(Previously known as New Road or Mill Road)


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1 Long Road



1922-25         George and Priscilla (Fisher) Banyard with daughter Marjorie Banyard and step-mother Mrs Ellen (Titus) Banyard

1927-39         George and Mary (Bradbury) Doggett with children

1945               Mrs Eleanor (Croggon) Strangeways

1948-70         Vernon and Anna (Wischin) Cosslett



3 Long Road

Dildawn (Woodlands in 1924-28, St Ronans in 1948-55)


1924-28         Thomas Porter with daughter Agnes Laurie Walker

1929-39         Miss Agnes Laurie Walker

1939               Nigel and Mimi (Whittaker) Fleming (Agnes Walker’s nephew)

1945-55         Mrs Ethel (Tomsett) Miller with daughter Mrs Rosa (Miller) Gunston and her sons

1957-60         Mrs A M Craft (no information)

1960-70         Edward and Mary (Evans) Larcombe



5 Long Road



1929-57         Albert and Ruby (Morris) Peake

1960-64         Mrs Johanne (Bondi) Schlossmann

1965-70         Thomas and Rose (Burdis) Howell



7 Long Road



1924-39         James and Margaret (Walker) Fleming

1943-45         Albert and Martha (Galway) Stephenson

1945               Harold and Madeleine (Symons) Robinson

1948-60         Charles and Nora (Stephenson) Corbetta (daughter of Albert and Martha)

1950               John and Ellen Pollock (no information)

1962-70         Private



9 Long Road

Holmhurst (Stotfield 1931-33)


1931-33         R G J Fraser (no information)

1934-48         Arthur and Mabel (Hall) Vawser

1945               Mrs Grace (Hazel) Wydell with husband’s uncle Sydney Wydell

1948-57         Maurice and Annie (Francis) Garratt

1960-62         Grenville and Jessie (Duncan) Burton

1964               Charles and Mary (Waller) Wroth

1965-70         Noel and Gwladys (Jones) Odell



11 Long Road



1925-34         Arthur and Florence (Hobbs) Clark with daughter Dorothy Clark

1935-56         Miss Florence Curtis

1960-70         John and Marian (Gotobed) Bunton



13 Long Road



1924-35         John and Edith (Hunt) Lamb with children

1936-70         Charles and Susan (Collie) Benstead



15 Long Road



1931-70         Percy and Kathleen (Henbest) Hall with daughter Miss Kathleen Hall



17 Long Road

Pine Gates


1933-55         Arthur and Rosina (Sacre) Emburey with son Arthur Emburey

1957-70         Ernest and Nancy (Stuckey) Lapwood with mother Mrs Rose (Allen) Lapwood



19 Long Road

Malvern House


1937-50         Frederick and May (Edwards) Kidman

1955-90         Leslie and Helene (Cunnington) Rich 18974



37 Long Road


1955-70         Cyril and Evelyn (Hammond) Eastwood



39 Long Road


1955-70         Donald and Beryl (Bull) Hubbard



41 Long Road


1955-75         Harold and Muriel (Cumberland) Bingley



43 Long Road


1955-70         Kenneth and Mavis (Morton) Johnston



45 Long Road


1957-68         Herbert and Dorothy (Bryant) Tongue



47 Long Road


1955-57         George and Margaret (Hayles) Ellwood

1960               George and Winifred (Beauchamp) Cortis

1960               John and Eleanor Humphreys (no information)

1966               Edward and Kathleen (Maloney) Rhodes



49 Long Road


1955-62         Colonel Sydney N and Ann Hill (no information)

1964-70         Reginald and Margaret (Stenhouse) Dean



51 Long Road


1955-88         Fred and Mary (Alder) Keys



71 Long Road


1960-70         Geoffrey and Adrienne (Waters) Box



73 Long Road


1960-70         Private



75 Long Road


1963-70         Brian and Evelyn (Doubble) Downs



77 Long Road


1964-66         John and Dorothy (Trappe) Money



79 Long Road


1962-64         Edwin and Dorothy (Jeeves) Dobbs

1965-66         Private



81 Long Road


1962-69         Charles and Margaret (Morgan) Beresford-Knox



83 Long Road


1962-65         Howard and Cathryn (Press) Rosenbrock with father William Press

1968-75         Ralph and Margaret (Renwick) Greenslade



85 Long Road


1962-70         Private



87 Long Road (77 Long Road 1960-61)


1960-70         George and Ethel (Vincent) Porter with mother Miss Edith Vincent



89 Long Road (79 Long Road 1959-61)


1959-70         Frederick and Jean (Constable) Gimbert



91 Long Road (81 Long Road 1959-61)


1959-65         Frederick and Joan (Barnes) Robinson



93 Long Road


1962-70         Gordon and Pauline (Brown) Laurie



95 Long Road


1962-70         Charles and Doris (Pinder) Kidman



97 Long Road


1962-70         Walter and Mary (Knapp) Ullmann



Trinity Farm (or Arnolds Farm)


103 Long Road

Trinity Farmhouse


1881               John and Catherine (Austin) Careless with children

1891               Joe and Martha (Saunders) Wilson with children

1901               Daniel and Elizabeth (Murden) Shepherd with children

1911               Patrick and Alice (Brown) Arnold with children

1923-39         Frank and Lilian Smith with Frank’s son Charles Smith

1939               Alfred Reynolds

1945-61         Ernest and Elsie (Moule) Spalding with son Donald Spalding


105 Long Road

Trinity Farm Cottages


1881               George and Mary (Brown) Garner with children

1891               William and Sarah (Barrett) Speed with children

1901               George and Lizzie (Woods) Webb with children

1911               Henry Lloyd

1920-27         Francis and Grace (Ward) Matthews

1929-35         Joseph and Lily Stevens (no information)

1936-37         Walter and Nellie (Stokes) Barr (sister of Esther next door)

1938-39         Frederick and Mary (Lee) Good

1945-46         Elias and Millicent (Kingerley) Hart

1947-62         Albert and Annie (Hodgson) Hayward with mother Mrs Ida (Rushbrooke) Hodgson


107 Long Road

Trinity Farm Cottages


1881               John and Mary (Hall) Ward

1891               William and Sarah (Blinker) Jaggard

1901-1912     Walter and Mary (Stigwood) Bass with children and mother Mrs Ann (Mingay) Stigwood

1920-21         William and Mary (Clements) Clutterham

1923-24         Lewis and Dorothy (Higgins) Low

1926-27         John Higgins (Dorothy Low’s brother)

1928-35         Frank and Helen (Farmer) Ellis

1935-36         Albert and Esther (Stokes) Marshall (sister of Nellie next door)

1937-63         Joseph and Gladys (Veal) Baker


(These three properties were all demolished in the 1960s to make way for the new Cambridge Telephone Exchange)



119 Long Road


1954-70         Horace and Alice (Goddard) Johnson with parents Fred and Adelaide (Taylor) Johnson



121 Long Road


1954-65         Charles and Gunvor (Hellgren) Brand

1967-68         Evelyn and Mary (Salter) Ebsworth



123 Long Road


1955-70         Alfred and Margaret (Walton) Maddock



125 Long Road


1954-70         Jeffery and Sheila (Beck) Switzer with mother Mrs Edith (Harrison) Beck



127a Long Road


1959-60         Robert and Shelagh (Sutton) Segall



Mill Cottages


127 Long Road

1 Mill Cottages


1861-1903     Alfred and Livesay (Nightingale) Moore with children

1861-1931     Miss Bertha Moore (daughter of Alfred and Livesay)

1934-57         Harry and Jane (Ling) Holden

1958-61         Valerie Worthington (no information)

1964               Private


129 Long Road

2 Mill Cottages


1861-79         Robert and Louisa (Venning) Mansfield

1881               George and Mary (Marshall) Barker

1891-1901     James and Elizabeth (Smith) Whiting with children

1907-22         Albert and Susannah (Wayman) Howard with children

1923-57         Eli and Elizabeth (Stearn) Northrop with daughter Frances Northrop

1962-70         Miss Helen Spencer-Booth


131 Long Road

3 Mill Cottages


1861-71         Charles and Mary (Wilson) Wilson with children

1881               Robert and Sarah (Parker) Webb with children

1889-91         Francis and Eliza (Stearn) Mynott with children

1901               Robert and Lily (Parker) Haslop with son Ernest Haslop

1906-11         Percy and Eliza (Howard) Chamberlain with children

1921-22         Sidney and Mary Wisbey

1923-52         George and Agnes (Norman) Buttress with children

1953-56         Ben and Minnie (Goldberg) Mendelssohn


133 Long Road

4 Mill Cottages


1861-1916     William and Harriet (Andrews) Carter with children

1955-66         Miss Hilda Gurry



Behind Mill Cottages


(These two cottages were demolished between 1891 and 1901)


1861               Thomas and Mary (Brown) Peters

1871-81         James and Sarah (Utteridge) Tyler with children


1871-91         Cornelius and Sarah (Barker) Careless with children








2 Long Road



1922-24         Wilfred and Mary (Taylor) Gait

1927-35         Benedict and Henrietta (Bennett) Jones

1929-31         Miss Edith Hayward

1936-37         Rudolf (later Sir Rudolf) and Eugenia (Kannegiesser) Peierls

1938-39         Mrs Cecil (Lascelles) Waddington

1945-70         David and Catherine (Fischmann) Shoenberg



4 Long Road

The Coppice


1926-48         George and Phyllis (French) Banyard with step-mother Mrs Ellen (Titus) Banyard

1950-65         Ralph and Phyllis (Acaster) Thompson with daughter Miss Sheila Thompson



6 Long Road



1935-39         Leslie and Constance (James) Slater

1945-70         Sidney and Kathleen (Bidwell) Rolfe



8 Long Road


1957-65         Francis and Dorothy (Ost) Edmonds



10 Long Road

Tree Tops


1955-70         Clifford and Sarah (Chivers) Caple with mother Mrs Lizzie (Tossell) Chivers



18 Long Road


1960-70         Jack and Kathleen (Pugh) Baldry



20 Long Road

Oak House


1931-37         Charles and Rosita (Boult) Rodewald

1938-48         Charles and Marjorie (Templer) Townley

1939               Miss Daisy Alsop [cook]

1950               George and Joan Warner (no information)

1957               Jack and Frances (Logie) Schulman

1960-70         Alexander and Margaretta (Blakeston) Playfair



22 Long Road



1931-34         Thomas and Winifred (Hutcherson) Robinson

1931-34         Bernard and Evelyn (Davies) Fox

1936-39         Guy and Eileen (Lindsay) Dale

1939               George and Elizabeth (Whale) Hobbs

1940-69         Guy and Sylvia (Cowan) Dale



Downing College Athletics Ground


1935-58         Albert and Winifred (Brooks) Andrews

1959-69         Albert and Audrey (Lovell) Andrews

1945               Cyril and Sylvia (Mills) Moss



26 Long Road

The Spinney


1915-34         Dennis and Dorothy (Brooke) Ginn with children

1935-69         James and Hannah Grantham



28 Long Road



1928-33         Edward and Mary (Ronald) Lavender with children

1933-37         Alexander and Clara (Eisenstein) Goudy

1939-45         Charles and Velma (Price) Stanley

1945               Mrs May (James) Bunn-Graveling

1950-60         William and Marjorie (Shakerley) Storey with parents William and Ethel (Hoskin) Shakerley

1950               Geoffrey and Joan (Haley) Fenn

1965-70         Peter and Betty (Roxburgh) Chopping with mother Mrs Mabel (Scivier) Roxburgh



30 Long Road



1929-59         Rawlin Mallock

1945               George and Joyce (Capon) Ashdown

1960-79         James and Elaine (Lewis) O'Beirne-Ranelagh



32 Long Road

School Lodge, High School for Girls


1945               Walter and Elizabeth (Turner) Edwards

1948-64         Bertram and Elsie (Atkin) Cornwell

1966               Leonard and Ivy (Allen) Flack



Railway Crossing Gate House


1851-61         Francis and Mary Tyrrell with son Michael Tyrrell

1871-74         James and Maria (Talbot) Belch with children

1881               Edward and Eva (Hall) Covill with children

1891               Frederick and Alice (Talbot) Ferguson with children

1901               Frederick and Mary (Gedge) Silk

1911-1915     Andrew and Louisa (Potter) Rider with children

1920-22         Arthur and Jessie (Hammond) Scotcher

1923-32         Samuel and Sarah (Charter) Fairweather with son Albert Fairweather

1929-30         Mrs Ellen (Layfield) Mattison

1933-35         Ernest and Florence Smith (no information)


(This was demolished in 1936 when the level crossing on the London line was replaced by the present bridge)



Clay Farm Cottages


90 Long Road

3 Clay Farm Cottages


1848-61         Charles and Louisa (Tabram) Pamplin with children

1851               Samuel and Sarah Brooks

1871               George and Elizabeth (Carter) Boness with children

1881               Thomas and Mary (Harding) Collins

1890-1924     Eli and Elizabeth (Stearn) Northrop with children

1932-39         Henry and Mary (Thompson) Taylor with children

1948-49         Private

1950-51         Harry and Jean Pettitt (no information)

1953-60         Thomas and Margaret (Jones) Spring


92 Long Road

2 Clay Farm Cottages


1861               James and Martha Stallion

1861               John and Harriet (Wilson) Stallion (son of James and Martha) with son Joseph Stallion

1871-75         Peter and Susan (Sergeant) Boreham with children

1881               Abraham and Eliza (Jakins) Corn with children

1891               Charles and Ann (Manning) Still with children

1901               Arthur and Mary (Whiteman) Austin with children

1911-21         Alfred and Nellie (Webb) Howard

1924-26         Harry and Lily (Fuller) Warren

1927-31         Harry and Jane (Ling) Holden

1934-35         Alex and Ivy (Bowyer) Webb

1936-39         Charles and Gladys (Ison) Seekings

1939               William and Lily (Budden) Matthews

1945-46         Albert and Annie (Hodgson) Hayward

1945-48         Miss Ethel Rayner

1948-49         John and Laura (Blacktop) King

1950-53         Reginald and Winifred (Lay) Grainger


94 Long Road

1 Clay Farm Cottages


1861               Joseph and Sarah (Long) Parker with children

1871-73         William and Mary (Scarrow) Gilbert with children

1881               (uninhabited)

1891               James and Sarah (Willson) Gillson with daughter Rose Gillson

1898-1931     John and Annie (Woodley) Flack

1932-37         Sidney and Flora (Jacklin) Moule

1938               Harry and Gertrude (Taylor) Scotcher with son Dennis Scotcher

1939               John and Laura (Taylor) Cousins

1945               William and Annie (Mortlock) Taylor

1949-52         Gordon Mawby (no information)

1953-57         Edward and Edith Plumb (no information)

1958-66         Stanley and Violet (Carrier) Prime



96 Long Road

Clay Farm (or Dukes Farm, or Manor Farm, or Cawcutts Farm)


1843-56         Frederick and Hannah (Burrows) Cawcutt with children

1857-61         Frederick and Jane (Downton) Cawcutt with children

1871               William and Sophia (Fyson) Masters

1880-91         Alfred and Caroline (Bacon) Oakey with children

1901-31         George and Elizabeth (Jarman) Duke

1911               Alfred Erswell

1932-70         Reginald and Margaret (Wright) Cornwell with parents Robert and Rachael (Cook) Cornwell

1938               Miss Agnes Hart [cook]

1939               Elias and Millicent (Kingerley) Hart [chauffeur gardener] (Agnes’ brother)



98 Long Road

Via Cottage


1933-58         Sydney and Mary (Routh) Cole

1934-37         Miss Maud Fermor [cook]

1934-57         Minnie Brown (no information)

1959-70         John and Evie (Gosling) Agelasto



100 Long Road


1949-70         John (later Sir John, then Baron Baker of Windrush) and Fiona (Walker) Baker



102 Long Road



1936-67         Ernest and Rachel (Hall) Saville Peck with children

1945-64         Miss Doris Price



104 Long Road



1938-68         George and Hilda (Pritchett) Roe with mother Mrs Edith (Green) Pritchett

1939               William and Edith (George) Kendall



106 Long Road



1945-58         Arthur and Eileen (Barrett) Banks

1960-70         Mrs Ida (Hiam) Wilson



108 Long Road



1937-70         Herbert and Hilda (Wright) Johnson with son Ben Johnson





All Private (from 1968 onwards), with the following exceptions:


3 Gilmerton Court


1968-70         Dathan and Kathleen (Bird) Dear


4 Gilmerton Court


1968               Onissim and Rebekka Burawoy

1970               Harold and Patricia (Rea) McBain


8 Gilmerton Court


1968               Raymond and Jill (Slator) Stokoe

1969-70         Eric and Winifred (Pauley) Mulley


9 Gilmerton Court


1968-70         Herbert and Betty (Skinner) Perkins


10 Gilmerton Court


1968-70         Russell and Edna (Fitch) George


17 Gilmerton Court


1969               Kenneth and Valerie (Driver) Knights


21 Gilmerton Court


1970-87         Frederick and Robina (McCue) Hopper


23 Gilmerton Court


1969-70         Gordon and Dinah (Throssell) Laing


38 Gilmerton Court


1970-77         John and Gwendolen (Parson) Alexander







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