albert and Prince Henry

1919-20         Louis and Phyllis (Scrimgeour) Greig

1924-38         Harold and Ethel (Baber) Churchill with children

1939-48         Hans and Margarete (Bondi) Schlossmann with children

1939               Herbert and Maria (Schroder) Eckstein              


In 1949 the University bought Southacre and converted the main house into 5 flats. Flats 6 to 17 were built in the garden of Southacre in 1951 – see Southacre Drive on the page with Chaucer Road.


Southacre House was demolished in 1989 and replaced by the Southacre Park development in Southacre Drive.


Flat 1, 8 Latham Road


1952               Peter and Evelyn (Nutt) Ackroyd              

1953               Sydney and Edith (Anthony) Checkland            

1955               William and Aenea (McCallum) Allen                  

1957               Lucjan and Diana (Nixon) Lewitter                       


Flat 2, 8 Latham Road


1950               Oscar and Mary Buneman            

1952               Malcolm Boston                  

1953               Frederick and Mair (Jones) Spratling                  

1954               Alexander and Olive (Hunter) Nicol                     

1955               Christopher and Mary (Hall) Cheney                  

1956               Leslie and Annie (Dyson) Jaeger             

1959               Walter and Kathleen (MacPherson) Grave                    


Flat 3, 8 Latham Road


1950               Arthur and Edith (Eccleston) Hunt           

1953-54         Hugh and Anna (Harris) McCleery           

1955               Timothy and Claire (Goldingham) Glover           

1957               James and Megan (Jones) Prentis                      


Flat 4, 8 Latham Road


1952               Peter and Gunvor (Hellgren) Brand                     

1953               Edwin and Winona (Relyea) Pulleyblank           

1956               Gabriel (later Sir Gabriel) and Ann (Soper) Horn                      


Flat 5, 8 Latham Road


1950               Albert and Valerie (Dees) Townsend                  

1952               Basil and Margaret (Rigg) Herbertson                



8a Latham Road

Southacre Lodge


1881-1901     Henry and Fanny (Elwood) Cowles         

1904-11         Wilfred and Jane (Radford) Blows with children

1915-24         William and Annie (Musselwhite) Humphries    

1926-30         Mrs Rose (Withers) Driver

1931               Alfred and Marjorie (Bolt) Dixon

1933-35         Edgar and Margaret (Hardy) Bate-Smith

1937-38         Frank and Alfreda (Hirst) Schofield         

1939               Anthony and Mary (Deane) Weston-Webb                    

1945-70         Mrs Nora (Smithers) Connor with daughter Mrs Noreen (Connor) Campbell

1945-48         Mrs Nora (Duncan) Reeve

1949-52         Miss Ethel Bowers [servant]



9 Latham Road



1926-39         Harold and Ada (Burrow) Bailey

1930-39         Mrs Bessie (Stubbings) Challis [housekeeper]

1934-39         Miss Ruby Burling [parlourmaid]

1945-48         Gerald Fitzgerald    

1948               Geoffrey and Rosamond (Clifford) Fairbairn                  

1949-58         Hans and Margarete (Bondi) Schlossmann with children

1959-64         Thomas and Freda (Barrington) Bird       

1965-81         Mrs Celia (Paget) Goodman


The Flat, 9 Latham Road


1956-57         James and Marietta (Wolf-Ferrari) Lund



10 Latham Road

Strathmore, Nandour, Niddrys, Niddryswynd


1904-12         Alexander and Annie (Bartholomew) Macintosh with children

1913-24         Henry and Gladys (Whymper) Jackson  

1925-52         Charles and Eleanor (Moffat) Inglis with children

1950-64         Mrs Rosemary (Inglis) Schofield (daughter of Charles and Eleanor)


Flat 2, 10 Latham Road


1965-70         Mrs Rosemary (Inglis) Schofield (daughter of Charles and Eleanor)



11 Latham Road



1931-36         Harry and Martha (Tetlow) Brownsword 

1938               Bruce and Marjorie (Rundle) Caswell

1939               Kenneth and Jean (Beaven) Gaskell                  

1945-56         Mrs Martha (Tetlow) Brownsword with sisters Miss Mary Tetlow and Miss Margaret Tetlow

1945-56         Miss Margaret Lewis [servant]

1957-61         Hugh and Margaret (Jolly) Davis 

1962-70         William and Betty (Smart) Elliott   



12 Latham Road

King’s Croft


1911-39         Kingsbury and Mary (Dysart) Jameson   

1934-36         Guy and Florence (Eames) Dent 

1937-49         Anthony and Eileen (Johnson) Steel       

1945-46         Miss Ethel Bowers   [servant]

1950-62         Ronald and Frances (Steel) Henderson 

1963-70         William and Valerie (Kenyon) Chivers    



13 Latham Road

Leys House


1951-70         Thomas and Joan (Whitchurch) Hayward          



14 Latham Road



1910-30         Ralph and Eleanor (Heale) Goodchild with daughters

1931-49         Archibald and Violet (Beadon) Campbell with children

1935-39         Miss Winifred Burgess [servant]

1950               Michael and Joan (Hamilton) Ramsey                

1951-64         George and Mary (Williams) Keates        

1951-53         John and Jane (Wood) Bradfield 

1954               Alan and Marion (Mathieu) MacDiarmid             

1969-70         Oliver and Charlotte (Alexander) Carey  



15 Latham Road

Whitsunden, Fearnoch, Rosings


1912-21         Herbert and Edith (Boxwell) Lewin          

1924-47         John and Alexa (Russell) Wallace

1934               Miss Dora Burbridge [cook]

1934-38         Miss Ellen Jefferson

1940-48         Daniel Fernandez-Shaw   

1948-61         Mrs Janet (Miller) Henderson with son Ronald Henderson

1951-62         William and Jean (Dempster) Peppercorn         

1963-68         George and Charlotte (Cook) Olive         



16 Latham Road


1935-48         Miss Marjory Stephenson

1935-36         John and Emily (Himmelveit) Yudkin      

1939               Jonathan and Isobel Sinclair                    

1946-48         Mrs Caroline (Parker) Mitchley [cook]

1949               John and Margaret (Lapping) Garraway             

1951               Joseph and Angela (Buckley) Cooke-Hurle                   

1952-70         Laszlo and Rachel (Wallis) Rostas          



17 Latham Road

Marienhaus, Faraway


1911-32         Sydney and Mary (Routh) Cole    

1933-67         Ernest and Ada (Ginn) Vinter with children

1936-38         Miss Winifred Purkiss [servant]



19 Latham Road

River Farm


1836-59         Lilley Edleston with sisters Miss Martha Edleston and Miss Sarah Edleston

1859-91         Thomas Bland         

1861-63         John and Ann (Dring) Woods with children

1871-89         Mrs Isabella (Oldershaw) Paveley [housekeeper]

1881-91         Miss Emma Avis [servant]

1891               Miss Emily Arnold [servant]

1901-21         Alexander and Matilda (Lees) Towler with children and Matilda’s half-brother Sextus Lees with his mother Mary Lees

1921-32         Oswald and Bertha (Westrope) Duke with daughter Miss Mary Duke

1925-31         Alfred Erswell

1932-39         Job and Ethel (Cross) Webster

1944-70         Harold and Doris (Newman) Webster (son of Job and Ethel)



21 Latham Road

Mole End


1935-39         Harold and Doris (Newman) Webster (son of Job and Ethel)

1944-48         Job and Ethel (Cross) Webster

1948-50         George and Rosamond (Foster) Gough

1949-70         Leslie and Vivien (Horsey) Ashton


1 River Farm Cottages


1871-94         George and Tabitha (Long) Stevens with children

1871               Thomas and Mary Thorogood

1901               Charles and Harriet (Anderson) Abrahams with children

1906               David and Mary (Baker) Badcock with children

1911               James and Mary (Chapman) Leonard with children

1916-27         Arthur and Sarah (Baulk) Pearce

1928-37         Frederick and Florence (Mead) Rash (son of Thomas and Annie next door)

1938-57         Herbert and Hannah (Wilson) Saunders with children


2 River Farm Cottages


1871               James and Susan (Wright) Belverstone

1881-87         Thomas and Elizabeth Thorogood

1891               William and Charlotte (Alderton) Knights

1901-02         John and Mary (Molton) Marshall with daughter Miss Ida Marshall

1909-15         Walter and Blanche (Morley) Webb

1918-22         James and Ann (Wayman) Rollings with children

1923-39         Thomas and Annie (Baker) Rash

1945-48         William and Mercy (Turner) Owers with children

1949-65         William and Lily (Budden) Matthews






1 Latham Close

Farrell’s House


1962-75         Michael Farrell



2 Latham Close


1959-63         Philip (later Sir Philip) and Elizabeth (Harrison) Randle

1964-70         Geoffrey and Barbara (Traill) Kirk




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