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1 Paget Close


1948-50         George and Esther (Wilson) Flack

1951-63         Charles and Esther (Webb) Peck

1964-70         Percy and Grace (Payne) Lucas



2 Paget Close


1948-50         Charles and Esther (Webb) Peck

1951-53         Mrs Gertrude (Ward) Death

1954-70         Miss Ruby Inman



3 Paget Close


1948-55         Hilda Kerry (no information)

1956-65         James and May (Simmons) Leonard

1966-70         Mrs Beatrice (Cousins) Lander



4 Paget Close


1948-50         Mrs Louisa (Wilderspin) Pegram with daughter Miss Amy Pegram

1951-54         Margaret Andrews (no information)

1955               Agnes Barker (no information)

1956-70         (Private)



5 Paget Close


1949-70         Dr Cuthbert Ellison



6 Paget Close


1948-55         Mrs Ruth (Thornber) Leland

1956               Eric and Eileen (Long) Valentine

1959-70         Lily Heath (no information)



7 Paget Close


1948-58         William and Louisa (King) Woollard

1959-70         Mrs Ethel (Clift) Simonds



8 Paget Close


1948-55         Thomas and Ellen (Goodman) Corfe

1958-70         Miss Elizabeth Fry



9 Paget Close


1948-53         Thomas and Sarah Clark (no information)

1954-70         Henry and Alice (Peters) Oxley



10 Paget Close


1948-52         Harry and Eileen (Mills) Badcock

1953-80         Mrs Vera (King) Teversham



11 Paget Close


1948-52         Frederick and Annie (Papworth) Head

1953-70         Richard and Mary (Metcalfe) Nightingale



12 Paget Close


1948-54         Mrs Jane (Appleyard) Hartley

1955-65         John and Jane (Appleyard) Watson

1966-70         Mrs Mary (Waddell) Brown



13 Paget Close


1948-60         Miss Elizabeth Clements

1960-64         Mrs Emma (Moore) Laurie

1965-67         Mrs Laura (Stockwell) Shearing

1968-70         Miss Agnes Matthews



14 Paget Close


1948-64         Miss Bertha Wedd

1965-68         Mrs Miriam (Toynton) Saunders

1969-70         Mrs Blanche (Curtis) Dockerill



15 Paget Close


1948-57         Miss Marie Morey

1958-70         Dennis and Joyce (Course) Carroll



16 Paget Close


1948-52         Mrs Ella (Brown) Daines with daughter Miss Albina Daines

1953-61         William Bull

1962-63         George Hunter



17 Paget Close


1948-49         Reginald Craft

1950-70         Conway and Eliza (Barnes) Craft (Reginald’s brother)



18 Paget Close


1948-55         Alfred and Florence (Hoy) Dowsett

1956-69         Mrs Millicent (Clayden) Phillips

1970               William and Louisa (Burton) Broyd



19 Paget Close


1948-54         George and Sarah (Pearson) Short

1957-68         Alfred and Florence (Hoy) Dowsett

1969-70         Mrs Olive (Pyle) Timberlake



20 Paget Close


1948-49         Mrs Ethel (Wing) Juler

1950               John and Elizabeth (Pidgeon) Purdham

1951-70         William and Gladys (Caston) Hughes


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