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Husband: Lionel Suckling
Born: ABT 1610 in Whitton, Middlesex 1 Christened: 1610 2,3 Died: 1665 3 Probate: 1665 in Westminster, London 4 (see note 1) Father: John Suckling (1569 - ) Mother: Martha Cranfield (1578 - 1613) Other spouse 2 Notes
Wife: Catherine Godsalve 3 Married name: Catherine Suckling Married: 9 Mar 1646/47 in Martham, Norfolk 5
Died: 1648 Buried: 1648 in Great Ormsby, Norfolk 3 Father: Mother:
1 M John Suckling | Born: | Died: BEF 1665 1 | Buried
2 F Mary Suckling | Born: | Died: BEF 1665 1 | Buried
Sources: (1) . (2) Visitation of Norfolk (Norfolk Record Society) (3) Muskett J J, Suffolk Manorial Families (1900), p 177-208. (4) Muskett J J, Suffolk Manorial Families (1900), pp 177-208. (5) http://www.freereg.org.uk. Event Notes Note (1) Will of Lionel Suckling, 1665 I Lionel Suckling, borne in the village of Whitton in the county of Middlesex, Esquire, being in good health and memory, doe make this my last Will and Testament. My body I bequeath to the earth from whence it came, to be interred privately and frugally, and to be laid as neere as possible by my dearly beloved children John and Mary Suckling, with the Booke of Common Prayer only. There was a debt of 300 accrewing to me from my brother Claget, which I made over in trust to my brother Sir John Davis in the County of Barkshire, Knight. I have taken out 220 of my principal I doe therefore dispose of the odd four- score pounds which is left in manner following. I give unto my beloved wife Ann Suckling 50. I give her my daughter Mary's silver candle cupp and spoone: also my Rubie Ring and my amathest Ring, which are beset with little diamonds. I give her my owne greate Bible with my daughter Mary's little Bible and all my Prayer Bookes, desiring her to be very conversant in them, and to practice what she reads, so God Almightie bless her. But in case my wife should die before the month after my death be expired, then I bestow all uppon my sweet Neece, the Lady Lee and her children, whose beloved husband is Sir Thomas Lee, Knight and Baronet, liveing at Heartwell in the County of Buckingham. I give unto my honoured brother, Sir John Davis, and to his most virtuous lady mourning rings : (and the same) unto Sir Thomas Lee and his lady bedfellow, and my brother William Claget, Esquire. Unto my cosen Robert Suckling of Woodton in Norfolk Esq. my silver seale that has my owne cote of armes upon it. Unto my noble friend Mr Harrison, that did live at his house neere the horse farrie, who has ever bin most loving and pleasant unto me, my gold Ring which has His Majesties picture in it, with this posie, - "God bless King Charles from all his enemies." Unto my friend Mr William Ireland, my mourning ringe which I soe continually did weare for my lady sister. Unto the widow Juxon, who was very careful of me in my great fitt of sicknesse xx s. Unto my good cousin Chapman, and my cousin Cooper her daughter, . . .Angels apiece in gold. My cousin Croftes. Unto Jane, a married woman who tended my son John Suckling when he had the smallpox. The rest of my estate I give unto my worthy kinsman, Mr Hugh Hassall, that is every day uppon the old Exchange. And now I have a little quieted my soule in the manifold disquietings of this world, I desire the Lord God of all glory to showere down his blessings uppon my deare wife, brother, and sisters, and all my friends and kindreds; soe I take my leave; and now come Lord Jesus. Amen and Amen. I have hereunto putt my hande and seale this I9th day of August 1665. This will was proved in Sept. 1665 by Anne SuckIing the relict. The original is filed in the Court of Westminster. For comments and questions about this family, email Howard Slatter Updated 18 May 2020 Name Index