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Numbers 1 to 135 (odd), 78 to 132 (even)


1 Paget Road


1947-49         James and Barbara (Robertson) Taylor

1950-54         Ernest and Blanche (Sohie) Summerlee

1955-57         Kenneth and Simone (Fockedey) Dunn

1958-60         Mrs Beatrice (Cousins) Lander with son Derek Lander

1961-2011     Robert and Marjorie (Lander) Haylock (Beatrice’s daughter)



3 Paget Road


1947-70         Henry and Alice (Windsor) Martin with brother Arthur Windsor

1950-52         Robert and Violet (Martin) Rae (daughter of Henry and Alice)



5 Paget Road


1947-69         Joseph and Anna (Malfitano) Amps with daughter Miss Lellie Amps and son James Amps

1950-51         Joseph Purdham



7 Paget Road


1947-48         Ernest and Norah (Millott) Bannington

1948               William and Lillian (Bell) Kirk

1949-61         Hugh and Clara (Linsey) Milligan with son John Milligan

1961-62         William and Henrietta (Gibbs) Barnes

1963-66         Albert and Edith (Day) Digby



9 Paget Road


1947               Frederick and Daphne (Wright) Robinson

1948-53         Leonard and Evelyn (Bowd) Challis



11 Paget Road


1947-70         Horace and Lottie (Sharp) Frost



13 Paget Road


1947-61         Harry and Mary (Green) Rowlinson

1963-70         Alec and Muriel (Frost) Astles with father Ernest Frost



15 Paget Road


1947-57         George and Dora (Peters) Dockerill

1958-66         George and Doris (Cornwell) Dockerill



17 Paget Road


1947-49         Walter and Edith (Radley) Allensby

1950-62         Alec and Muriel (Frost) Astles



19 Paget Road


1947-52         William and Maud (Sapsed) Reeds

1953-70         Ivor Meadows with Mrs Frances (Meadows) Burton



21 Paget Road


1947-54         James and Violet (Staff) Wallace

1950               William and Phyllis (Wallace) Naylon (daughter of James and Violet)

1955-57         Sidney and Ethel (Clift) Simonds with daughter Miss Margaret Simonds

1959-2014     Reginald and Dorcas (Nichols) Sadler



23 Paget Road


1947-53         Ronald and Joan (Powling) Manning

1954               Harry and Edna Smith (no information)

1955-57         Albert and Joan (Charlton) Dean

1958-70         Mrs Alice (Bishop) Scrivener with daughter Miss Ethel Scrivener



25 Paget Road


1947               Alfred and Lilian (Lawrence) Bates

1948-57         Charles and Kathleen (Cawood) Griffin

1958-59         Stanley and Christa (Griffin) Stonebridge (daughter of Charles and Kathleen)

1960-62         Mrs Kathleen (Cawood) Forster

1965-66         Mrs Kathleen (Cawood) Forster

1967-70         John and Grace (Ayres) Atkin with mother Mrs Ellen (Coulson) Ayres



27 Paget Road


1947-61         Ebenezer and Lilian (Bruce) Williams with sister Miss Minnie Williams



29 Paget Road


1947-70         Arthur and Ethel (Frisby) Bebee



31 Paget Road


1947-59         Albert and Marjorie (Bond) Hill

1960-70         Basil and Rosamund (Garner) Laurie



33 Paget Road


1947-70         Arthur and Constance (Shorrocks) Clarke



35 Paget Road


1947-48         Douglas and Ellen (Spalding) Webb

1948-58         (Private)

1959-70         William and Alice (Colyer) Head



37 Paget Road


1947-59         George and Florence (Illsley) Booth with children



39 Paget Road


1947-56         George and Florence (Oakman) Willis

1957-59         John and Olive Gower (no information)



41 Paget Road


1947-68         Arthur and Elizabeth (Jeffery) Dye



43 Paget Road


1947-70         Ernest and Ethel (Goddard) Sheldrick



45 Paget Road


1948-52         Richard and Clara (Martin) Hunn

1953-54         Gertrude Jessop (no information)

1955-57         Peter and Gwendoline (Jolley) Barton

1958-60         Mrs Edna (Reed) Cater with son Roy Cater

1961-66         Mrs Eileen (Cleal) Weakes

1967-70         Hector and Ethel (Fordham) Abraham



47 Paget Road


1947-57         Richard and Lily (Hills) Hewish with father Benjamin Hills

1958-68         Donald and Anne (Fraser) Northfield



49 Paget Road


1947-58         William and Alice (Colyer) Head

1950-54         Ronald and Kathleen (Head) Wright (daughter of William and Alice)

1959-61         Ernest and Annie (Downing) Parr with father Robert Downing

1963-70         Douglas and Winifred (Kilby) Ayres



51 Paget Road


1947-48         John and Ethel (Ellum) Smith

1949-55         George and Joan (Chamberlain) Pilmer

1956-70         George and Florence (Oakman) Willis



53 Paget Road


1948-61         George and Mary (Tait) Hunter

1962-70         Ernest and Annie (Downing) Parr with father Robert Downing



55 Paget Road


1948-58         William and Dorothy (Hull) Evans

1959-62         (Private)

1963-66         Reginald and Joyce Smith (no information)



57 Paget Road


1948-70         Victor and Rose (Whitby) Allen

1948-55         Charles Kent (no information)



59 Paget Road


1948-53         Henry and Constance (Parker) Keeble

1954-70         Frederick and Mary (Campbell) Littlechild



61 Paget Road


1948-70         Sidney and Sylvia (Maskell) Amps



63 Paget Road


1948-70         Frank and Aisne (Marples) Cullen



65 Paget Road


1948-70         James and Olive (Butler) Challis



67 Paget Road


1948-55         Ronald and Hilda (Badcock) Piper



69 Paget Road


1948-67         John and Edna (Stubbings) Coupe


71 Paget Road


1948-56         Maurice and Mary (Highton) Rayner

1957-70         Denis and Alice (Tilbrook) Hart



73 Paget Road


1948               Maurice and Kitty (Barrows) Hunt

1949-62         Arthur and Beryl (Whiting) Narracott



75 Paget Road


1948-54         Henry and Elizabeth (Goodman) Jenkins

1955-70         Edwin and Marjorie (Jones) Phillips



77 Paget Road


1948-70         Cyril and Ivy (Collinge) Doggett



78 Paget Road


1949-61         Bertram and Doris (Unwin) Clarke

1962-68         Eric and Marlene (Playford) McKenzie-Davie



79 Paget Road


1949               Sidney and Betty (French) Kirk

1950-52         Arthur and Elizabeth (Lees) Wright

1953-64         Charles and Florence (Booth) Shoote



80 Paget Road


1948-59         Walter and Doris (Cutter) Hatton

1960-70         Herbert and Hannah (Wilson) Saunders with daughter Miss Edith Saunders



81 Paget Road


1948-52         George and Winifred (Ison) Seekings

1952-60         Walter and Minnie (Galer) Dent

1961-66         Malcolm and Jean (Stearn) Maltby



82 Paget Road


1948-57         Stanley and Phyllis (Reed) Heath

1948-49         Charles and Jean (Watson) Snazle

1958-69         Ronald and Gertrude (Daniels) Kerwin



83 Paget Road


1948-54         Albert and Barbara (Whitchelo) Beckley

1955-60         Harold and Doris (Camps) Sweeting

1961-70         Harold and Dorothy (Arrowsmith) Chappell



84 Paget Road


1949-68         Robert and Mary (Bradley) Benton



85 Paget Road


1948-55         Colin and Vera (Cowell) Partridge

1956-60         Richard and Della (Cohen) Lowes

1961-69         William and Nora (Goude) Tarling



86 Paget Road


1949               Henry and Joyce (Cox) Peyton

1950-52         Maurice and Kathleen (Riley) Twinn

1953-70         Eric and Hazel (Dowsett) Cubberley



87 Paget Road


1948-59         Stanley and Beatrice (Impey) Pearce

1960-70         Henry and Doris (Hedley) Daniel



88 Paget Road


1948               Bert and Eva (Flack) Hall

1949               Bernard and Margaret (Johnstone) Caldwell

1950-56         Maurice and Joyce (Johnston) Blott

1957               Arthur and Annie Field (no information)

1958-59         Eric and Hilda (Hall) Drummond-Mercer

1960-67         William and May (Missing) Bishop

1967-70         Mrs Elizabeth (Pearson) Missing (May’s mother)



89 Paget Road


1948-70         Edward G and Dora (Carter) Bloom with son Edward A Bloom



90 Paget Road


1947-48         Albert and Daisy (Smith) Hall

1949-70         Thomas and Doris (Bloom) Davey



91 Paget Road


1948-70         George and Gladys (Newton) Miller with father Whiteley Newton



92 Paget Road


1947-65         Alexander and Haidee (Parsons) Horn with mother Dora (Warren) Parsons



93 Paget Road


1948-59         Frederick and Betty (Tully) Pratt

1960-70         Samuel and Alice (Taylor) Higgins with children Frederick and Miss Frances Higgins



94 Paget Road


1947-48         (Private)

1949-50         Douglas and Agnes (Slack) Bassett

1951-57         Francis and Hilda (Young) Parsons



95 Paget Road


1948-55         Frank and Violet (Spice) Pearce

1956-70         George and Joan (Chamberlain) Pilmer



96 Paget Road


1947-70         Robert and Kate (Redgewell) Acott

1958-70         John and Shirley (Acott) Chapman (daughter of Robert and Kate)



97 Paget Road


1948-59         William and Ethel (Thompson) Alder

1960-70         Mrs Edith (Dawes) Chapman with children Miss Constance, Leonard and Ernest Chapman



98 Paget Road


1947-55         Henry and Dorothy (Atkins) Pressnell



99 Paget Road


1948-53         Edwin and Agnes (Warton) Fuller

1954-70         Mikulas and Lieselotte (Loeb) Berkovits



100 Paget Road


1947-50         Ernest and Dorothy (Pym) Clarke

1951-55         Frank and Muriel (Bickerstaff) Negus

1956-62         Roland and Audrey (Hymer) Wheatley



101 Paget Road


1948-51         Horace and Violet Welch with Alice Hall (no information)

1952-69         George and Gladys (Harman) Freestone



102 Paget Road


1947-62         Francis and Betty (Pearson) Fitzpatrick

1948-49         Charles and Annie (Robb) Silk

1950-52         Gordon and Edith (Horne) Melville

1959-70         Douglas and Gillian (Fitzpatrick) Kitson (daughter of Francis and Betty)



103 Paget Road


1948-70         Sidney and Mona (Thompson) Garland with sister Mrs Florence (Thompson) Plastow



104 Paget Road


1948-70         John and Clara (Bird) Knight



105 Paget Road


1948               Stanley and Mabel (Pardoe) Crain with mother Mrs Mabel (Pake) Pardoe

1949-59         George and Agnes (Thorpe) Chapman with Mrs Laura (Nunn) Wayman (George Chapman’s mother)

1960-70         Harold Chapman



106 Paget Road


1947-48         Henry and Violet (Long) Brown

1949-57         Charles and Eileen (Wines) Raymond

1958-69         Wallis and Phyllis (Pugh) MacWillson



107 Paget Road


1948-51         (Private)

1952-55         Hedley and Mary (Balding) Newman

1956-58         Mr and Mrs Butler (no information)

1959               Willis and Adelaide (Brant) Gadsby

1960-70         Herbert and Vera (Lawrence) Haylock



108 Paget Road


1947-57         William and Vera (Camps) Walker



109 Paget Road


1948-66         (Private)

1967-70         Raymond and Rita (Thurbon) Saddington with mother Mrs Alice (Cornwell) Thurbon and sister Mrs Joyce (Thurbon) Hammond



110 Paget Road


1947-57         Sydney and Doris (Freeman) Arthur

1958               John and Brenda (Peachey) Davenport

1959-2018     Terence and June (Gilbert) Andrew



111 Paget Road


1948-61         Owen and Lilian (Matthews) Sharp with brother Leonard Sharp and father Frederick Sharp

1962-70         Sidney and Betty (French) Kirk



112 Paget Road


1947-66         Sidney and Margaret (Brett) Charge



113 Paget Road


1948-70         Mrs Ethel (Burrage) Marsh with sons Ronald (with wife Peggy (Jacobs) Marsh) and Derek Marsh



114 Paget Road


1947-67         Cedric and Eveline (Keogh) Ellwood



115 Paget Road


1948-53         Leon and Ivy (Catlin) Cracknell

1948               Eric and Barbara (Willis) Catlin (Ivy’s brother)

1954-62         Francis and Sheila (Haylock) Lander

1963-70         Reginald and Violet (Edey) Fletcher



116 Paget Road


1947-70         Bernard and Rose (Dimmack) Mynott



117 Paget Road


1948-56         Walter and Ruth (Ashman) Gardiner

1957-61         Stanley and Margaret (Driscoll) Galenski

1962-70         John and Edna (Arbery) Lyons



118 Paget Road


1947-70         Harry and Phyllis (Aldhouse) Willis

1947               Miss Ivy Rawlinson



119 Paget Road


1948-70         Alfred and Amy (Vickers) Chandler

1948-49         Charles and Vera (Chandler) O’Malley (daughter of Alfred and Amy)

1956-67         Samuel McCormick



120 Paget Road


1947-61         Stanley and Iris (Kettle) Vaughan

1962-63         David and Beryl Williams (no information)

1964-70         Maurice and Daphne (Housden) Secker with mother Mrs Muriel (Richards) Housden



121 Paget Road


1948-55         Basil and May (Baff) Nicholls

1956-70         Alfred and Audrey (Impey) Bassett



122 Paget Road


1947-60         Charles and Eileen (Allen) Mott



123 Paget Road


1948-50         Albert and Nora (Mason) Hooks

1951-58         Mrs Edna (Reed) Cater

1958-61         Peter and Gwendoline (Jolley) Barton



124 Paget Road


1949-57         Patrick and Norah (Neylon) Fitzgerald

1958-62         Cyril and Inge (Dempewolf) Antill



125 Paget Road


1948-52         Thomas and Ivy (Stacey) Squires

1954               George and June Ison (no information)

1955-67         John and Betty (Piper) Moxon

1968-70         Reginald and Susan (Newstead) Flack



126 Paget Road (Flat)


1948               Cuthbert Ellison

1948-51         Miss Ethel Hewitt

1952-70         Walter Upchurch



127 Paget Road


1948-49         Wilfred and Laura (Thompson) French

1950-53         Ernest and Olive (Nichols) Morgan

1955-57         Wilfred and Dorothy (Jacklin) Tutt



128 Paget Road (Flat)


1948-67         Miss Violet Berry

1969-70         Mrs Viria (Eastoe) Booth



129 Paget Road (Flat)


1948-50         Mrs Ellen (Graves) Dant

1952               George and Grace (Holliday) Maxwell

1953-63         Arthur and Sarah (Wilson) Crook



130 Paget Road (Flat)


1948-70         Miss Maud Morrell with sister Mrs Alice (Morrell) Hardwick



131 Paget Road (Flat)


1948-53         Henry and Phyllis (Bell) Bailey

1954-62         Miss Elsie Plummer with sister Miss Margery Plummer



132 Paget Road (Flat)


1949-55         Mrs Mabel (Pake) Pardoe

1957-70         Miss Edith Beaumont



133 Paget Road (Flat)


1948-55         Percy and Bessie (Thorne) Goodman

1956               Henry and Dorothy (Atkins) Pressnell

1957-58         Miss Dorothy Cantle

1959-62         Miss Winifred Gilby

1963-64         Miss Jubilina Gilby (Winifred’s sister)

1965-70         James and Louisa (Stevens) Borrowman



135 Paget Road (Flat)


1948-58         Miss Josephine Hurst

1959               Miss Dorothy Cantle

1960-70         Miss Rose Bennett


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