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Husband: Richard Puckle 1,2,3
Born: ABT 1588 Christened: 2 Jun 1588 in Lowestoft St Margaret, Suffolk 4 (see note 1) Probate: 1658 in Prerogative Court of Canterbury (see note 2) Father: Samuel Puckle (1552 - 1596) Mother: Anne Paine (1565 - ) Other spouse 2 Notes
Wife: Elizabeth Loveland 5 Married name: Elizabeth Puckle
Died: 1619/20 Buried: 3 Mar 1619/20 in Norwich St Benedict, Norfolk 5 Father: Mother: Notes
1 M John Puckle | Born: ABT 1619 | Died: AFT 1657 6 | Buried
Sources: (1) . (2) . (3) . (4) . (5) . (6) . Event Notes Note (1) Mother's name recorded as Agnes. Note (2) Summary of the Will of Richard Puckle Written 11th December 1657. Richard Puckle of the City of Norwich, hosier. Make my very good and loving friend Thomas Matlis of Norwich, Apothecary, and my loving friend and kinsman John Mackerell of Norwich, mercer, my joint executors. Whereas my Messuage or Tenement, houses, edifices, buildings, yards, orchards, gardensand grounds situate lying and being in the parish of St Benedict, Norwich or other adjoining parishes stand mortgaged and engaged to sundry persons, now my executors shall have the letting and disposing thereof, and shall take and receive the rents and profits thereof for so long until by the said rents and profits there shall be yearly paid unto my Aunt Mary Enton and to my cousin Peter Enton all the debt and interest which I owe unto them by virtue of my mortgage thereof unto them. And then after these debts shall be fully paid to them and other out payments and reparations satisfied by the said rents my executors , with the assent and agreement of my loving son John Puckle, shall make sale of all my said messuage etc for the best price that they can get. And the moneys raised by the said sale first to satisfy and pay my son John all such moneys and debt which I do owe him for which the said premises stand also engaged. And by the residue thereof, and all my goods and chattels and household stuff, to satisfy and pay all my other due debts, to bring my body to decent Christian burial, to prove my will, and to discharge all my executors disbursements and charges. And to pay to each of my executors a twenty shillings piece of gold. And then the remainder thereof shall be equally shared out amongst all other my children, share and share alike, except to Richard my son who shall have no part thereof. Witnesses John Francis, Catherine Chapline widdow, and me John Mathewe Snr. Proved at London 13th September 1658, by the oath of Thomas Matlis and John Mackerell the joint executors. For comments and questions about this family, email Howard Slatter Updated 18 May 2020 Name Index