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A.   According to electoral registers, the houses in High Street were only numbered in 1950.  Before that year, other evidence must be used to determine which house is which, such as the order of the houses as it appears in various directories, registers and censuses, as well as comparing where particular families lived in different records at different times.  In some cases, what follows has to be a “best guess” that fits the evidence as well as possible.


B.   Nowadays we use the term “High Street” to mean the main road through Trumpington from Long Road south to where Hauxton Road and Shelford Road diverge.  It is that section of the former A10 which is covered here.  However, over time it has also been known variously as Cambridge Road, London Road, Trumpington Road and Main Road.


C.   We have attempted to trace properties back to the time of the census in 1851 (and in a few cases earlier still).  The majority of the buildings standing in 1851 were still in existence in 1950, and if so they are given their numbers from that year.  However, many have been lost over time.  In that case we have tried to give an indication of where, in relation to known houses, they probably stood.


D.   The oldest large-scale (25 inches to a mile) Ordnance Survey map of Trumpington shows the village as it was in 1885.  From that year onwards it is relatively easy to specify where each house stood.  However, before then (and this includes the censuses of 1881, 1871, 1861 and 1851) there has to be some speculation regarding their location.  Baker’s map of 1830 and the Inclosure Award map of 1804 both show buildings, but it can be difficult to match them with later representations.


E.    Please read the general notes about these street pages .



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WEST SIDE (Even numbers)


2 High Street

Keepers Cottage, Kingston House


1911-38         Armond and Dora (English) Cannell with children

1939-45         Arthur and Gladys (Newman) Missing

1947-50         Cedric and Winifred (Deighton) Masterman with mother Mrs Ethel (Watson) Deighton

1951-70         Sidney and Mary (Spencer) Patterson



4 and 6 High Street


Pair of semi-detached cottages , known as “Park Houses”


4 High Street

1 Park Houses


1947-60         Kenneth and Dorothy (Wagstaff) Nelson

1961-63         Ralph and Margarete (Scheiber) Carrington


6 High Street

2 Park Houses


1947-58         Arthur and Olive (Taylor) Hitch

1959-70         William and Olive (Smith) Taylor with father Augustus Taylor



18 High Street


Attached to the Coach and Horses (Wok n Grill) and since 1960 part of it.


1861               James and Mary (Wilson) Smith with children

1871               Joseph and Sarah (Long) Parker with children

1881               George and Maria (Westley) Braid with children

1884-1891     Charles and Agnes (Beaumont) Lloyd with children

1892-1915     Thomas and Laura (Crack) Rayner with children

1916-60         Charles and Florence (Simpson) Wilkerson with children



20 High Street

Coach and Horses, Wok n Grill


1841-51         George and Rachel (Birks) Elliott with children

1861-71         James and Rachel (Smith) Stearn with children

1881               James and Betsy (Lunnis) Kay

1888-91         Charles and Matilda (Harradine) Scott with children

1901               Joseph and Elizabeth (Smith) Scanlon

1903-27         Henry and Alice (Boys) Howard Pare with children

1928-31         Arthur and Violet (Willmott) Button

1934-37         Percy and Ellen (Finch) Carter

After WW2 various people lived for a short period at the Coach and Horses, but it is not clear how many of them were fully resident.

1957-70         Howard and Beryl (Kellett) Harrison



22 and unnumbered High Street


By 1950, when High Street houses were numbered, only number 22 remained.  The southern half of this pair of semi-detached cottage had been demolished in about 1945.


22 High Street


1851               William Elliott

1851               Mrs Mary (Kemis) Darnell [house servant]

1861-86         Charles and Mary (Taylor) Fromant with children

1891               James Shildrick with children

1901-40         Frank and Eliza (Stearn) Mynott with children and brother Frank Stearn

1947-68         Leslie and Ena (Dockerill) Deer



Unnumbered High Street


1851               William Creek with niece Dorothy Whitbourne

1861               George and Charlotte (Coleman) Haslop with children

1871               unoccupied

1881-1901     David and Sarah (Lloyd) Lloyd with children

1881-1944     Harry and Emma (Brown) Lloyd (son of David and Sarah) with son Reginald Lloyd


House demolished by 1949.



24 and 26 High Street


This pair of semi-detached cottages were combined in about 1968, then taking the number 24.


24 High Street


1851-65         Joseph and Elizabeth Kefford with daughters

1851-1911     Misses Phoebe, Sarah, Charlotte, and Mary Kefford (daughters of Joseph and Elizabeth)

1920-45         Montague and Alice (Randall) Parker with children

1946-57         Charles and Florence (Chapman) Hunt


26 High Street


1851-89         James and Mary (Dickerson) Huddlestone with children

1891-1936     Charles and Martha (Powter) Wilson with children

1891-1939     Miss Rhoda Wilson and Miss Susanna Wilson (daughters of Charles and Martha)

1941-67         William and Rose (Shearing) Wilson with children (grandson of Charles and Martha)



28 and 30 High Street


This pair of semi-detached cottages were combined in about 1968, then taking the number 30.


28 High Street


1851-91         Richard and Martha (Waters) Horner

1901               Thomas and Emily (Kefford) Cambridge

1911-19         Montague and Alice (Randall) Parker with children

1927               Cornelius and Annie (Watkinson) Sadler

1928-67         Arthur and Margaret (Busby) Wilson


30 High Street


1851-91         Samuel and Sarah (Morley) Wilson with children also mother Mrs Charlotte Morley

1901-15         Mrs Mary (Wilson) Smith and family (daughter of Samuel and Sarah)

1926-55         Herbert and Rosina (Pearmain) Haslop with children and sister Miss Edith Pearmain

1956-70         Harold and Evelyn (Tingey) Anderson



32 High Street

The Smithy


Just south of the War Memorial; demolished in the 1980s and now replaced by Bidwells Stone Cross.  No residents.



34, 36, 38, 40 High Street


A terrace of four houses was on this site from 1881 to 1935.  Before that there seem to have been five or six houses.  About 1935 the southern two were demolished and the present number 40 was built in their place.  The remaining houses survived until 1959.


34 High Street


1879-81         Daniel and Julia (Harradine) Gentle with children

1891               Charles and Susan (Lloyd) Harradine with children

1899-1904     Charles and Sarah (Wilson) Seekings with children

1911               Robert and Florence (Chamberlain) Wilson with children

1913-31         James and Florence (Ingrey) Wilson with children

1950-59         Basil and Rosamund (Garner) Laurie


Absorbed into 36 (Post Office) during the 1930s and 40s.



36 High Street

Post Office 1901-43


1871-1897     William and Susan (Careless) Saunders with children

1877-81         John and Susanna (Saunders) Moss with children (daughter of William and Susan)

1881               William and Lydia (Wilson) Horner with children

1901-50         Henry and Amelia (Rose) Saunders with children (son of William and Susan)

1950               Dennis and Ivy (Smalley) Saunders (son of Henry and Amelia)

1951               J O’Hannan’s shop: hardware dealer, drug store and grocer



38 High Street

Bakery 1911-31; Fruiterer/General Stores 1937-53


1881-1895     John and Ann (Neaves) Galley with children

1901               John Galley and Edith Galley (brother and sister, children of John and Ann)

1911-31         Albert and Ada (Howlett) Day with son Bernard

1937               Frederick and Kathleen (Howes) Sharman

1939-59         Frank and Emma (Moore) Laurie with son Basil Laurie


40 High Street

Bakery 1935-47; Cooperative Stores 1948 to about 1990, Hobby Stores to about 2012; now Cooke Curtis & Co.


1861-91         William and Ann (Warren) Mayle with children and mother Mrs Pamela (Dashwood) Mayle

1901               Misses Emma Mayle, Annie Mayle and Elizabeth Mayle (daughters of William and Ann) with nephew and niece Sidney Mayle and Edith Mayle

1901-31         Harry and Elizabeth (Mayle) Peters with nephew and niece Sidney Mayle and Edith Mayle


Old pair of cottages then demolished, and new shop built in their place


1935-47         Albert and Ada (Howlett) Day with son Bernard


40a High Street


1948-50         Ronald and Gwendoline (Williamson) Poppleton



42, 44, 46 High Street


Terrace built in the 1860s.


42 High Street


1869-71         William and Hannah (Coleman) Careless with children

1881               William Wilson with daughter Emma

1888-1944     Ellis and Elizabeth (Wells) Matthews with children

1889-1967     Miss Agnes Matthews (daughter of Ellis and Elizabeth)


44 High Street


1871-1911     Charles and Louisa (Tabram) Pamplin with children

1881               George and Sarah (Pamplin) Thompson (daughter of Charles and Louisa)

1923-55         Reginald and Marion (English) Sheldrick with son Ernest Sheldrick

1956-67         Reginald and Marjorie (Rowe) Sheldrick


46 High Street


1868-91         Richard and Sarah (Asplin) Careless with children

1901-52         Walter and Emily (Arnold) Wilson with son George

1952-68         Mrs Amelia (Gilson) Facer



Whitelocks Yard

Also known as Workhouse Yard, Whitelocks Buildings


See separate page


1 Whitelocks Yard

Also known as 48 High Street


1891-1925     Mrs Harriet (Lloyd) Rayner with children

1891-1935     Simeon Rayner (Harriet’s son)

1935-47         Bernard and Rose (Dimmack) Mynott

1947-65         James and Mary (Waddell) Brown


2 Whitelocks Yard

(address also in High Street 1926 to 1945)


1891-95         Mrs Elizabeth (Lovett) Haslop

1901-05         Mrs Hannah (Rowe) Ilett

1911-20         Mrs Jane (Maltby) Hymus

1922-25         Miss Rachel Carter

1926-29         Miss May Bunkhall [District Nurse] (at 2 and 3 Whitelock’s Yard)

1929-33         Miss Gladys Burrow [District Nurse] (at 2 and 3 Whitelock’s Yard)

1935-45         Miss Dorothy Wood [District Nurse] (at 2 and 3 Whitelock’s Yard)

1947-65         Miss Helen Walker



50 High Street

Red House


1861               Thomas and Elizabeth (Pearse) Inkersole

1871-81         Mrs Arabella (Groom) Fennell

1891 unoccupied

1901-02         Miss Agnes, Neville and Miss Edith Holmes (sisters and brother)

1911-31         William and Ada (Clark) Duke with niece Miss Vera Clark

1934-39         Kenneth and Lucilla (Benton) Foote

1944-45         William and Lillian (Trollope) Benton

1946               Kenneth and Dorothy (Wagstaff) Nelson

1947-55         Ernest and Violet (Webb) Benson

1956-70         Charles and Celia (Baldock) Reed



52 High Street

Thatched Cottage


1861-70         Charles and Mary (Hancock) Fromant

1870-72         James and Hannah (Giggle) Hills with children

1874-84         Daniel and Elizabeth (Frisby) Gentle with children

1874-1932     Arthur and Susan (Lowe) Gentle with children (son of Daniel and Elizabeth)

1888-1968     Herbert, Stanley and Miss Alice Gentle (children of Arthur and Susan)



54 High Street

Harry Newell and sons, Cycle Agents and Motor Engineers


No residents



56 High Street

Edwin Smith and sons, Carpenters, Wheelwrights, Undertakers


No residents



58 High Street

Church Farm


No residents



60 High Street

Weighbridge House


1851-61         William and Martha (Winnall) Seeby with children

1871               Charles and Susannah (Balls) Stevenson with children

1881-1901     Thomas and Jane (Owen) Harrington with children

1911-36         James and Elizabeth (Ashby) Chapman with son James Chapman and mother Mrs Phoebe (Northrop) Ashby

1937-39         Miss Susan Bell

1939-2006     Stanley and Enid (Martin) Newell with mother Mrs Rebecca (Yorke) Martin




62 High Street

Toll Bar Cottage, Weighbridge Cottage


1851-61         William and Beatrice (Tyler) Hall with son Herbert Hall

1871-81         William and Mary (Farrington) Haslop

1882-92         William and Sarah (Scar) Haslop

1901-24         David and Emma (Theobald) Allgood

1927-31         Horace and Ellen (Mason) Hagger

1934-36         Frederick and Nellie (Willers) Poulter

1937-70         Misses Alice and Kathleen Newman (sisters)


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