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1 Barrow Road

Barrow Hatch


1931-67         Edward and Harriet (Freestone) Brown with son Leslie Brown

1965               Robert and Hilda (Brown) Peregrine (daughter of Edward and Harriet)

1969-84         Mrs Olivia (Smith) Saunders-Davies with parents Frederick and Eleanor (Orr) Smith



2 Barrow Road

Barrow House


1931-39         George and Marjorie (Ellison) Knight      

1939-48         Charles and Winifred (Pitt) Harmer          

1950-53         Cyril and Gladys (Small) Henderson       

1959-61         Reginald and Angela (Knatchbull) Owbridge     

1962-63         Ronald and Eileen (Howell) Ecclestone 

1968-70         Philip and Tessa (Phillips) Mollett



3 Barrow Road

St Fillans


1934-70         Frederick and Victoria (Wild) Goodwin   

1934-70         Miss Amy White [servant]



4 Barrow Road



1931-39         Cyril Sleeman          

1937-39         Miss Edith Tow [housekeeper]

1946-55         John and Mary (Russell-Jones) Bury      

1956-70         Gordon and Cynthia (Woolston) Rolfe    



5 Barrow Road

Barley House


1932-33         Mrs Maud (Carter) Hooley

1934-36         Mrs Millicent (Beck) Rushmore with son Frederick Rushmore

1937-39         Arthur and Betty (Brend) Woods  

1945               Henry and Constance (Major) Price                    

1946-62         Henry and Margaret (Harrison) Jackson

1964-70         Ernest and Pearl (Stockdale) Cowell      



6 Barrow Road

The Mythe or Merrylodge


1931-33         William and Ethel (Phillips) Devereux     

1935-50         Robert Bury 

1935-39         Miss Ellen Butler [cook, housekeeper]

1945-49         Mrs Fanny (Wadswoth) Ambrose

1951-66         Private

1967-90         Mrs Rhoda (Hartley) Johnston



7 Barrow Road


1931-50         Mrs Maude (Butler) Chapman with daughter Miss Ida Chapman

1935-37         Miss Bessie Radford [cook]

1951-95         Colin and Louisa (Pinner) Royce 



8 Barrow Road


1931-58         Angus and Esther (Gervis) Bird    

1934-49         Miss Hilda Utting     

1959-64         Derek and Frances Shrimpton     

1965-70         Private



9 Barrow Road


1933-64         Hubert and Marjorie (MacLean) Tunnicliffe       

1934-39         Miss Gladys Bass [servant]

1966-70         Ralph and Iris (Price) Milburn



10 Barrow Road


1932-45         Augustus and Georgiana (French) Imms

1935               Mrs Catherine (Everett) Hickling [cook]

1937-38         Miss Lilian Prewer  

1939               Miss Florence Hensby [cook]

1946-60         Mrs Alice (Rabett) Lindsay

1951-70         Brian and Gerda (Tromp) Cooper



11 Barrow Road


1933-50         Ernest and Elisabeth (McCormick) Maskell       

1938-46         Miss Mollie Papworth (later Mrs Mollie Daynes) [housekeeper]

1952               Mrs Ruby (Fetherston) Lambert with daughter Joan Lambert

1953-70         Cyril and Helen (Scoones) Duchesne    



12 Barrow Road



1931-60         Herbert and Lois (Nelson) Woodman

1947-57         Christopher and Sheila (Woodman) Terry (daughter of Herbert and Lois)

1945-48         Miss Barbara Hutcheon

1961-70         Hugh and Margaret (Galway) Fleming



13 Barrow Road


1933-34         Albert and Marjorie (Carter) Alexander

1935               William and Madeline (Langley) Sadler

1937-38         Charles and Lenora (Matheson) Macdonald

1939-46         Edward and Joan (Goddard) Bevan with sister in law Mrs Hilda (Yates) Bevan and her daughter Caroline Bevan

1945               Arthur and Katharine (Heath) McKenzie

1947               Douglas and Elaine (Charlton) Hartree

1948-52         Thomas and Merle (Tuberg) Gold

1953-57         Rupert and Agnes (Cross) Kneese

1958-70         Frank and Yvonne (Nutkins) Grange



14 Barrow Road


1932-66         Stourton and Marjorie (Maxwell) Steen

1934-36         Miss Elsie Edwards

1944-47         Mrs Nellie (Coenen) Aulsebrook



15 Barrow Road


1935-39         Alan and Margaret (Monks) Wilson

1947-68         Graham and Patience (Jones) Wright



16 Barrow Road


1932-70         Norman and Annie (Moore) Myers with children

1949-70         Miss Lucy Williamson



17 Barrow Road


1934-39         Hubert and Eileen (Masaroon) Wootton

1949-70         George and Maud (Barlow) Sutcliffe



18 Barrow Road


1935-52         Robert and Dorothy (Dean) Sewell

1935-52         Miss Rose Timm(s) [cook] and later her husband William Crisp

1953-70         Elwyn and Ethel (Jones) Parry-Jones



19 Barrow Road


1933-37         Mrs Alison (Burns) Stead

1938-40         George and Christine (Cox) Crowson

1948-60         William (later Sir William) and Marie (Osland-Hill) Wade

1961-70         Dirk and Marie-Luise (Leyser) Hoffman



20 Barrow Road


1935-39         Colin and Marie Thompson

1939               Miss Beatrice Prewer [servant]

1945-63         John and Katie (Roach) Craig

1959               John and Christine (Sinton) Chilton

1964-70         James and Helen (Cuthbert) Haslam



21 Barrow Road


1934-70         Evelyn and Mary (Eaton) Ansell



22 Barrow Road


1932-36         Lewis and Christina (McCallum) Shore

1937-50         Frederick and Margaret (Shackleton) Mann with mother Mrs Mary (Orr) Shackleton

1937               Miss Margaret Wilding

1937-48         Miss Alice Pettit with sister in law Mrs Blanche (Jeffrey) Pettit [cook]

1951-56         Frederick and Barbara (Thornber) Mann

1957-65         Francis and Adele (Ingram) Brooke




23 Barrow Road


1934-35         Geoffrey and Elizabeth (Derry) Carr

1936-47         Miss Florence Martin with sisters Mrs Ruth (Martin) Warford and Miss Dorothy Martin

1949-50         Robert and Jessie Buchan

1951-52         George and Wilma Batchelor

1953-54         Miss Florence Martin with sister Miss Dorothy Martin

1955-70         Private

1960               Hugh and Margaret (Galway) Fleming



24 Barrow Road


1935-48         Mrs Edith (Bradley) Spooner with children

1949-70         John and Pamela (Tanner) Marnham



25 Barrow Road



1935-45         Oscar and Beatrice (Vermeulen) Borer

1946-56         Norman and Gertrude (Maxwell) Chater with parents John and Constance (Deakin) Maxwell

1958-70         Benjamin and Margaret (Hargreaves) Milstein



26 Barrow Road


1933-70         Walter and Muriel (Johnstone) Dowson with mother Mrs Jessie (Watson) Johnstone

1945-48         Vernon and Honor (Dowson) Earle (daughter of Walter and Muriel)



27 Barrow Road


1935-39         Mrs Annie (MacGregor) Milsted with sons

1938-39         Arthur Stokes

1945-57         John and Kathleen (Viall) Ratcliff

1958-67         Henry and Harriett (Rowe) Marriott



28 Barrow Road


1935-57         William (later Sir William) and Kathleen (Cameron) Hodge

1958-68         William and Mary (Crook) Frend

1969-70         Ulrich and Valerie (Hilton-Sergeant) Arndt



29 Barrow Road


1938-48         Arnold Wallace-Tarry

1938-46         Francis and Edith (Turner) Wallace-Tarry (Arnold’s son)

1946-47         Mrs Frances (Potter) Maddigan [housekeeper]

1949-70         Edward and Dorothy (Fletcher) Frost with daughter June Frost


30 Barrow Road


1935-38         William and Adele (Ogilvy) Guthrie with daughter Anne Guthrie

1937-38         Miss Alice Cornell

1939-52         Alan and Flora (Bruton) Hall

1953-70         Robert and Margaret (Jotham) Gardner



31 Barrow Road


1936-58         John and Hilda (White) Pendlebury

1939               Miss Queenie Scott

1950               Geoffrey and Barbara (Traill) Kirk

1959-70         Arthur and Dorothy (Simon) Gray



32 Barrow Road


1938-39         George and Marjorie (Ellison) Knight

1945               Mrs Irene (Hope) Law

1945               Miss Florence Arbon [servant]

1946-63         Alexander (then Sir Alexander then Baron Todd) and Alison (Dale) Todd

1964-66         Franz Sondheimer



33 Barrow Road


1938-58         Henry and Mary (Nichols) Newbery with children

1938-45         Miss Iris Kettle (later Mrs Iris Vaughan)

1959-70         John and Dorothy (Dixon) Norfolk



34 Barrow Road


1958-70         Deryck and Leonie (Roninson) Mumford



35 Barrow Road


1945-50         Mrs Rosemary (Inglis) Schofield

1952-70         Charles and Winifred (Pitt) Harmer



36 Barrow Road


1938-65         Charles and Maggie (Thompson) Morley with children

1966-2018     Pamela Kok (no information)



37 Barrow Road

Baynard Lodge


1936-52         Mrs Kathleen (O’Hagan) de Beaumont

1936-38         Miss Mildred Rayner

1939-52         Miss Ada King [housekeeper]

1953-61         Peter and Evelyn (Nutt) Ackroyd

1962-2008     David and Diana (Fletcher) Kendall



39 Barrow Road


1937-45         Norman and Kathleen (Burke) Feather

1939               Miss Nellie Coenen

1946-70         William and Annie Taylor (no information)



40 Barrow Road


1958-62         Richard and Phyllis Knight (no information)



41 Barrow Road



1935-70         John and Margaret (MacLean) Hunter-Rioch



42 Barrow Road


1960-70         Irvine and Lilian (Scott) Crawshaw



43 Barrow Road


1945-70         Alan and Dorothy (Cranwell) Myers



44 Barrow Road


1958-70         John or William and Mary James with Gladys Doubleday (no information)



45 Barrow Road


1939-46         Joseph and Lilian (Buxton) Mitchell

1939-46         Miss Ellen Barlow (then Mrs Ellen Stanford with husband Edwin Stanford) [cook]

1945               Geoffrey Fisk

1947-70         Emyr and Mair (Evans) Moelwyn-Hughes



46 Barrow Road


1959-93         Rudolph and Eva de Pfeiffer



47 Barrow Road


1938-39         Thomas and Diana (Knight) Digby

1945-62         Edward and Henrietta (Rowlatt) Willmer with brother Denis Rowlatt

1963-68         John and Florence (Lye) Street with mother Mrs Florence Lye



51 Barrow Road


1958-70         Ernest and Lily (Lyes) Egli



53 Barrow Road


1958-60         Aubrey and Ivy (Good) Rumsey

1961-70         John and Ann (Ritchie) Coope



55 Barrow Road


1958-63         Alan and Pauline (Noble) Prest



57 Barrow Road


1958-65         John and Mary (Hinch) Byrom



59 Barrow Road


1958-70         Ronald and Anne (Bedingfeld) Greaves






1 Barrow Close


1945-57         Stanley and Elsie (Pitt) Earl with daughter Miss Betty Earl

1947               Donald and Patricia (Williamson) Earl (son of Stanley and Elsie)

1959-62         John and Grace Black (no information)

1963-66         Leon and Doreen (Hollis) Arama



2 Barrow Close


1945-58         Thomas and Freda (Barrington) Bird

1959-62         Sydney and Mary (Peatman) Collingwood

1963-70         Reginald and Ruth (Fletcher) Kingsford





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