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The boundary of the ancient parish of Trumpington ran along the centre of Hills Road from Purbeck Road to the modern City boundary south of Addenbrooke's Hospital.  The area north of Long Road was moved into Cambridge in 1912, and the area to the south (along with most of the rest of the village) in 1934.  So Luard Road was historically within the parish.



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1 Luard Road



1911-19         Robert and Helen (Muir) Whipple with children

1919-64         Sir John and Frances (Goulder) Hammond with children

1950-70         Christopher Hammond (son of John and Frances)



2 Luard Road

St Maergene, Luard Lodge


1913-15         Otto and Mary Ann (Wehrle) Wehrle       

1919-27         William and Florence (Warwick) Watts    

1930-39         Cecil and Margaret (Aldridge) Rumsey with son Aldridge Rumsey and sister Miss Elsie Aldridge

1945               Walter and Constance (Parnell) Whittle

1948-63         Albert and Louisa (Cleaverley) Dunstan with daughter Miss Helena Dunstan

1966-69         Peter and Antonia (Conan-Davies) Knowlson



3 Luard Road



1911-29         Malcolm and Margaret (Amery) Simpson

1930-48         Ralph and Alice (Hoare) Williamson       

1950-62         Miss Ailsa Allan

1964-82         Henry and Hilda (Blows) Edwards


4 Luard Road



1913-15         George and Emily (Sanders) Green        

1919-23         George and Frances (Taylor) Glenny     

1924-31         George and Edith (Grey) Gill        

1930               Miss Minnie Shipp              

1932-49         Ralph and Gertrude (Mansfield) Moore with daughter Miss Margaret Moore

1950-70         Ralph and Ellen (Rogers) Moore



5 Luard Road

Dysart House, Wivelingham


1911-21         Sir German and Harriett (Yates) Woodhead      

1922-25         Frank Balfour Browne                                

1927-39         John and Kathleen (Spicer) Few with children


From 1948 onwards 5 Luard Road was a Homerton College hostel.



6 Luard Road



1911-39         Alfred and Hannah (Simmonds) Chapple with children and mother Mrs Hannah (Tyson) Simmonds

1939               Mrs Emily (Wilkinson) Pamplin

1939               Mrs Marjorie (Ellison) Knight

1945-70         Alfred and Fanny (Wilson) Woodard with daughter Miss Joan Woodard



8 Luard Road

Carnfield, The Ross


1913-19         Henry and Ethel (Vinter) Bishop  

1919-32         Walter and Ida (Wilkinson) Pamplin with children

1933-57         George and Nora (Burman) Briggs with son Peter Briggs

1960               Renford and Moira (Mahoney) Bambrough



9 Luard Road

Red House, Halfway House, Newlands


1911-15         Thomas and Emily (Beck) Pigg-Strangeways   

1919-20         Walter and Constance (Westlake) Bell   

1923               William Woodward (no information)

1924-55         John and Alice (Tizard) Pretty

1944-55         John and Fanny (Tizard) Allman (Alice's sister) with daughter Miss Sylvia Allman

1957-70         Frederick and Mary (Thomas) Stanbury 



10 Luard Road


1960-70         George and Nora (Burman) Briggs          



11 Luard Road



1919-61         John and Annie (Northrop) Smyth with children

1945-62         John and Vera Smyth (son of John and Annie)

1964-70         Donald and Lorna (Thacker) Chalmers



12 Luard Road

Newton House


1924-85         Robert and Esther (Johnson) Perry with daughter Miss Clara Perry and Mrs Cassie (Laws) Shrive (Esther's daughter)



15 Luard Road

Norland House


1927-28         Miss Ethel Cabread Jones

1929-58         Miss Maggie Brown

1960-66         Alan (later Sir Alan) and Jean (Harber) Cottrell

1966-70         Arthur and Vivien (Gordon-Dawson) Davidson



16 Luard Road

Jones' Farm, Trinity Farm


Before the building of Luard Road the farm was accessed directly from Hills Road.


1877-81         Thomas and Martha (Nutland) Baish

1891               Henry and Mary (Sims) Dean

1891               William and Ellen (Morley) Dean (son of Henry and Mary) with son Richard Dean

1901               Joseph and Emily (Clark) Oakman with children

1911-37         Harry and Ellen (Swann) Marshall with children


Trinity Farm was demolished in 1938


Jones' Farm Cottage, Trinity Farm Cottage


1889-1901     William and Hannah (Eagling) Marshall with children

1911-15         Arthur and Irene (Anderson) Cole



17 Luard Road

The Nook


1927-33         Herbert Verrinder with daughter Miss Gwendoline Verrinder

1933-46         Mrs Edith (Osborn) Barber with brother Edward Osborn and brother in law Edward Barber

1948-63         Ernest and Gladys (Asplin) Edgley

1966-69         John and Mary (Marshall) Freeborn        



18 Luard Road

Tree Tops


1928-60         Ralph and Olive (Ripley) Verrinder (son of Herbert and Ethel at 17 Luard Road)

1960-70         Walter and Kathleen (MacPherson) Grave



19 Luard Road



1926-36         Mrs Catherine (Ivatt) Chivers       

1938-39         Marcus and Laura (Lonsdale) Cassels   

1945               Rex and Florence (Boake) Broughton

1948-78         John and Ethel (Clark) Bown        



20 Luard Road



1928-52         Albert and Ada (Wicks) Burn with children

1955-60         Miss Alice Battensby

1964-70         Leslie and Kathleen (Porter) Benten



21 Luard Road



1926-36         Mrs Rebecca (Chivers) Rhodes with son Eric Rhodes

1937-50         George and Kate (Goddard) Elliot with father Fred Goddard

1945               Gerald and Greta (Parkes) Bulmer

1945               Horace and Elsie (Hughes) Taylor

1955-62         Miss Elsie Smout with sister Miss Edna Smout and brother Eric Smout

1964-69         Hubert and Ena (Kitching) Lovelace



22 Luard Road



1929-33         Kenneth and Ena (Bailey) Webb  

1934-39         Miss Alice Bishop

1939               Bentinck and Frances (Taylor) Doyle



23 Luard Road



1927               Gerald and Mary (Willson) French

1930               Alfred and Rosa (Weber) Wehrle

1934-37         Philip and Phyllis (Tyte) Dee         

1939               Edmund and Kathleen (Slater) Jordan

1945-60         Walter and Jane (Halfpenny) Smith with daughter Miss Ethel Smith

1955-60         Miss Alfthryth Wyatt



24 Luard Road



1934-48         Arthur and Kate (Webb) Cook with children

1957-70         Mrs Maggie (Brooks) Staniforth   



25 Luard Road



1929-48         Miss Elsie Watchorn with parents Alfred and Eliza (Hills) Watchorn

1955-70         Ernest and Eiry (Jones) Gale        



27 Luard Road



1930-55         Alfred and Sarah (Whitehead) Cross with daughter Miss Margaret Cross

1957-64         John and Joan (Buttress) Rea Poole      

1966-70         James and Jane (Wallace) Parnaby


29 Luard Road



1928-38         Miss Annie Macarthur        

1939-57         Robert and Edith (Baxendale) Mayall with son Kenneth Mayall

1960-66         Roland and Dorothy (Canning) Seddon



31 Luard Road



1930-39         Joseph and Ethel (Smith) Bayley with son Harold Bayley

1948-57         William and Hilda (Coxall) Doe     



33 Luard Road



1930-70         Frank and Florence (Sowter) Jackson    



35 Luard Road


1938-50         Harold and Elizabeth (Dummett) Wager with mother Mrs Gertrude (Higgins) Dummett

1955-70         Miss Katharine Coke







1 Luard Close


1955-70         Dennis and Dorothy (Warren) Green



2 Luard Close


1960-70         Richard and Veronica (Winfield) Glauert


3 Luard Close


1955-70         Ian and Constance (Senior) Cassels



4 Luard Close


1955-69         Alan and Iris (Pepper) Owen



5 Luard Close


1955-70         Private



6 Luard Close


1957-70         Vivian and Laura (Grunstein) Gaster with daughter Miss Elizabeth Gaster



7 Luard Close


1955-70         John and Jane (Wood) Bradfield





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