(also known as North Terrace)



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1 North Cottages


1901-46         Arthur and Julia (Marshall) King with children

1946-70         Albert and Violet (King) Kenward (daughter of Arthur and Julia)



2 North Cottages


1901-15         George Marshall with daughter Georgina Marshall and grandson Gilbert Carter

1916-34         Miss Georgina Marshall (daughter of George)

1934-36         Walter and Dorothy (Dewsbery) Pratt

1937-39         Frederick and Mary (Watson) Page

1945-46         William and Violet (Marshall) Mortimer

1947-51         Henry and Violet (Willson) Chamberlain

1952-70         Miss Dorothy Chamberlain (Henry’s sister)


3 North Cottages


1901               Charles and Annie (Thomason) Seeby

1911-20         Frederick and Maud (Franklin) Marshall with children

1922-27         Charles Curtis (no information)

1929-32         Harold and Frances (Wilkins) Webb

1932-45         Albert and Violet (King) Kenward

1946-53         Walter and Vera (Carter) Chamberlain

1954-63         Private

1964               Bernard and Joan (Shubrook) Cunningham



4 North Cottages


1901               Unoccupied

1910-12         Percy and Sophia (Potter) Mansfield with children

1913-24         Henry and Edith (Ager) Dockerill with children

1925-52         Walter and Ethel (Burnage) Flack with son Jack Flack

1945-48         Jack and Muriel (Wynne) Flack (son of Walter and Ethel)

1953-68         William and Rose (Timm) Crisp



5 North Cottages


1901-11         John and Rececca (Twinn) Freestone with children

1913-20         Mrs Sarah (Bass) Aplin with son Gerald Aplin

1924-27         William and Gertrude (Sirett) Gray

1929-70         Edward and Lilian (Simpkin) Mayle

1945-48         Rupert Lougher



6 North Cottages


1895-1903     Albert and Sarah (Cray) George with daughter Hilda George and mother Mrs Elizabeth (Martin) Cray

1910-19         Michael and Mercy (Gillett) Metcalfe with children

1920-52         Percy and Mercy (Gillett) Chamberlain with children

1953-70         Aleksander and Gladys (Bussey) Jaroszewicz


7 North Cottages


1901-22         William and Mary (Bird) Pauley

1925-55         Frederick and Maud (Franklin) Marshall with children 

1957-61         Mervyn and Patricia (Sparks) Ward



8 North Cottages


1900-01         Charles and Sarah (Wells) Bavester

1911-14         James Marshall with children

1919-66         Rupert and Carrie (How) Carter with children




9 North Cottages


1901-09         Edward and Agnes (Short) Peters with children and brother George Short

1911-52         Joe and Elizabeth (Merry) Nightingale with children

1952-61         Arthur and Florence (Wraith) Hutt



10 North Cottages


1901-52         Arthur and Elizabeth (Marshall) Mansfield with children

1953-59         Raymond and Joan (Shearman) Bloomfield

1960-69         Mrs Sybil (Hughes) Harbottle



11 North Cottages


1901-40         Frederick and Silvester (Cole) Marshall with children

1940-70         Reginald and Mercy (Metcalfe) Nightingale



12 North Cottages


1901-42         Charles and Jane (Cartwright) Marshall

1945-70         Albert and Doris (Tincknell) Sillett with daughter Doris Sillett



13 North Cottages


1901-15         Charles and Ann (Manning) Still with son Edward Still

1919-67         James and Mary (Stigwood) Bass with children



14 North Cottages


1901-34         Frederick and Sarah (Cambridge) Mansfield

1930-39         Mrs Sarah (Mansfield) MacKenzie (daughter of Frederick and Sarah)

1945-54         Mrs Susan (Mansfield) Tincknell (daughter of Frederick and Sarah)

1956-61         Gerald and Dorothy (Jones) Ward



15 North Cottages


1901-06         Frederick and Kate (Marshall) Lloyd with children                    

1911               Jacob and Elizabeth (Stanton) Morgan with children

1913-24         John and Ruth (Crane) Waylett

1925-70         Henry and Edith (Ager) Dockerill with children


16 North Cottages


1901-28         Robert and Sarah (Parker) Webb with children

1929-70         Frederick and Ethel (Noakes) Bass



17 North Cottages


1901-47         Miss Elizabeth Bird

1948-70         Donald and Ethel (Jackson) Freestone





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