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Husband: John Puckle 1
Born: ABT 1533 in Lewes, Sussex 2 Resided: 1593 in Lewes, Sussex 1 Resided: in School Hill, Lewes, Sussex 2 Died: 23 Jun 1606 in Lewes, Sussex 2 Buried: 25 Jun 1606 in Lewes All Saints, Sussex 2 Probate: 27 Jun 1606 in Prerogative Court of Canterbury (see note 1) Occupation: Yeoman and Merchant 2 Father: Thomas Puckle ( - 1565) Other spouse 1 Notes
Wife: Thomasine Mabbe 3,2 Married name: Thomasine Puckle Married: 10 Feb 1593/94 in Lewes, Sussex 2,4 (see note 2)
Died: 1610 Buried: 1 May 1610 in Lewes All Saints, Sussex 2 Father: Mother:
Sources: (1) . (2) . (3) . (4) On English Origins website. Event Notes Note (1) Will of John Puckle of Lewes, merchant, written 8 Sep 1605. Includes references to: The poor of the parishes of All Saints, St Johns under the Castle, St Mary without, St Michael (all Lewes), Ringmer and Southover. Joan Puckle my brother Edmund's widow; Arthur Puckle Edmund's son. Cousin John Goodfellow; kinswoman Agnes Goodfellow his wife; all of their children. Cousin Michael Glandfield; kinswoman Elizabeth Glandfield; all her children. Richard Puckle, son of brother Robert; William his brother; Anne Puckle his sister; Robert her brother. Cousin John Cole and his wife; all their daughters; Gabrial Cole their son my godson. All the children of John James (deleted) Jamcens (?) by my kinswoman. My cousin Sara my brother's daughter. All the children of Samuel Puckle. Gabriel Puckle son of Gabriel Puckle. Joan Carewe, wife of Thomas Carewe; Robert Carewe their son; god-daughter Joan Carewe. John Puckle son of my son Edmunde Puckle; Richard, William, Edward Puckle, sons of Edmunde; Joan Puckle and (blank) daughters of Edmunde. Thomazine my wife. William Jorden gent. Myne heir apparent John Puckle. Thomas Puckle my son. John Puckle, son of my son John Puckle, to be appointed executor. Friends Thomas Carewe, Thomas Dawson, cousin John Goodfellow, Nicholas Wilson to be overseers. In further clause dated 21 Jun 1606, the sons of brother Edmunde again listed, in order of inheriting precedence (aftyer executor John Puckle): John, Richard, William, Edward. Probate granted 27 Jun 1606 to John Puckle "nepotis ex filio dicti defuncti" (grandson by the son of the deceased). Note (2) Marriage Licence - Archdeaconry of Lewes. Thomasine a widow. For comments and questions about this family, email Howard Slatter Updated 18 May 2020 Name Index