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A.   According to electoral registers, the houses in High Street were only numbered in 1950.  Before that year, other evidence must be used to determine which house is which, such as the order of the houses as it appears in various directories, registers and censuses, as well as comparing where particular families lived in different records at different times.  In some cases, what follows has to be a “best guess” that fits the evidence as well as possible.


B.   Nowadays we use the term “High Street” to mean the main road through Trumpington from Long Road south to where Hauxton Road and Shelford Road diverge.  It is that section of the former A10 which is covered here.  However, over time it has also been known variously as Cambridge Road, London Road, Trumpington Road and Main Road.


C.   We have attempted to trace properties back to the time of the census in 1851 (and in a few cases earlier still).  The majority of the buildings standing in 1851 were still in existence in 1950, and if so they are given their numbers from that year.  However, many have been lost over time.  In that case we have tried to give an indication of where, in relation to known houses, they probably stood.


D.   The oldest large-scale (25 inches to a mile) Ordnance Survey map of Trumpington shows the village as it was in 1885.  From that year onwards it is relatively easy to specify where each house stood.  However, before then (and this includes the censuses of 1881, 1871, 1861 and 1851) there has to be some speculation regarding their location.  Baker’s map of 1830 and the Inclosure Award map of 1804 both show buildings, but it can be difficult to match them with later representations.


E.    Please read the general notes about these street pages .



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EAST SIDE (Odd numbers)


1 High Street



1891-1905     Smith and Louisa (Mansfield) Nutter and children with father Stephen Mansfield

1901               Miss Agnes Kefford [housemaid]

1911               Mrs Ethel (Wordsworth) Martin with son Ranald Martin

1913-23         David and Catherine (Wayman) Munsey

1924-30         Francis and May (Gurteen) Parsons

1930               Mrs May (Gurteen) Howard

1929-30         Miss Edith Jackson [domestic]

1931-40         Sidney and Ethel (Tomsett) Miller with son Sidney Miller

1931-40         Miss Lizzie Littlechild [domestic]

1934-40         Miss Doris Stanford [domestic]

1947-48         Stephen and Margaret (Coutts) Toulmin


Flat 1, Gilmerton, 1 High Street


1948-52         Henry and Peggy Hallatt with daughter Judith

1955-58         Bruce and Ilse (Ursell) Eton

1960-62         Donald and Doreen (John) Davie


Flat 2, Gilmerton, 1 High Street


1949-60         Mrs Isabel (Norton) Ramsay


Flat 3, Gilmerton, 1 High Street


1949-52         Lionel and Joan (Sanderson) Whitby with father Sir Lionel Whitby

1952-53         Oliver and Joy (Moult) Zangwill

1953               Charles and Anne (Charles) McBurney

1956-58         Thomas and Helen (Ginsburg) Benjamin

1959-61         Derek and Fay (Myers) Bendall


No records in electoral registers for Gilmerton after 1963.  Demolished and replaced by Gilmerton Court, where records start in 1968.



9 High Street

The Beeches


1901-15         Harold and Marian (May) Vinter with children

1911               Miss Alice Chapman [nurse]

1920               Allen and Julia (Wells) Scott

1922-40         Edwin and Annie (Clarabut) Jackson with children

1929-36         Miss Lily Moule [cook]

1945-48         Philip and Ivy (Peters) Pidduck

1945               Alfred and May (Hill) Charter


Flat 1, The Beeches, 9 High Street


1948-56         Gwilym and Mary (Davies) Roberts

1951-55         John and Margaret (Bennett) Gaskell

1958-63         Gerd and Nancy (Wann) Buchdahl


Flat 2, The Beeches, 9 High Street


1949-52         Norman and Dorothy (Smart) Higgins

1949-52         Miss Maisie Stubbings

1956-59         Frederic and Grete (Bradel) Bettelheim (also known as Jevons)

1960-62         Michael and Rebecca (Reynolds) Posner


Flat 3, The Beeches, 9 High Street


1949-50         Edmund and Joan (Roberts) Bellamy


No records in electoral registers for The Beeches after 1963.  Demolished and replaced by Gilmerton Court, where records start in 1968.



19 High Street

Cromwell House


1871               Arthur and Gertrude (Berry) Simpson

1891               Charles and Ellen (Taylor) Wright with children

1901               Mrs Ann (Banks) Skinner with children

1911-17         James and Emily (Stuart-Menteth) Whiting with son Edward

1920               Richard and Isabella (Wingate) Southwell

1921-22         William and Viola (Pemberton) Pemberton

1923-26         Charles and Helen (Anderson) Wentworth Stanley

1923-25         Ernest Frank [butler]

1926               George Dearing [servant]

1927-48         Ralph and Eileen (Rutherford) Fowler with children

1929-49         Leslie and Phyllis (Wakelin) Cook with daughter Pauline

1934-46         Miss Edith Jackson [domestic]

1939-45         Miss Irene Chamberlain, later Mrs Irene (Chamberlain) Brett [domestic]

1950-95         Arthur and Catherine (Cockerell) Cobb               

1955-70         Miss Marjorie Hyslop



33, 35, 37, 39, 41, 43 High Street


These three pairs of thatched cottages were demolished in about 1962 and replaced with the existing newer houses in 1964.



33 High Street


1851-71         Charles and Elizabeth (Ilett) Wilson with children and grandchildren

1881-1923     William and Harriet (North) Parker with children and grandchildren

1929-37         Richard and Iris (Humphries) Morris

1939-48         Charles and Hannah (Hall) Moore

1950-52         Alfred and Joan (Tyler) Clifton



35 High Street


1851               Martin Mayle with granddaughter Elizabeth Edwards

1861-81         William Haggis with daughter Ann and brother Frederick Haggis

1891-93         James and Clara (White) Sillitoe with children

1901-15         James and Amelia (Northrop) Stearn with children

1920-52         Charles and Elizabeth (Bell) Chamberlain

1954-55         John and May (Cleeve) Spring

1960-62         Richard and Pauline (Boswell) Westwood



37 High Street


1851-61         Thomas and Sarah Stubbings (brother and sister)

1871-91         James and Mary (Wilson) Smith with children and niece Sophy Wright

1901               Richard and Minnie (Wolfe) Horner

1911-15         Robert and Lily (Parker) Haslop with son Ernest Haslop

1915-62         Ernest and Eliza (Wilson) Wilson with children

1964-67         Edward and Ruby (Ward) Bulman

1968-70         Roland and Doris (Laws) Walton



37a High Street


1964-70         Miss Freda Green



39 High Street


1851               Thomas Willimott with housekeeper Rebecca Collis

1861               Arthur and Fanny (Lloyd) Peters

1871               John and Catherine (Austin) Careless with children

1881               Mrs Mary (Wilson) Wilson with children

1891               Page Wilson and Swan Wilson (brothers, sons of Mrs Mary Wilson)

1901               Charles and Agnes (Beaumont) Lloyd with children

1911-14         Ernest and Eliza (Wilson) Wilson with son Ernest Wilson

1914-62         Arthur and Emma (Frost) Mayle with children



41 High Street


1851               William and Ann (Miller) Kefford  with daughter Eleanor Kefford

1861-91         Joseph and Jemima (Harradine) Kefford with children and grandson (brother of William)

1891-1940     William and Emma (Rossington) Kefford with daughter Ethel Kefford

1930-59         Mrs Ethel (Kefford) Page

1960-61         George and Elsie (Crowe) Money

1964-65         Graeme and Florence (Martin) Davies

1966-70         Charles and Elsie (Clarke) Perrin with daughter Miss Mary Perrin



41a High Street


1968               Harold and Nesta (Johnson) Wardall



43 High Street


1851               Mrs Mary (Smith) Haggis with children

1861               Anne Haggis, Nathaniel and Frederick Haggis (sister and brothers)

1871-1901     Robert (widower of Anne Haggis) and Susan (Smith) Lloyd with Robert’s daughters Lydia Lloyd and Ellen (Lloyd) Short, sister Elizabeth (Smith) Dunn and brother William Smith

1911-21         William and Susan (Dixon) Wilson

1920-31         Clarence and Caroline (Flack) Cornwell with children

1935-39         William and Annie (Mortlock) Taylor

1939-46         John and Laura (Taylor) Cousins

1956-61         John and May (Cleeve) Spring

1964-67         Mrs Rose (Bickley) Bruns and Miss Gertude Bickley (sisters)



45 High Street

Alpha Cottage


1851               Joshua and Martha (Pestell) Sancroft

1861               Arthur and Gertrude (Berry) Simpson with children

1861               Miss Eliza Humm [servant]

1881               George and Ann (Dean) Barker with children

1891-1925     John and Emma (Peters) Rayner with sister Bertha Peters and niece Margaret Willows         

1901               Charles Hamilton

1913-24         Edward and Annie (Hood) Peters with children (nephew of Mrs Emma Rayner)

1926-59         Francis and Laura (Boughton) Haynes with son Edward Haynes

1931-35         James and Morna (Grant) Mellor

1939               David Stewart-Smith

1945-46         Mrs Florence (Gascoyne) Saxon

1948-49         Mrs Elsie (Jordan) Hobbs with Mrs Gertrude (Willson) Jordan



47 High Street

Southery House/St Mary’s


1891               Miss Frances Sayle

1901               Edward and Marguerite (Baker) Colchester with children

1911-23         Griffith and Edith (Whitehead) Todd

1924-46         Lady Margaret (Sinclair) Briscoe and Miss Frances Sinclair (sisters)

1929-37         Miss Hilda Read [servant]

1929-46         Miss Edith Pearmain [servant]

1947-54         Cyrus Lloyd



49 High Street



1861-81         Samuel and Sarah Brooks

1861               Miss Sarah Thompson

1861               Brooks Pamplin

1871               Miss Sarah Pamplin

1881-1891     Walter Mansell with daughter Mrs Elizabeth (Mansell) Hulland and her children, also sister in law Miss Ann Pettengell

1911               Thomas and Rebecca (Tasker) White with children with father Daniel Tasker

1914-60         Edward and Grace (Holmes) Colbourne with son Edward



53 High Street (Harvey’s Stores 1901-39, Post Office 1968-2002)

53a High Street (above 53)




1851-85         William and Rosamund (Wallis) Bebee with children

1891-98         Albert and Emma (Souter) Rayner with children

1901-39         George and Kate (Tredgett) Harvey with son Stanley Harvey

(1945-55        Harvey’s Stores run by Frederick Truelove)




1950-51         Peter and Beryl (Brazier) Croft

1950-51         Mrs Adelina (Grocock) Gibson

1952-55         Wilfred and Ellen (Lawrence) Burling



55 High Street

The Green Man


1807               Thomas Bland

1816-50         Elias and Elizabeth (Flack) Bland with children

1824-61         Thomas Wallis Bland

1871-96         Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Freshwater) Holmes with children

1901               William and Emma (Chapman) Flint with children

1905-36         Charles and Margaret (Rouse) Hering with children

1923-43         Joseph Medlock

1947-50         Harold and Louise (Bayden) Worsley

1947-50         Frederick and Frances (James) Owens

1951-52         George and Violet (Greenhill) Steele

1953-56         Frederick and Dora (Bonner) Smith with brother Herbert Bonner

1957-70         Charles and Gwennyth Shadwell



57 High Street

The Villa (The Limes)


1851-73         Overton and Eliza (Deacon) Hebblewhite

1874-81         Lewin and Josephine (Brown) Norris with children

1891               Thomas and Sarah (Froome) Wilson with children

1901-15         Richard and Louisa (Haws) Edwards

1917-35         Archie and Florence (Hoare) Edwards with daughter Nellie Edwards

1935-57         Archie and Alice (Barton) Edwards with Alice’s children Victor and Beatrice Swann


House demolished and “The Villa” service station built on the site.



59 High Street (Post Office 1945-67)

Lyme Cottage


1901-15         Archie and Florence (Hoare) Edwards with daughter Nellie Edwards

1920-26         Harry and Fanny (Day) Scott

1927-40         Mrs Harriet (Lowe) Hicks with children Harry and Millicent Hicks

1945-71         Charles and Beatrice (Foreman) Willson


House now demolished


Next to the Red Lion


1861-63         John and Eliza (Windridge) Harradine with children

1871               Mrs Mary (Jackson) Harradine with grandchildren

1881-1923     Henry and Phoebe (Howard) Haslop with children

1882-1935     Miss Emma Haslop and Sidney Haslop (sister and brother, children of Henry and Phoebe) 358


House demolished when the Red Lion was rebuilt



61 High Street

The Red Lion


1861-81         Robert and Martha (Dobson) Wilson with sister Mary Dobson

1891               William and Charlotte (Green) Saunders

1901               Philip and Mary (Wayman) Howard with children

1911-1915     Augustus and Sarah (Howe) Hacon with children

1920-35         Walter and Sarah (Hayden) Frost with children


Red Lion rebuilt


1939-65         Frank and Phyllis (Pryor) Barber


Vacant from 1975; demolished 1977.



Between the Red Lion and Manor Farm


It is difficult to reconstruct the exact details of who lived where in this part of High Street before it was re-developed along with the Red Lion itself in the 1970s (into what are now Gayton Close, Lambourne Close and the new 59-73 High Street).  What follows is a “best guess” reconstruction based on the available evidence.



63 to 67 High Street


A terrace of three houses facing “Cross Hill”, clearly seen in various photographs of the War Memorial.


63 High Street


1875-83         Henry and Eliza (Maddin) Westley with children

1891-1920     Samuel and Elizabeth (Wright) Rayner with children

1922-70         James and Amelia (Stearn) Kitson with children


House demolished by 1974



65 High Street


1872-91         Charles and Mary (Farmer) Peck with children

1901               Joseph and Jane (Collins) Lawrence with daughter Edith Lawrence

1911-38         John and Annie (Mead) Mayle

1939-46         Frederick and Ida (Snare) Smith

1948-55         William and Nora (Goude) Tarling with aunt Miss Elizabeth Ferries

1956-69         Herbert and Rosina (Pearmain) Haslop


House demolished by 1974



67 High Street


1881-1901     Elijah and Elizabeth (Willers) Lawrence with children

1911-35         Joseph and Jane (Collins) Lawrence with daughter Edith Lawrence

1938-70         Christopher and Gladys (Neeves) Wilson


House demolished by 1974



“Thatched Cottage” (somewhere behind 67 and 69 High Street)


1851               Miss Mary Nichols

1861-90         Miss Rebecca Collis with niece Miss Rebecca Collis

1891               George and Elizabeth (Gee) Andrews with son George Andrews

1901-21         Albert and Alice (Hood) Parker

1926-44         Sidney and Lavinia (Randell) Northrop

1947-52         Thomas Charles


House not recorded after 1952; presumed demolished.



69 High Street


Appears on Ordnance Survey maps 1885 to 1925 as a pair of semi-detached cottages.  However, a photograph of the War Memorial in the 1920s (in “Trumpington in old picture postcards”) clearly shows this as a single dwelling with slate roof and a central front door.


1878-81         Mrs Elizabeth (Bridger) Baines with children

1891               Daniel and Elizabeth (Murden) Shepherd

1895-1915     Albert and Martha (Mansfield) Carter with children

1920-21         P.C. Frank and Winifred (Pain) Howe with son Derrick Howe

1922-55         John and Emily (Langridge) Peters with daughter Lavinia Peters

1941-54         Edgar and Lavinia (Peters) Spivey

1955-70         Alfred and Rhoda (McGee) Perry with father Joseph McGee


House demolished by 1974



71 High Street


1851-1922     William and Elizabeth (Hall) Argent with Elizabeth’s daughters Rachel Bond and Alice Bond

1861-1930     Miss Sarah Carter (granddaughter of Elizabeth Argent)

1935-70         Walter and Bertha (Rowlinson) Stearn


House demolished about 1975



73 High Street

Manor Farm (Witts Farm in 1881)


1851               Walter and Mary (Pettengell) Mansell with children

1854-71         George and Rebecca (Thompson) Halls with children

1881-94         James and Emma (Crack) Wright with children

1881-1904     Josiah and Margaret (Wilderspin) Wright with children

1911-25         Daniel and Elizabeth (Murden) Shepherd with children

1928-37         Rudolph and Constance (Bailey) Shepherd

1939               Ernest and Elsie (Moule) Spalding with son Donald

1948-49         Reginald and Winifred (Lay) Grainger

1951-54         Percy and Cicely (Kendall) Seekings with children

1963-67         George and Gabrielle (Kidd) Brown


House demolished in 1969



75 High Street

Trumpington Village Hall


No residents



77 High Street

The Tally Ho! (now Hudson’s Ale House)


1832-68         James and Hannah (Nightingale) Marshall with children

1832-81         Thomas and Eliza (Silk) Marshall

1857-84         Miss Emily Marshall

1861-1902     Edwin and Susanna (Webb) Marshall

1911               Alfred and Alice (Borrett) Leadbeater

1914-17         William and Laura (Campbell) Harrod

1920-26         John and Susan (Rule) Symonds

1928-39         Francis and Isabella (Wade) King with children

1945-54         Harry and Ethel (Pond) Oldaker

1945-54         Miss Eleanor Wise

1948-50         Moel Bowman-Burns

1955-56         Charles and Ethel (Green) Griffiths (Ethel Oldaker’s daughter)

1957-70         George and Violet (Somerford) Harrison



79 and 81 High Street


This pair of semi-detached cottages were combined into one (numbered 81) in the 1960s.


79 High Street


1871-81         John and Harriet (Wilson) Stallan with son Joseph

1891-1915     William and Annie (Crouch) Stallan with children (nephew of John Stallan)

1920-62         Mrs Elizabeth (Utteridge) Haslop with daughter Alice Haslop

1935-48         Dr Arthur Drake (medical practice)

1951-53         Dr Mervyn Pembrey (medical practice)


Combined with 81 in the 1960s. 


81 High Street


1871               William Coleman with children

1881               Mrs Sarah (Gray) Stearn

1891-1936     Bransom and Annie (Stallan) Haggis with children (daughter of William and Annie Stallan next door)

1937-41         Mrs Jane (Collins) Lawrence

1950-56         Mrs Dora (Peters) Bass

1959-70         Dennis and Margaret Tanton



83 and 85 High Street


This pair of semi-detached cottages were combined into one (numbered 83) in the 1960s.  The present 85 High Street was built in the 1980s on the site of Swans Yard.


83 High Street


1861               William and Susan (Careless) Saunders with children

1871-1915     Mrs Sarah (Gray) Stearn with daughter Ann Stearn and grandchildren

1920-44         Frank and Annie (Peters) Stearn

1946-54         William and Agnes (Salter) Lambert

1956-60         William and Nora (Goude) Tarling with aunt Miss Elizabeth Ferries


85 High Street


1861               P.C. George and Mary (Carman) Girling

1871               P.C. George and Anna (Missen) Webb with children

1881               Samuel and Sarah Brooks

1891               Enoch and Jessie (Bateson) Sheldrick

1901               P.C. Charles and Alice (Cooper) Salmon

1911-31         Joseph and Matilda (Graves) Seekings

1935-36         John and Rose (Warren) Rolph

1937-39         Charles and Beatrice (Nichols) Prime

1951-55         George and Elsie (Crowe) Money with son William Money


Combined with 83 in the 1960s.  The present 85 High Street was built in the 1980s on the site of Swanns Yard.



Swanns/Swan/Swans/Swann Yard


A terrace of (originally) seven houses set at right angles to High Street where 85 High Street now stands.  By 1901 the furthest two from the road (6 and 7) had been combined; later 4 and 5 were apparently also combined. 

Last resident (at 2 Swanns Yard) recorded in 1960.

The houses were built about 1840 by brothers John and William Swann of Cambridge, hence the name.


1 Swanns Yard


At High Street end of the yard; in 1930s address was in High Street.


1861-66         Frederick and Emma (Darnell) Stearn with children

1866-85         George and Ellen (Lloyd) Short with children

1891               Henry and Ann (Ilett) Peters with children

1901-39         Martin and Lydia (Moden) Mayle

1939-45         Sidney and Emily (King) Moore

1946               Henry and Winifred (Fellingham) Sillett

1947-48         Alexander and Helen (Johnston) Scoular

1948               Thomas and Eileen (Skinner) Connor


2 Swanns Yard


1858-61         John and Sarah (Carter) Rayner with children

1867-83         John and Sarah (Desborough) Mayle with children

1867-1938     William and Emma (Wilson) Mayle with children (son of John and Sarah)

1890-1939     Miss Harriet Mayle (daughter of William and Emma)

1945-46         Robert and Mary (Toman) Gilbey

1947-48         Ron and Jean (Burgess) Goodliffe

1949-50         William and Frances (Smart) Coxall

1951               Herbert and Edith (Reeves) Flack


3 Swanns Yard


1861-96         Mrs Hannah (Winnall) White with children

1896-1931     George and Elizabeth (Moden) Wilson with children

1934-56         Clarence and Caroline (Flack) Cornwell with children


4 Swanns Yard


1857-71         Joe (Joseph) and Martha (Saunders) Wilson with children

1881-1907     Henry and Sarah (Pearson) White with children


After 1907, probably combined with 5 Swanns Yard


5 (later 4) Swanns Yard


1861               James and Sarah (Lloyd) Carter with children

1867-81         George and Rachel (Lloyd) Seeby with children

1901-20         John and Sarah (Wayman) Chamberlain with children

1927-57         William and Sarah (Moxon) Kester


6 Swanns Yard


1857-71         Mrs Mary (Kemis) Darnell

1857-71         Robert and Mary (January) Darnell with children

1881               William and Annie (Crouch) Stallan with children

1891-94         Mrs Harriet (Wilson) Stallan (aunt of William Stallan)


After 1894 combined with 7 Swanns Yard


7 Swanns Yard (6 Swanns Yard from 1901 onwards)


1861-87         Samuel Wilson

1886-1896     Frederick and Sarah (Rowlands) Wilson with children

1896-1929     Frederick and Emma (Wright) Wilson with Frederick’s children

1890-1957     Frederick and Doris (Clarke) Wilson (son of Frederick and Sarah)



Unnumbered and 87 High Street


This pair of semi-detached cottages were combined into a single house before numbers were established in 1950.  Now 87 High Street.


Unnumbered High Street


1861-1901     David and Mary (Peters) Lloyd with children

1911               Misses Edith Royall and Minnie Royall (sisters)

1913-48         Robert and Florence (Chamberlain) Wilson with children


By 1950 combined with 87 High Street.


87 High Street


1861-1900     William and Sophia (Wilson) Parker with children

1863-1947     Irwin and Ethel (Sotherton) Parker with children (son of William and Sophia)

1950-54         George and Clarice (Broadhead) Marjoram with parents George and Alice (Morton) Broadhead

1956-57         Mrs Violet (Webb) Benson

1958-70         Peter and Jean (Waite) Browne


89, 91, 93, 95 High Street


A terrace of four cottages, in about 1957 combined into two pairs (with numbers 91 and 93)


89 High Street


1881               Moses and Emily (Parker) Taylor with children

1891               P.C. William and Lydia (Jordan) Vialls

1895-1959     Edwin and Sarah (Miller) Smith with children


House then combined with 91 High Street


91 High Street


1880-83         P.C. George and Sarah (Weldon) Everitt with children

1890-91         Seth and Ellen (Savage) Cutting with children

1893-1935     Herbert and Clara (Brewer) Cousins with children

1929-35         Mrs Elsie (Cousins) Clarke with children (daughter of Herbert and Clara)

1935-36         Bertram and Elsie (Hutton) Aves

1937-39         Albert and Irene (Stevens) Green

1949-54         Alfred and Rhoda (McGee) Perry with father Joseph McGee

1955-57         Frank Thompson with son William

1957-70         Arthur and Gladys (Nunn) Ansell 


93 High Street


1875-81         George and Elizabeth (Hart) Osborne with children

1895-1923     James and Elizabeth (Gayler) Wilkerson with children

1925-27         George and Thirza (Howe) Laffling

1928-39         Ernest and Elsie (Moule) Spalding with son Donald

1939-40         Alec and Mildred (Rayner) Crisp

1945-49         Henry and Mary (Thompson) Taylor

1950-53         Russell and Stella (Harrison) Murfitt

1954-55         Oliver and Florrie (Middleton) Impey

1964-70         Dennis and Marie (Hoy) Moule


95 High Street


1881               Joe (Joseph) and Martha (Saunders) Wilson with children

1891-1924     Mrs Harriet (Rayner) Dean with children

1925-55         Frank and Kate (Cooper) Thompson with children


House then combined with 93 High Street



97 High Street

Crossways (Nurseries until 1952)


1931-34         Arthur Casburn

1935-39         Richard Bedford with mother Mrs Lilian (Thistlethwaite) Bedford

1935-39         Anthony Hubbard (cousin of Richard Bedford)

1935-37         Miss Emily Leworthy [housekeeper]

1945               Reginald and Dorothy (Smith) Finnemore

1946-48         John Page

1947-52         Harold and Eileen (Arnold) Runham with mother Mrs Florence (Worboys) Arnold

1954-80         Miss Mary German


In the late 1960s most of the garden was sold for development, and “Crossways Gardens” was built on the site.  In the 1980s the house itself was demolished, and “Crossways House” built there.  Both new addresses are in Anstey Way.


103 High Street

Police House


1925-31         P.C. Arthur and Ellen (Dennison) Pool

1934-37         P.C. Harry and Cecilia (Worthy) Turner

1938-39         P.C. John and Rose (Parker) Morgan

1945-50         P.C. Arthur and Doris (Jeffery) Edwards

1951-56         P.C. Wilfred and Gladys (Willimott) Ellis

1957-66         P.C. Ralph and Eileen (Maskell) Phillips

1967-70         P.C. William and Violet (Arbery) Wolfe


House demolished in 2010 and replaced by flats.



105 and 107 High Street



Two semi-detached cottages built for Professor Edward Browne of Firwood, Trumpington Road.


105 High Street


1922-60         Albert and Alice (Hood) Parker

1945-68         Miss Kathleen Wright with mother Mrs Clara (Hood) Wright

1968-70         Arthur and Kathleen (Wright) Goode


107 High Street


1922-55         Arthur and Annie (Nightingale) King with children

1954-2018     Eric and Audrey (Rayner) King (son of Arthur and Annie)



109, 111, 113 High Street


This terrace of three houses is collectively named “Panama Villas”.


109 High Street

Freestone House


1927-69         Frank and Gertrude (Cox) Freestone

1934-46         Donald Freestone (Frank’s son)

1945-70         Miss Doreen Freestone (Frank’s daughter)

1952-53         William and Pamela (Marshall) Gordon

1956-59         Geoffrey Algar


111 High Street

Panama Villa


1910-26         Frank and Nellie (Cox) Freestone with children

1926-68         Harold and Dorothy (Quinn) Hudson



113 High Street



1909-25         George and Annie (Missen) Freestone with children and father Uriah Missen

1924-25         Harold and Dorothy (Quinn) Hudson

1926-54         Harry and Ellen (Dockerill) Newell with children

1948-53         Dr Charles Robson (medical practice)

1956-70         George and Norah (Adams) Barker



115 High Street



1920-55         George and Alice (Lawrence) Willers

1920-77         Miss Catherine (Kitty) Willers (daughter of George and Alice)




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