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A.    Most houses in Shelford Road were not given numbers until 1930. Until that year we only have names to go on; we have not yet managed to identify the house associated with some of those names.  If you have any information about the following names, please let us know:











The Thicket



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1 Shelford Road



1922-36         George and Elizabeth (Rumbold) Goode

1939-70         Gordon and Ivy (Goode) Williams with Mrs Rosetta (Cookson) Goode

1945-70         Royston and Sybil (Harbottle) Williams



3 Shelford Road

Blenheim House


1911-28         William and Emma (Martin) Alderton with Hannah (Morgan) Machin (William’s aunt)

1929-31         Charles and Ena (Peters) Dancer

1934-39         Miss Harriet Poulter

1935-50         Miss Martha Shepherd

1935-55         Misses Sarah and Annie Grist (sisters)

1954-70         Edwin and Marjorie (Einersen) Shields



5 Shelford Road



1911-13         Walter and Ellen (Chapman) Peters with children

1920-25         John and Susanna (Saunders) Moss with son William

1928-29         George and Lottie (Westwood) Hessey

1930               William and Gertrude (Goodliffe) Allpress

1931               Albert and Florence (Hopkins) Bowyer-Lowe

1934               Henry and Florence (Andrews) Wright

1935               Richard and Elizabeth (Melbourne) Garton

1936-67         Frank and Winifred (Pain) Howe



7 Shelford Road

Roseville, West View


1911-30         Mrs Elizabeth (Beans) Steley

1931-55         Harry and Florence (Butters) Reed with Mrs Sarah (Coad) Butters

1963               Herbert and Gladys (Leveson) de Winter



9 Shelford Road



1911               Mrs Mary (Martin) Blackman with children

1918-50         Mrs Millie (Pamplin) Frohock and Miss Ada Pamplin (sisters) with brother Albert Pamplin

1945-46         Montague Cervantes

1950-56         Miss Constance Worman

1957-62         Lawrence and Kathleen (York) Hudson



11 Shelford Road

The Cottage


1911-30         Miss Annie Ripon

1931-80         Herbert and Constance (Stearn) Bard



13 Shelford Road

St Govans


1931-34         Richard Bedford

1931-34         Anthony Hubbard (Richard Bedford’s cousin)

1935-83         Edward and Gladys (Smart) Whittley

1938-39         John Page

1949-50         Charles and Margaret (Price) Betts

1951               [Top Flat] Reginald and Muriel (Feetham) Lant

1952-53         [Top Flat] George and Christine (Randall) Hitchin

1959-66         David and Thelma (Wade) Luxton



15 Shelford Road

St Mabyn


1911-25         William and Mabel (Warren) Parker

1928-36         Arthur and Sarah (French) Nottingham

1937-39         Norman and Dorothy (Stokes) Smith

1939               Douglas and Ellen (Collier) Forbes

1945-51         Frederick and Alice (Newell) Nadal with Reginald Alsop (Alice’s son)

1954-55         Arthur and Roma (Spencer) Johnstone

1956-58         Mrs June (Tickner) Tizard

1960-63         Harry and Kate (Parker) Hatton

1964-69         Henry and Emily (Woolley) Arthur



17 Shelford Road

Field View


1911-15         Herbert and Esther (Crow) Kefford with children

1914-15         Charles and Maud (Chambers) Hayhoe

1922-70         Harry and Lily (Travis) Willers

1946-48         Dennis Wedd



19 Shelford Road

Woodside Knill


1923-56         Alfred and Elizabeth (Hills) Bavey

1948-67         Joseph and Julia (Hills) Jennings with daughter Florence (Julia sister of Elizabeth Bavey)



21 Shelford Road



1911-63         Herbert and Emily (Cornell) Dasley with Harriett Cornell (Emily’s sister)



23 Shelford Road



1920-31         Walter and Georgina (Grant) Andrews

1934-61         Frederick and May (Tabor) Webb

1962-70         Allen and Muriel (Morriss) Porter



25 Shelford Road



1911               Reginald and Louise (Hyde) Johnson

1920-25         Sydney and Elizabeth Gullick

1922               Frederick Fyson

1926-42         Mrs Susanna (Saunders) Moss with son William Moss and sister Miss Alice Saunders

1945               Thomas and Eva (Matthews) Duckworth

1945               Gilbert and Elizabeth (Oddy) Rumsey with son Arthur Rumsey

1946-65         Walter and Joyce (Barker) Howlett with brother Harold Howlett

1965-70         Frank and Joyce (Barker) Davis (widow of Walter Howlett)



27 Shelford Road



1911-21         William Moss with parents John and Susanna (Saunders) Moss and sister Lizzie Moss

1919-35         George and Hannah (Glidewell) Geeson

1938-46         Walter and Doris (Payne) Leverett

1947-55         William and Miriam (Kitchen) Smyth

1956               Clifford and Ruby (Christmas) Bendall

1960               Jack and Irene (Robinson) Buttress

1960-64         Mrs Sybilla (Larkman) Watson with daughter Eileen



28 Shelford Road

Cosy Corner


1928-29         Leonard and Ethel (Creed) Barton

1930-34         John and Agnes (Revill) Davison

1934-35         Philip and Grace (Baldwin) Wolf

1939-71         Richard and Dora (Bedford) [Ready-]Challis with father Alfred Bedford

1939-66         Frank Whittington

1945               Arthur and Mabel (Howard) Harvey

1949-50         Mrs Marian (Tyers) James with daughter Olive

1958-70         Alfred Gamble



29 Shelford Road


1937-64         Edward and Constance (Chapman) Haynes



30 Shelford Road

Anglesey Rise


1928-45         John and Avis (Hart) Aves with son Martin

1946-57         Henry and Catherine (Dant) Sanders

1958-62         Miss Adela Duke



32 Shelford Road



1928-39         George and Mabel (Marston) Pagdin

1945-67         Mrs Sarah (Haylock) Shanks with daughter Grace



34 Shelford Road


1931-82         Lewis and Winifred (Brewster) Shanks with father Matthew Brewster



35 Shelford Road



1927               John and Avis (Hart) Aves

1927               Robert Aves (no discovered relative of John or Avis)

1928-70         Charles and Ethel (Dewsbury) Watts with children



36 Shelford Road


1934-93         Robert Smith with daughter Mary

1980-92         Robert Smith (Mary’s brother)



37 Shelford Road



1928-39         William and Constance (Preston) Livick with William Preston (Constance’s brother)

1939               Robert and Alice (Litchfield) Cook

1941               Eric and Kathleen (Norman) Samuel

1942-2012     Leonard and Marjorie (Hayward) Camps



38 Shelford Road


1937-51         Arthur and Edith (Brickwood) Warboys

1953-56         Richard and Mabel (Clark) Hadfield

1957-69         Walter and Lilian (Alderton) l’Anson



39 Shelford Road



1926-64         William and Florence (Almond) Allen with Herbert Wortley (Florence’s son)

1927-39         Percy and Florence (Allen) Charter

1948-70         Percy and Florence (Allen) Charter



40 Shelford Road



1929-31         Cyril and Gladys (Johnson) Rushbrook

1936-51         Martin and Clara (Ayres) Aves

1952-67         Jack and Vivian (Payne) Russell



41 Shelford Road


1968-70         (Private)



42 Shelford Road



1929-34         Douglas and Elsie (Green) Gwynn

1935-48         Willie and Agnes (Ardley) Humm

1950-62         Joseph and Mary (King) Travis



44 Shelford Road


1930-59         Albert and Vera (French) Border with children

1961               Kitchener and Irene (Chamberlain) Brett



45 Shelford Road


1936-81         George and Hannah (Glidewell) Geeson with daughters

1956-70         William and Kathleen (Geeson) Mesney



46 Shelford Road


1937-70         Edmund Larque and Hilda Watkins

1942               Tom and Vera (Ashley) Hill

1944               Arthur and Kathleen (Ashman) Lowe



47 Shelford Road


1951-70         Arthur and Phyllis (Dexter) Chandler



48 Shelford Road


1937-48         James and Marion (Chamberlain) Nowell

1949-56         John and Alice (Willey) Featherstone

1957-60         Mrs Edith (Travis) Marley  



49 Shelford Road


1934-39         Herbert and Vera (Clark) Roads

1945-47         Miss Hilda Nichols

1946-59         Arthur and Jessie (Skinner) Hardman with son Douglas

1960-63         Ronald and Olive (Alsop) Stock



50 Shelford Road


1955-61         Dudley and Marjorie (Oakey) Baker



51 Shelford Road


1934-64         Reuben and Ellen (Wilson) Ellwood with daughter Nancy

1939-47         Reginald and Nancy (Ellwood) Clarke

1960-90         Reginald and Nancy (Ellwood) Clarke



53 Shelford Road


1931-52         Frank and Ethel (Ling) Ryder with children

1945-46         Frank and Janet (Ryder) Wheeler



54 Shelford Road


1937-39         Herbert and Elizabeth (Connor) Collins

1945-46         Cyril and Gladys (Croke) Hedley

1959-63         Charles and Blanche (Nightingale) Lavelle with son Barry [Smith] Lavelle



55 Shelford Road



1926-27         William and Mabel (Sutton) Piggott

1927-61         Albert and Sarah (Marriott) Hammond with children



56 Shelford Road


1937-60         Herbert and Violet (Williams) Allen



57 Shelford Road



1926-49         Ernest and Constance (Hall) Richardson with daughter Constance

1929               Walter Hardwick

1945-70         Ronald and Constance (Richardson) Cleaves

1955               Werner and Janet (Cleaves) Schubert



58 Shelford Road


1939-86         Herbert and Vera (Clark) Roads



59 Shelford Road

Slip Way


1936-75         Fred and Elsie (Hall) Clark



60 Shelford Road


1939               Daniel and Marjorie (Hughes) Parfitt with Mrs Jane (Pilgrim) Hughes

1945-52         Horace and Ivy (George) Clark

1962-70         Harold and Betty (Osborne) Hall



61 Shelford Road


1935-37         John and Annie (Denman) Dixon

1938-39         Albert and Norah (Horton) Nokes

1945-67         Mrs Eliza (Sherlock) Baldwin with daughter Mrs Marjorie (Baldwin) Palmer



62 Shelford Road


1938-56         Mrs Annie (Bedwell) Bedwell

1938-56         Ernest Palmer

1957-64         Frank and Ivy (Coad) Gurney



63 Shelford Road


1935-74         Thomas and Cecilia (Tromp) King with sister Miss Eveline Tromp




65 Shelford Road



1928-68         Sidney and Daisy (Henderson) Allin with children



65a Shelford Road


1937-70         John and Dora (Oxborrow) Harper with Mrs Louisa (Coles) Harper



67 Shelford Road



1929-31         John and Laura (Batten) Burgess

1934-51         Leslie and Muriel (Dodds) Mapson with Mrs Elizabeth (Chapman) Mapson

1938-46         Miss Mary Southgate

1951-54         Leslie and Dorothy (Pell) Mapson

1955-56         Reginald and Patricia (Simms) Melhuish

1959-60         Peter and Ethne (Croker) Goddard



69 Shelford Road



1929-62         Ernest and Edith (Lawrence) Haslop with father Robert Haslop

1963-86         Mrs Jean (Brockbank) Hawes



71 Shelford Road

Bridge Gate


1929-39         Cecil and Dora (Humphrey) Downham with daughter Kathleen and Dora’s father William Humphrey

1944               Donald and Iris (Wiessner) Porteus

1945-52         Mrs Josephine (Cumberledge) Wiessner (sister-in-law of Iris Porteus)

1952-63         Robert and Josephine (Cumberledge) Dent

1964-70         Bert and Brenda (Muggleton) Truelove



73 Shelford Road

Ben Hurst


1928-55         Percy and Elizabeth (Gilbert) Fortin

1950-55         Francis and Rhoda (Allin) Fortin

1956-58         Robert and Dorothy (Naylor) Boyle

1962-66         Francis and Muriel (Ladds) Walters



75 Shelford Road


1936-52         Walter and Ida (Wilkinson) Pamplin with daughters




77 Shelford Road

St Dennis


1926-70         Leslie and Victoria (Weston) Wedd



77a Shelford Road


1974               Leslie and Victoria (Weston) Wedd



79 Shelford Road



1925-42         Miss Elizabeth Goode with nephew Edward Goode

1931-39         Margaret Smith

1945               Edward and Ruby (Rumsey) Hoppit

1946-50         Arthur and Mabel (Howard) Harvey

1947               Douglas and Ada (Howard) Green (Mabel Harvey’s sister)

1950               Thomas and Daisy (Lloyd) Lockwood

1951-67         Edward and Bessie (Manning) Goode



80 Shelford Road

Florence Villa


1915-58         John and Amelia (Harman) Pamplin with son William and Amelia’s sister Mrs Ann (Harman) Brown

1958               Richard and Emma (Scarr) Harman (Amelia Pamplin’s nephew)

1959-2011     Kenneth and Jean (Humphreys) Clews



81 Shelford Road


1934-39         Albert and Ethel (Reynolds) Mascall with son Sidney

1939-70         Sidney and Irene (Crowe) Mascall

1940-42         Albert and Carrie (Pearl) Mascall

1943-48         Albert and Blanche (Wordley) Mascall with sister Mrs Thirza (Wordley) Brown

1945               Bennett Pearl (Carrie Pearl’s father)

1945-46         Mrs Joyce (Lewis) Grigsby



82 Shelford Road

Heaton Villa


1921               Geoffrey and Mabel (Bowman) Knowles

1922-31         Brooks Pamplin with daughter Rose

1934               Richard and May (Facer) Hague with daughter Sybil

1935-51         Mrs Louisa (Badcock) Jude and Miss Agnes Badcock (sisters)

1952-67         Alexander and Ethel (Curtis) Tomlinson

1952-55         Kenneth and Joyce (Tomlinson) Lawrence (daughter of Alexander and Ethel)



83 Shelford Road


1930-49         John and Margaret (Chapman) Bond

1950-64         Sidney and Violet (Ellis) Alderton

1965-70         Francis and Mabel (Ellum) Todd



85 Shelford Road


1939-51         Roland and Helen (Worley) Westall with Mrs Iris (Worley) Lane (Helen’s sister)



87 Shelford Road



1926-70         Ernest and Fernande (Wilson) Carter with Mrs Mary (Williams) Wilson



89 Shelford Road



1926-77         William and Lily (Burton) Clark with daughter Audrey

1951-54         Gerald and Audrey (Clark) Tait



90 Shelford Road



1914               Edward and Mathilde (Kretz) Freeman

1920-66         Thomas and Ethel (Price) Price with children and William Price (Ethel’s father)

1946-48         Leonard and Gladys (Smith) Price

1970-75         Edward and Olive (Benbow) Few



91 Shelford Road



1926-75         Frederick and Laura (Pilgrim) Pilgrim with Mrs Sophia (Porter) Pilgrim (Frederick’s mother)



92 Shelford Road



1920               Owen and Rose (Lester) Chapman

1922-27         Jack and Eleanor (Griggs) Negus

1927-31         Charles and Elizabeth (Briggs) Askin

1932-82         Charles and Dora (Pearmain) Askin with Charles’ sons Donald and John Askin

1951-52         Hugh Rodway

1961-62         Robert and Audrey (Aydon) O’Connell



93 Shelford Road



1926-59         Harry and Edith (Plumb) Mansfield with daughter Sylvia

1943-59         Neville and Sylvia (Mansfield) Stearn

1960-83         Joseph and Frances (Ringrow) Bowyer



94 Shelford Road



1917-69         Walter and Grace (Missen) Carter with children and brother Bert Carter



95 Shelford Road

Mon Abri


1926-37         Percy and Minnie (Morgan) Gobey

1938-65         Percy and Winifred (Lambert) Gobey



96 Shelford Road



1913-15         Tom and May (Osborne) Ashby

1920-22         Josiah and Emily (Keatch) Wilson

1923-29         James and Gertrude (Woolsey) Price

1930-70         Alfred and Priscilla (Mabbs) Suckling with daughter Millicent [Betty Suckling]



98a Shelford Road


1949-50         Robert and Gladys (Allen) Bracegirdle

1951-55         Robert and Beryl (Gooding) Marsh

1960-70         Gordon and Irene (Norris) Fryer



98b Shelford Road


1949-52         Francis and Andree McFarland

1955-56         George and Eleanor (Johnson) Luke

1958               Reginald and Ida (Thorpe) Walker

1959-64         Frederick and Christine (Gane) Tanner

1965-69         Edward and Olive (Benbow) Few



99 Shelford Road



1927-89         Jack and Jessie (Toates) Overhill



100 Shelford Road

Hills View


1921-53         William and Kate (Stroud) Davey with son Keith

1950-53         Keith and Kathleen (Brabyn) Davey

1954-67         Norman and Patricia (Griffiths) Sneesby



101 Shelford Road



1927-78         Stanley and Amy (Goodfellow) Banyard



102 Shelford Road

The Laburnums


1920-22         Rupert and Mary (Dunn) Burrell

1923-59         Rupert George and Mary (North) Burrell with Miss Marjorie Brown (Mary’s daughter)



103 Shelford Road



1926-27         Tom and May (Osborne) Ashby

1928               Harold and Emily (Jude) Challis

1929-31         Harry and Maud (Seaman) Rose with children

1934-37         Frederick and Muriel (Gardner) Postans

1938-50         Harold and Emily (Jude) Challis with children

1952-70         Percy and Elsie (Jacob) Moon


House now part of Shelford House



104 Shelford Road



1914-31         Albert and Ethel (Turner) Meadows

1927-28         Edward Wehrle

1934-35         Alan and Freda (Best) Cryer

1936-38         Gordon and Ivy (Goode) Williams with brother Arthur Goode and Mrs Rosetta (Cookson) Goode

1939-47         Mrs Gertrude (Fry) Alford with children

1945-46         Ronald and Olive (Wallis) Stevens

1947-50         Donald and Diana (Meadows) Taylor with father Albert Meadows and step-mother Susannah (Parr) Meadows

1952               Colin and Freda (Birdsall) Morris

1953-58         Reginald and Ethel (Coggan) Baynes

1960-70         John and Margaret (Wood) Leeming



105 Shelford Road


1930-31         Francis and Daisy (Rose) Hand

1934               Thomas and Mary (Wells) Painter with son Cecil

1937-54         Arthur and Mary (Willers) Stallan

1945               Frank and Doris (Cleal) Chappell

1947               John and Kathleen (Ruff) Rowell

1948               Owen and Joyce (Pickering) Woor

1951-61         Mrs Marian (Tyers) James with daughter Olive

1953-70         Sidney and Olive (James) Prime


House now part of Shelford House



106 Shelford Road



1924-31         Walter and Martha (Haslop) Morley

1934-35         Stanley and Annie (Stalley) Gifford with father William Gifford

1936               Edgar and Joan (Brassnett) Milne

1937-38         Mrs Ethel (Gotterel) Spurrier with daughter Marjorie

1939-68         Cecil and Hilda (Moore) Langley



107 Shelford Road



1927-46         Walter and Sarah (Chapman) Golding with children

1947-60         Eric and Pearl (Newton) Parkinson with father John Parkinson

1961-69         Charles and Florence (Beazer) Gulliver


House demolished in 2007 to allow building of Addenbrooke's Road



108 Shelford Road


1924-31         Robert and Emily (Hornsby) Crown

1934-47         Arthur and Dorothy (Boreham) Hardwick

1944-47         Harry and Eileen (Boreham) Pawley

1945-60         William and Frances (Thorogood) Boreham (Dorothy and Eileen’s parents)

1948-60         Thomas and Dorothy (Boreham) Norman

1962-63         Francis and Vivienne (Smith) Brooker

1964-70         Albert and Margaret (West) Pike



109 Shelford Road



1927-47         William and Gertrude (Coleman) Mackrow with William’s daughter Lily Mackrow

1947-48         Ian and Molly (Meager) McVean

1948-51         Richard and Patricia (Baldwin) Barnard

1952-70         James and Freda (Holmes) Leonard


House demolished in 2007 to allow building of Addenbrooke's Road



110 Shelford Road



1919               Peter and Theodora (Hinson) Dawson

1920-37         Henry and Emma (Hinson) Foster (Theodora Dawson’s aunt) with children

1939-48         William and Marian (Roe) Foreman with daughter and son-in-law Christine and Kenneth Boswell

1946-48         Miss Isobel Harling

1954-58         William and Georgina (Butcher) Foreman

1959-70         Harry and Audrey (Baker) Barrett


House demolished in 2007 to allow building of Addenbrooke's Road



111 Shelford Road



1928-39         Quintin and Doris (Downes) Kennedy

1930               Robert and Betty (Hood) Jones

1937-39         Arthur and Doris (Jeffery) Edwards

1945-65         Thomas and Grace (Merrick) Poffley


House demolished in 2007 to allow building of Addenbrooke's Road



112 Shelford Road


1965-70         William and Lilian (Blease) Bainbridge



113 Shelford Road



1928-38         Harry and Brenda (Whittingham) Emmott

1939-70         Harold and Kathleen (Lalor) Powell


House demolished in 2007 to allow building of Addenbrooke's Road



115 Shelford Road



1928-69         Harry and Mary (Fuller) Dell



116 Shelford Road

Church House/Glebe House


1929-58         Frank and Alice (Fletcher) Tebbit

1934-58         Miss Mary Ward

1963-65         Robert and Ella (Asbury) Parsons



117 Shelford Road



1927-86         Charles and Edith (Ince) Coe with Charles’ daughter Vida Coe



119 Shelford Road


1934-50         John and Elizabeth (Coward) Salmon

1950-74         Arnold and Lilian (Salmon) Moore with sons



120 Shelford Road



1926-44         William and Mabel (Warren) Parker

1945-64         William and Mildred (Wilkin) Parker



121 Shelford Road


1935-38         Murdo and Olive (Yull) McRae

1945-46         Edgar and Florence (Charles) Shippey

1947-58         Harry and Kate (Parker) Hatton



122 Shelford Road



1915-40         Robert and Lily (Parker) Haslop with son Ernest

1917-25         George and Julia (Claydon) Carter with son Stanley

1934-37         Philip Brunney

1941-56         Robert and Sarah (Mansfield) Haslop with Mrs Amelia (Haslop) Coe (Robert’s sister)

1959-61         Edwin and Elsie (Dutton) Beaumont

1963-73         Ernest and Edith (Lawrence) Haslop



123 Shelford Road



1926-39         Percy and Gertrude (Fuller) Noble

1945-74         Sidney and Ida (Goode) Melleney with Henry and Mabel (Allinson) Melleney



124 Shelford Road



1916-56         Walter and Louisa (Smith) Wedd with Mrs Mary (Wilson) Smith and children

1957-59         Ronald and Olive (Alsop) Stock

1961-70         Sidney and Edith (Hammond) Marsh with father Sidney Marsh



125 Shelford Road



1926-89         Sidney and Dorothy (Wenham) Muggleton



126 Shelford Road



1915-26         Daniel and Sarah (White) Cowell

1923               William Woodyatt (husband of Sarah Cowell’s niece)

1928-70         William and Dorothy (Blanks) Caldecoat with daughters

1930-31         William and Sarah (Gibson) Kirby with daughter Myrtle

1947-55         Philip and Gwendoline (Caldecoat) Howard

1948-51         Edward and Jean (Caldecoat) Cawston



128 Shelford Road


1934-37         Samuel Gentle

1939-78         George and Kate (Gentle) Pamplin with son Peter

1967-78         Misses Eva, Adelaide and Olive Pamplin (George’s sisters)



129 Shelford Road


1934-36         Miss Elsie Jameson and Miss Florence Wanstall (first cousins)

1938-73         Edward and Florence (Bowers) Stone



130 Shelford Road

The Chalet


1927-56         Frederick and Alice (Constable) Woolfenden



131 Shelford Road


1935-36         Miss Florence Wanstall

1936               Edmund Larque and Hilda Watkins

1936               Hugo de la Mothe

1937-39         Alfred and Edith (Thorpe) Butler

1945-54         Francis and Joan (Carter) Fuller

1949-57         Percy and Elsie (Easter) Fuller (Francis’ parents)

1958-70         Bernard and Gwenneth (Bull) Wilcox



132 Shelford Road


1934-35         William and Lily (Page) Gilbert

1938-39         Stanley and May (Taylor) Gilbert (William’s brother)

1946-48         Frederick and Thelma (Askham) Gilbert (brother of William and Stanley)

1949-51         Christopher and Queenie (Haylock) Badcock

1952-56         Thomas and Bessie (Gilbert) Jolley (sister of William, Stanley and Frederick)



133 Shelford Road



1934-70         Thomas and Agnes (Macaulay) Shaw with son Athelstan

1949-61         Athelstan and Eileen (Francis) Shaw



134 Shelford Road



1927-40         William and Amy (Salmon) Bullman

1945-54         Archibald and Dorothy (Baker) Gouldstone

1955-70         Albert and Olga (Will) Baker



135 Shelford Road


1934-35         William and Lily (Dickinson) Dew with Mrs Frances (Medcalf) Dickinson

1936-37         Edward and Theresa (Mullins) Northfield

1938-39         James and Lavinia (Raffell) Reed

1945-58         Herbert and Olive (Peacock) Bickers

1957-58         Miss Dorothy Treleven



136 Shelford Road



1918-27         Thomas and Olga (Brewster) Aldham

1928-31         Stanley and Annie (Stalley) Gifford with father William Gifford

1934-38         Leonard and Ruby (Manthorpe) Trend

1939-46         Jack and Ruby (Knights) Barrows

1945-48         Miss Mary Barrows (Jack’s sister)

1947-64         Alfred and Joan (Papworth) Thurbon



137 Shelford Road


1935-39         Sidney and Mary (Reynolds) Oakman

1945-58         Bertram and Elsie (Gibson) Jacob with Mrs Florence (Allen) Jacob

1960-70         Lawrence and Mary (Kermode) Russell



138 Shelford Road



1916-17         Robert and Ethel (Ilett) Cleaver

1918               Isaac Everett

1921-55         George and Mary (Gentle) Pyne



139 Shelford Road


1964-70         Herbert and Dorothy (Wildbore) Marson



140 Shelford Road



1920-23         Hugh and Clara (Linsey) Milligan

1925-69         Reginald and Gladys (Linsey) Marfleet



141 Shelford Road


1936-57         Arthur and Fanny (Joyner) Barton

1958-69         Miss Mary Moline

1958-69         Miss Marion Morton Smith



142 Shelford Road



1920-66         Albert and Edith (Pratt) Porter with daughter Evelyn



144 Shelford Road



1917-20         William and Gertrude (Purchas) Stevenson

1921-70         Edward and Louisa (Doggett) Mott with sister Amelia Mott

1930-49         Miss Elizabeth Cresswell

1955-70         Mrs Florence (Doggett) Marshall (Louisa’s sister)



146 Shelford Road

Stanley House


1919-25         Harry and Ellen (Dockerill) Newell

1926-35         Thomas and Gertrude (Barnes) Howlett

1937-70         Mrs Ruth (Shipp) Bridgeman with children

1945-70         Mrs Cissie (Bridgeman) Scott (Ruth’s daughter)

1945-47         Walter and Bertha (Cousins) Bridgeman (Ruth’s son)



148 Shelford Road



1920-42         George and Alice (Coulson) McKay

1946-54         Donald and Ethel (Lander) Bareham

1955-57         Norman and Violet (Buckell) Julian



150 Shelford Road


1934-70         Cecil and Clarina (Culleton) Pitman



151 Shelford Road


1936-52         Lionel and May (Paul) Mann

1953-54         Gilbert and Lilian (Price) Elliot

1955-70         John and Jane (Collinge) Brookes with father Herbert Brookes and mother Mrs Hilda (Crompton) Collinge



152 Shelford Road



1930-62         Ernest and Marion (Nicole) Murfitt with daughter Lily



153 Shelford Road


1934-36         Leslie and Dorothy (Attwood) Day

1939-46         Thomas and Beatrice (Brett) Martin

1947-52         Frank and Carol (Webb) Bartlett

1964-66         Vernon and Zenith (Sams) Godfree



154 Shelford Road


1934-62         Albert and Sylvia (Vale) Kitteridge with daughters

1945-46         Ernest and Florence (Kidd) Marchant

1964-67         Ridley and Pamela (Till) Cairns


House demolished in 1968 for extension of garage



155 Shelford Road


1938-46         Arthur and Florence (Gates) Hubbard with son Donald

1947-61         William and Florence (Gates) Fenton

1950-59         Laurence Bokenham

1962-79         Sidney and Vida (Pratt) Root



156 Shelford Road



1929-60         Bert and Edna (Baxter) Carter

1939               Frederick Nadal

1963-67         Esau and Denise (Anderson) Hernandez


House demolished in 1968 for extension of garage



160 Shelford Road


1930               George and Edith (Hoseason) Bailey

1934               Harold and Rose (Wells) Mann

1938               William and Lilian (Williams) Sale

1939               Mrs Alice (Newell) Alsop with son Reginald

1944-54         Walter and Gertrude (Still) Badcock with sons

1944-47         John and Rose (Still) Gordon (Gertrude Badcock’s mother and step-father)

1945-46         Walter and Edith (Rogers) Badcock (Walter’s father and step-mother)

1957-70         Ralph and Ruth (Thornton) Balmforth



162 Shelford Road



1927-29         James and Maria (Webb) Watson with children

1930-31         Percy and Dorothy (Wilkinson) Campbell

1934-35         Sidney and Mervyn (Newman) Coulson with mother Mrs May (Hamilton) Newman and brother William Newman

1935-36         Mrs Rose (Carter) Arnold with daughter Mrs Gwendoline (Arnold) January

1937-38         Reginald and Mabel (Seaton) Woolliscroft

1939               Mrs Naomi (Matlock) Manderson with children

1945-70         Albert and Winifred (Haydon) Manderson with children



164 Shelford Road


1930-31         Geoffrey and Violet (Hickman) Smith

1934-36         Leonard and Dorothy (Parkin) O’Donnell

1937-39         Mrs Emily (Stearn) Beaumont with sister Miss Alice Stearn

1939               Ethel (Freestone) Harris (Emily Beaumont’s sister-in-law) with son Ronald Stearn

1945-65         Willie and Ida (Woods) Portwood with children

1947-52         James and Josephine (Burrows) Portwood

1959-64         Mrs Katharine (Ratcliffe) Beck



165 Shelford Road



1926-36         Bertram and Eleanor (Finch) Jones

1945-48         Mrs Elsie (Runham) Day

1946               Harry and Edith (Silvester) Hard

1947-52         George and Agnes (Stewart) Neilson

1954-70         Keith and Kathleen (Brabyn) Davey with Mrs Kate (Stroud) Davey



166 Shelford Road


1931               Frederick and Elizabeth (Hall) Overhill

1934-36         Frederick and Edith (Rance) Tidbury

1939               Stanley and Hilda (Huckle) Dyer

1942               Albert and Anne (Ash) Sanderson

1945-49         Mrs Florence (Thornhill) Hatch (Anne Sanderson’s mother)

1950-56         Clifford and Gertrude (Mason) Elborne

1950-63         Roy and Alice (Elborne) Cook



167 Shelford Road



1924-38         Harold and Emma (Bullman) Woor

1939-53         Colin Kitchiner

1939-53         Horace Yaxley

1955-64         Hugh and Eunice (Bowyer) Medlow

1965-70         Herbert and Elsie (Alderton) Middleton with parents Sidney and Violet (Ellis) Alderton



169 Shelford Road


1930               Charles and Kate (Wilson) Waller

1934-37         Cecil and Lily (Scott) Argent

1938               Albert and Kathleen (Kitchener) Nye

1939-48         Herbert and Verona (Cross) Hancock

1945               William and Mabel (Burton) Lewis

1949-53         Charles and Betty (Dascombe) Rooke

1954-67         Frederick and Irene (Baxter) Matthews



171 Shelford Road

Tunwell Cottage


1929-31         Charles and Florence (Tabor) Craske

1934-70         George and May (Mansfield) Newell with father George Mansfield



173 Shelford Road



1929-31         Arthur and Norah (Verlander) Spencer

1934-37         Edward and Florence (Bowers) Stone

1938-51         Herbert and Maria (Anfosso) Martin

1945               Alexander and Gladys (Perry) Pickersgill

1953-60         Miss Phebe Speechley

1963-70         Frank Speechley (Phebe’s brother)



174 Shelford Road



1915-70         Herbert and Esther (Crow) Kefford with son Herbert, daughter Dora and her son Kenneth Kefford



175 Shelford Road


1930-31         Frederick and Mildred (Purcell) Curtis

1934-37         Thomas and Edith (Janes) Loveday

1938-39         Mrs Alice (Cawte) Asher with daughters

1938-74         Bertram and Jessie (Asher) Gough

1945-65         Miss Cynthia Hayes



177 Shelford Road



1929               Edwin and Gertrude (Cully) Walker

1934-39         John and Amy (Ramsden) Townend

1945-70         Ernest and Doris (Baker) Wilsher

1960               Miss Dorothy Treleven



179 Shelford Road

The Kraal


1923-26         Ernest and Hilda (Baker) Hunt

1925               William and Edith (Baker) Pullar (Hilda’s sister)

1927-31         Francis and Greta (Harford) Hudson

1935               Frederick and Grace (Lambert) Bibby

1936-72         Samuel and Joyce (Hardman) Tudor



180 Shelford Road

Ruby Villa


1920-52         Jonah and Esther (Wilson) Giddings

1953-73         Ernest and Emeline (Gardiner) Clark with Mrs Alice (Coleman) Gardiner



181 Shelford Road


1923-58         William and Constance (Reeve) Gukenbiehl

1950-58         Mrs Gretchen (Ford) Kiddy (William Gukenbiehl’s niece)



182 Shelford Road



1915-63         Henry and Mary (Porter) Huckle with daughters and Mary’s sisters Elsie and Doris Porter

1958-63         Miss Mary Worthington






All Private (from 1969 onwards), with the following exceptions:



2 Cranleigh Close


1969-95         Stanley and Phyllis (Bedwell) Burling



3 Cranleigh Close


1969-85         Francis and Myrtle (Welch) Butcher



5 Cranleigh Close


1969-2010     Edmund and Elsie (Perry) Dorban



6 Cranleigh Close


1969-70         Harry and Freda (Kester) Page



7 Cranleigh Close


1969-70         Miss Ivy Codrington with mother Mrs Florence (Potter) Codrington



15 Cranleigh Close


1969-70         Jack and Rena (Haynes) Parsley








All Private (from 1969 onwards), with the following exceptions:



1 Craven Close


1969-70         George and Irene (Pyle) Cantwell with mother Mrs Annie (Wright) Pyle



2 Craven Close


1969-76         Albert and Ada (Page) Smith



3 Craven Close


1969-70         Charles and Ella (Frowd) Sutherland




6 Craven Close


1969-70         Douglas and Ena (Pettitt) Bailey



7 Craven Close


1969-85         Claude and Caroline (Smith) Elmitt



8 Craven Close


1970               Mrs Rose (Foskett) Gale






All Private (from 1963 onwards), with the following exceptions:



1963-70         Francis and Sheila (Haylock) Lander



4 Exeter Close


1963-66         Mrs Mabel (Warren) Moir



7 Exeter Close


1963-70         Rowland and May (Siswick) Varley



GLEBE FARM (also known as Vicarage Farm, Parson’s Farm, Holben’s Farmhouse)



1851-74         John and Phoebe (Pratt) Careless with children

1881               Joseph and Sarah (Long) Parker

1891               David and Emma (Theobald) Allgood with children

1891               Amos and Charlotte (Careless) Allgood (son of David and Emma) with children

1901               Charles and Mary (Bass) Pratt with children


From 1903 to 1956 there were two separate semi-detached cottages within the house.


1 Glebe Farm Cottages


1911-31         Charles and Mary (Bass) Pratt with daughter Miss Dora Pratt

1934-38         Frederick and Lilian (Stringer) Brown     

1939               Walter and Gertrude (Still) Badcock with children

1945-46         Percy and Gertrude (McClennan) Bridges with sister Miss Gladys McClennan

1947-49         Henry and Winifred (Fellingham) Sillett

1950-53         Sidney and Eileen (Prythergch) Dockerill

1954-56         Michael and Rosemary Weston (no information)


2 Glebe Farm Cottages


1903-29         Arthur and Sarah (Lomax) Plummer with children

1931-35         Walter and Elsie (Boyce) Dicks

1936-37         Leslie and Gladys (Salter) Kester

1938-39         Frank and Olive (Hobbs) Carter

1945-56         Robert and Grace (Lavender) Sadler


In 1958 the house was restored to a single dwelling.


1958-70         George and Brenda (Deeks) Martin




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