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The boundary of the ancient parish of Trumpington ran along the centre of Hills Road from Purbeck Road to the modern City boundary south of Addenbrooke’s Hospital.  The area north of Long Road was moved into Cambridge in 1912, and the area to the south (along with most of the rest of the village) in 1934.  So Sedley Taylor Road was historically within the parish.



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1 Sedley Taylor Road


1931               Mulford Martin (no information)

1932               E L Kingdom-Frost (no information)

1933-36         Roy and Marie March

1937-38         J E Harris (no information)



3 Sedley Taylor Road

Craiglea, Hedingham House


1930-31         James and Catherine (Jamieson) McMillan

1930-31         Miss Annie Dannatt (James McMillan’s second wife)

1932-38         Philip and Dorothy (Rimmer) Porteous

1939-68         Kenneth and Germaine (Noël) Smith with son Marcel Smith


3a Sedley Taylor Road


1945-48         Walker and Caroline Davidson

1950-57         Parr Tate



4 Sedley Taylor Road


1930-33         Nevill (later Sir Nevill) and Ruth (Horder) Mott

1934-39         Charles and Isabella (Drummond) Hamson

1955-60         Anthony and Margaret (Taylor) Ellison



5 Sedley Taylor Road

The Second House


1930-37         Leonard and Mary (Crichton) Potts

1937-38         Leslie and Margaret (Rain) Gray

1939               Robert and Mary (Barnes) Wolverson

1939               Dudley Durell                      

1945               Mrs Doris (Leader) Hull with daughter Mrs Anne (Hull) Hendrickson

1948-70         Francis and Margaret (Johnson) Parrington with mother Mrs Jean Johnson



6 Sedley Taylor Road

Sedley House


1929-38         Leonard and Maud (Smith) Chater with sons

1939               Frank and Mary Muska (no information)

1944               Miss Hannah Nutter

1944               Juda and Henrietta (Jungman) Quastel

1950-66         Mrs Ethel (Haddon) Hodder

1950               Ralston and Evelyn (Bromiley) Lawrie



8 Sedley Taylor Road


1955-70         George and Phoebe (May) Whitworth



9 Sedley Taylor Road



1930-60         Harry and Constance (Stone) Brown

1960-68         Donald and Ethel (Bowyer) Cameron 


10 Sedley Taylor Road



1930-50         Edward and Winifred (Headly) Diver

1955               Leslie and Constance (James) Slater

1960-70         Mrs Margaret (Mott) Fitch with father Charles Mott



11 Sedley Taylor Road


1950-55         Wilfred and Margaret Orbell (no information)

1960-70         Charles and Margaret (Lloyd-Taylor) Hartridge



12 Sedley Taylor Road



1930-39         Ronald and Marion (Yelland) Ede with brother John Yelland

1944               Valentine and Phyllis (Parks) Chapman with mother Mrs Ivy (Joseph) Parks

1948-57         Thomas and Mina (Leadbitter) Lethbridge

1960               Peter and Marjorie (Little) Mosedale

1964-70         Eric and Christine (Pywell) Furley 



13 (or 12a) Sedley Taylor Road


1935-55         John and Margaret (Sinclair) Cook

1957-70         William and Eileen (Whitley) Lilley



14 Sedley Taylor Road


1930-36         William and Annie (Munro) Hollis

1937-50         Herbert and Maud (Harmer) Durham

1950-70         Charles and Josephine (Johnston) Hay



15 Sedley Taylor Road



1934-70         George and Phyllis (Rowsell) Walker



16 Sedley Taylor Road



1934-74         Leslie and Dorothy (Jarman) Jackson

1939               Mrs Mary (Holden) Wallis-Palmer



17 Sedley Taylor Road

Ilan's Mead


1933-78         William and Margaret (Jones) Lewis



18 Sedley Taylor Road


1937               John and Ruth (Lomberg) Brock

1938-39         Henry and Helen (Johnston) Millar

1944               Douglas and Winifred Smith (no information)

1948-55         Sir Alan and Elizabeth (Wilson) Rook with Alan’s son Lionel Rook

1957-70         Mrs Caroline (Bidder) Russell



19 Sedley Taylor Road


1936-55         Arthur and Audrey (Bailey) Hayward

1957-62         James and Helen (Kydd) Bean

1964-70         James (later Sir James) and Sara (Barker) Beament



20 Sedley Taylor Road


1936-48         Charles and Maggie (Brooks) Staniforth with sister Miss Ida Brooks

1950-70         Arthur and Damaris (Magor) Parker-Rhodes

1950               Frank and Teresa (Wood) Keogh



21 Sedley Taylor Road



1937-39         Frederick and Alice (Linnett) Shotton

1948-70         Eric and Joan (Salzman) Moullin



22 Sedley Taylor Road


1936-38         Samuel and Elsie (Bennett) Urwin

1939               Willet and Nancy (Crewe) Trevor with son Jack Trevor

1945-61         Mrs Kathleen (Haddon) Rishbeth with son John Rishbeth

1950               William and Rosemary (Knollys) Scott-Moncrieff

1964               Jack Trevor

1966-70         James and Anne Mitchell (no information) 




23 Sedley Taylor Road



1933-85         Geoffrey and Gladys (Starte) Miller



25 Sedley Taylor Road



1930-83         Dennis and Violet (Gover) Barnard with children and mother Mrs Frances (Crosse) Gover



26 Sedley Taylor Road



1932-36         James and Rhoda (Smith) Lean with son Rodney Lean

1937-39         Mrs Claudine (Strange) Gray

1944               Mrs Evelina (Parker) Wybrow

1948-70         Percy and Dorothy (Coleman) Gray (Claudine’s son)



27 Sedley Taylor Road


1936-48         Horace and Minnie (Wagg) Rayner with daughter Mrs Sybil (Rayner) Walmisley-Dresser

1950-60         Gordon and Constance (Ratcliff) Richmond

1968-75         Albert and Martha (Bullitt) Lutley



28 Sedley Taylor Road


1933-48         Arthur and Frances (Simon) Morgan

1950-70         Frank and Nancy (Lambert) Elworthy



29 Sedley Taylor Road



1932-62         Edward and Matilda (Bell) Campbell with son Dennis Campbell

1955               Henry and Peggy (Fisher) McGhee

1966-69         Alexander and Mary Brown (no information)



31 Sedley Taylor Road


1929-39         John (later Sir John) and Eunice (Crabtree) Cockcroft

1939               Raphael and Ernestins Vangrevelinghe (no information)

1945               Alexander (later Baron Todd) and Alison (Dale) Todd

1948-50         Harry and Marie (Williams) Kidd

1955-57         Nevill (later Sir Nevill) and Ruth (Horder) Mott

1960-64         Sir John and Eunice (Crabtree) Cockcroft

1966-70         Sir Nevill and Ruth (Horder) Mott



32 Sedley Taylor Road


1931-39         Hugh and Barbara (Warne) Claye

1944-48         Thomas and Blodwen Evans (no information)

1950-63         Walker and Caroline Davidson

1966-69         Richard Appach



33 Sedley Taylor Road


1931-60         George and Daisy (Jakes) Clark

1955               Charles and Emma (Tiedeman) Plouviez

1964-70         John and Sonia (French) Puckle



34 Sedley Taylor Road



1933-37         Patrick and Margery (Holland) Murray

1938-39         David and Freda (Riley) Hardman

1950-57         Herbert and Mildred (Ryan) Dawson

1960-70         Charles and Helen Harris (no information) 



35 Sedley Taylor Road

The Lych Gate


1930-65         Maurice and Elsie (Saint) Brown with mother Mrs Matilda (Freemantle) Saint

1966-70         Ernest and Maureen Mills (no information) 



36 Sedley Taylor Road

Red Mays


1930-36         Harold and Gladys (Benefield) Rose

1937-47         Mrs Mina (MacLennan) Pearce-Higgins

1950-57         Deryck and Leonie (Robinson) Mumford

1960-75         Cecil and Kathleen (Russell) Inman



37 Sedley Taylor Road


1933-50         Mrs Alice (Howes) Alliston with granddaughter Miss Jennifer Alliston

1950-58         William and Olive (Runham) Dobbs

1960-76         Harry and Christina (Young) Nichols



39 Sedley Taylor Road


1937-62         William and Annie (Munro) Hollis with mother Mrs Elizabeth (Gunn) Hollis

1964-70         Walter and Noreen (Withington) Wilson 



40 Sedley Taylor Road



1937               Alfred S Johnson (no information)

1938-39         Tom and Beatrice (Dempster) Watson with mother Mrs Harriet (Taylor) Dempster

1945-65         George and Ella (Cole) Peeling

1968-2008     John and Barbara (Gill) Reddaway



42 Sedley Taylor Road


1939-50         Leslie and Margaret (Rain) Gray

1955-60         John and Joyce Godfrey (no information)

1962-70         Max and Gisela (Peiser) Perutz



43 Sedley Taylor Road


1939-55         Wilfred and Irene (Spear) Wingate

1960-78         Edgar and Maureen (Melville) Fowlds



44 Sedley Taylor Road


1939               J E Harris (no information)

1939               Mrs Annie (Brash) Norris

1939               Paul and Sarah (Hotham) Richards

1945-50         Neil and Peggy (Macturk) Clements

1955-70         Eric and Dorothy (Ashley) Edson





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