MARIS LANE (including Anstey Hall)


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Church Farm (or Maris Farm, Home Farm, Church House, now Maris House), Maris Lane


1765-1780     John and Elizabeth (Stacey) Maris with children

1781-1814     John and Mary (Collier) Maris with children

1788-1850     John and Mary Maris (Son of John and Elizabeth)

1791-1867     John Maris with sister Miss Sarah Maris (children of John and Mary)

1871-81         Martin Slater

1871-81         Mrs Emma (Rudd) Smith [housekeeper]

1871               Miss Elizabeth Hart

1881               Miss Avis Hart (Elizabeth’s half-sister)

1891-1915     William Martin with sister Miss Mary Martin

1920-31         Frank and Alice (Fletcher) Tebbit

1929-31         Miss Mary Ward [servant]

1934-37         Percy and Gertrude (Scriven) Heley with daughter Miss Margaret Heley

1934               Walter and Gladys (Sykes) Flood

1935-37         Horace and Daisy (Smith) Handley

1938-46         John and Hester (Peile) Kempthorne

1938-46         Miss Ethel Burns [servant]

1938-39         Miss Maud Fermor [cook]

1939               Miss Marjorie Hyslop

1947-56         Francis and Lilian (Malins) Thomson with parents Alfred and Annie (Lawler) Malins

1948               Anthony and Leslie (Gilbert) Cocke

1951               Peter and Ivy (Skinner) Kent

1957-60         Richard and Joan (Richardson) Wardill

1961-70         Philip and Vanessa (Milles) Gibbons





1 Plant Breeding Institute, Maris Lane


1954-66         Ernest and Joan (Lofts) Cook



2 Plant Breeding Institute, Maris Lane


1955-59         Reuben and Ada (Taylor) Watts

1960-66         Leslie and Ruth (Plumb) Jacobs



Anstey Hall, Maris Lane

1841-51         Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Finch) Foster

1861-62         Henry and Frances (Pemberton) Pemberton with son Arthur Pemberton, also Henry’s mother Mrs Charlotte (Pemberton) Hodgson and her grandson Francis Hodgson

1871-81         Ebenezer B and Mary (Smith) Foster (grandson of Ebenezer and Elizabeth)

1880-1901     Thomas Harrington [butler]

1881               Mrs Rachel (Sabin) Freake [ladys maid]

1881               Hubert Saumarez Smith with sister Miss Mabel Saumarez Smith

1911-36         George and Grace (Foster) Foster with children

1911-19         Miss Helen Hanson

1911               Miss Isabella Raeburn [servant]

1929-30         William Preston



Anstey Lodge, Maris Lane


1874-81         Henry and Ann (Ilett) Peters with children

1891-1901     Henry and Ellen (Wedlake) Haslop with children

1911-63         Thomas and Alice (Seymour) Stearn and children with mother Mrs Ellen (Bullman) Seymour

1926-31         Robert and Annie (Frost) Harris

1935-36         Walter and Kathleen (Church) Pickering



Anstey Hall Gardeners Cottage, Maris Lane


1881-1886     Charles and Elizabeth (James) Forbes with children

1887-1901     Charles and Rachel (Sabin) Forbes with Charles’ children

1911-21         John and Marian (Graves) Cousins

1913-15         James and Elizabeth (Ashby) Chapman



1 Anstey Hall Camp, Maris Lane


1949               William and Caroline Reid (no information)


2 Anstey Hall Camp, Maris Lane


1949               Duncan and June (Pilbeam) McLachlan




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