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1 Apple Court


1959-63         Ralph and Eleanor Ince     



2 Apple Court


1960-66         Lady Grace (Stagg) Briscoe          

1967-70         Fritz and Emmie (Taylor) Kendall



3 Apple Court


1959-60         Eric and Olwen (Carter) Bradbury

1961-64         Ernest Speakman   



4 Apple Court


1959-67         Mrs Elisabeth (McCormick) Maskell        

1969-77         Mrs Johanne (Bondi) Schlossman          



5 Apple Court


1959-69         Mrs Doris (Higgins) Frowd



6 Apple Court


1959-70         Miss Ruth Newbery with mother Mrs Mary (Nichols) Newbery



7 Apple Court


1959-68         Eric and Hetty (Garland) Turner   



8 Apple Court


1959-70         Mrs Hilda (White) Pendlebury with daughter Miss Joan Pendlebury



9 Apple Court (from 1963 with 10 Apple Court)


1959-70         Private



11 Apple Court


1959-65         Sonia Mackay (no information)



12 Apple Court


1959-70         Sidney Payne



13 Apple Court


1959-70         Dorothy Noble (no information)



15 Apple Court


1959-67         Mrs Mona (Hill) Appleton   

1968-75         Malcolm Slater         



16 Apple Court


1959-60         Eva Smith (no information)

1961-69         Mrs Elizabeth (Dixon) Gates         



17 Apple Court


1959-61         Elizabeth Goldie-Smith (no information)

1962-64         Kenneth and Anne (Galvin) Knight          



18 Apple Court


1959-61         Ernest and Lydia (Fish) Speakman         

1961-62         Lady Dorothy (Bond) Barnes        

1963-64         Private

1965-67         Robert and Dorothy (Williams) Bingley   

1968-70         Frank and Betty Martin-Davies



19 Apple Court


1959-67         Percy and Hilda Morris (no information)



20 Apple Court


1959-70         Mrs Agnes (Cross) Kneese           



21 Apple Court


1959-67         Malcolm Slater         



22 Apple Court


1959-65         Private



23 Apple Court


1959-63         Kenneth and Eunice (Thompson) Twist  

1964-66         Fritz and Emmie (Taylor) Kendall



24 Apple Court


1959-65         Malcolm and Enid (Tinney) Boston          

1966-69         Hugh and Cecile (Haworth) Cameron







13 Newton Road


1962-70         Private



14 Newton Road



1901               John Gardiner with brother Arthur Gardiner

1911-42         Miss Maud Jenyns and Miss Ethel Jenyns (sisters)

1938-39         Mrs Caroline (Parker) Mitchley [cook]

1946-47         Ernest and Kathleen (Eyles) Gray

1947               Charles and Sonia (Bevan) Wentworth-Stanley            

1948-52         Mrs Diana (English) Cousens

1953-76         Mrs Irene (Hope) Law        

1953-67         Miss Daisy Alsop [cook]

1953-55         Miss Florence Arbon [servant]



15 Newton Road


1961-70         Private



16 Newton Road

Glanbarden, Penns


1901               Austin Keen with daughter Miss Charlotte Keen

1911-33         Mrs Frances (Webster) Hicks       

1934-50         Howard and Frances (Nicklin) Green      

1946-49         Henry and Alison (Milligan) Whiting        

1951-62         Frank and Queenie (Roth) Leavis


From 1965 16 Newton Road was divided into flats.



17 Newton Road


1955-66         Wilfred and Kathleen (Bancroft) Sandbach       

1967-70         Windsor and Phyllis (Harris) Lewis

1961-70         Private



18 Newton Road

Lawden Cottage, Walden Cottage


1915-28         James and Eliza (Shaw) Flather  

1930-35         Ernest and Rachel (Hall) Peck with children

1936-52         Robert and Margaret (Jotham) Gardner 

1939-45         Miss Winifred Flack

1950-52         Miss Marjorie Hyslop          

1953-70         Robert and Anne (Percy-Humphery) Rowell     

1956-68         Aubrey Maxwell       



19 Newton Road


1957-61         Private



20 Newton Road



1924-30         Philip and Emily (Varnham) Allin with children

1925-30         Mrs Ada (Allin) Cranfield (daughter of Philip and Emily)

1925-29         Harvey and Grace (Allin) Flack (daughter of Philip and Emily)

1933-35         Thomas and Amelia (Webb) Martin         

1935-46         Dudley and Olive (Golding) Staines        

1947-70         Cyril and Sybil (Robinson) Farris 



21 Newton Road

The Braids, Lyghe, Corrie


1907-28         William and Eva (Rayner) Hartree with children

1911               Miss Millicent Edwards [housemaid]

1915               Edwin and Constance (Scott) Collen                  

1930-55         George and Christine (Scruby) Bowes with Tyrrell and Josephine (Scruby) Orgill (Christine’s sister)

1930-35         Miss Helena Peters

1939               Miss Sylvia Wallman [cook]

1949-54         Miss Millicent Edwards [housemaid]

1955-56         Miss Sylvia Wallman

1957-70         James and Amelie (Loewenthal) Boyd11258



21a Newton Road


1962-64         Alan and Ruth (Deanesly) Parkes



22 Newton Road



1924-32         Miss Gladys Hodge

1933-63         Leslie and Rose (Snowman) Harris         

1934-39         Miss Nora Barnard 

1964-2000     Hermann and Benigna (Norman-Butler) Lehmann       



24 Newton Road

Newton Cottage


1927-39         Richard and Maud (Walkden) Bradbury 

1939-45         Alexander Parker

1939-45         Mrs Edith (Young) Bear with Cecil Parker (Alexander’s son)

1946-63         Basil Atkinson with sister Miss Aileen Atkinson

1946-63         Miss Esther Cornwell         

1964-89         Brian and Ann (Buckley) Deakin  



25 Newton Road



1911-27         Arthur and Evaline (Shipley) Hutchinson with children

1929-30         John and Lucy (Ridgeway) Venn 

1932-48         William and Margaret (Scott-Moncrieff) Bushell

1934               Miss Ena Hardy                   

1935-37         Miss Kathleen Hardy (Ena’s sister)

1939               Guy and Eileen (Warleigh) Lorimer                     

1945-48         Mrs Ethel (Lillywhite) Breton         

1945-46         Jack and Iris (White) Roderick     

1948               Basil and Eileen (Child) Haigh                 

1948-52         Miss Frances Roseveare   

1949-53         Vivian and Laura (Grunstein) Gaster with daughter Miss Elizabeth Gaster

1952               John Purdy

1954-70         Alan (later Sir Alan) and Marion (Rous) Hodgkin          



26 Newton Road


1930-85         Herbert and Geraldine (Ley) Adams        



28 Newton Road



1928-59         Sidney Smith with mother Mrs Annie (Hopkins) Smith and brother Charles Smith

1939-49         Miss Agnes Hart [cook]

1945-58         Gerald Fitzgerald    

1960-67         Richard and Katherine (Pass) Fortescue



30 Newton Road



1928-38         Charles and Aldyth (Robinson) Hore      

1939               Frederick and Mabel (Challis) Turner                 

1945-48         Arthur and Elsie Robinson (no information)

1949-70         John and Nora (Shallard) Ashmead        



32 Newton Road

Bayfield, Clayfield


1930-33         Arthur and Eunice (Stallan) Freestone   

1934-76         Mrs Mae Clay



34 Newton Road



1930-70         Miss Elizabeth Macleod with sister Miss Mary Macleod and mother Mrs Emily (Stevenson) Macleod

1935-36         Miss Helena Ellum [servant]

1936-37         Miss Annie Ellum (Helena’s sister)

1938-39         Miss Iris Cubitt [housemaid]



36 Newton Road

Gate Burton


1930-67         John and Kathleen (Hutton) Macintosh  

1967-2005     Tod and Beryl (Beswick) Lawry



38 Newton Road



1930-35         Mrs Ida (Muirhead) Saint with children

1936-70         John and Edith (Hunt) Lamb with children



40 Newton Road



1927-34         Henry and Ellen Bond (no information)

1935-39         William and Ellen (Curtis) Bain     

1939-45         Percy and Gertrude (Scriven) Heley with daughter Miss Margaret Heley

1946-68         Percy and Dorothy (Brooke) Heley          

1945-68         Miss Beatrice Green [cook]

1969-70         Benjamin and Joyce (Boon) Ginn (Dorothy Heley’s son)



41 Newton Road

El Rancho


1923-36         Hugh and Marguerite (Hearne) Thynne 

1938-39         Kenelm and Gwendolen (de Wolf) Murray         

1938-39         Miss Jessie Lander [servant]

1947-70         Claude and Phyllis (Fricker) Whittle        



42 Newton Road


1929-32         Mrs Hilda (Robertson) Nash with daughter Miss Rhona Nash

1933-39         Thomas and Elizabeth (Flynn) Moran     

1945-48         Muriel Cox (no information)

1949-63         Mrs Irene (Knight) Reynolds         

1964-68         David and Anne (West) Aldrich

1969-95         David and Choe (Brown) Paine



44 Newton Road

The Shack


1930-31         Mrs Kathleen (Dawson) Hawes   

1932-34         Herbert Whibley with daughter Mrs Dorothy (Whibley) Bedale

1935-39         Rex and Florence (Boake) Broughton

1945-55         Mrs Sofie (Baumann) Secretan with daughter Mrs Sylvia (Secretan) de Lisle

1965-2017     John and Gillian (Thomas) Beer  



46 Newton Road


1929-35         Robert and Margaret (Jotham) Gardner

1934-35         Miss Ethel Peters

1935-38         Lionel and Rosamund (Ashby) Priestman with son Bewley Priestman

1945               Mrs Dorothy (Brooke) Ginn

1947-51         Walter and Kathleen (MacPherson) Grave

1952-80         Stanley and Wilhelmina Bailey



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