(Also known as Trumpington Causeway, London Road, Cambridge Road)



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1 Trumpington Road

White House


1938-77         Winchcombe and Enid (Barrington-Baker) van Grutten

1945-49         Miss Emily Morley

1951               Alan and Enid (Nathan) Maycock

1953-58         Miss Ethel Lucie-Smith

1969-70         Mrs Enid (Nathan) Maycock



3 Trumpington Road

Grasshopper Lodge


1938-49         Edgar and Margaret (Hardy) Bate-Smith

1950-60         Stanley and Nora (Phillips) Burns

1961-70         Bernard and Alice (Myers) Zeitlyn



5 Trumpington Road


1955-69         Charles and Barbara Robinson

1970-74         Mrs Violet (Bullough) English



7 Trumpington Road



1924-36         Arthur and Eva (Plewman) Appleton

1937-45         Mrs Alice (Rabett) Lindsay

1937-38         Miss Nancy Shinn

1939               Miss Etherilda Thoday [parlourmaid]

1946-70         Clarence and Dorothy (Town) Pledger with son John Pledger



9 Trumpington Road



1927-65         Edward and Dora (Brain) Ostrehan

1930-39         Miss Ada Mallows [housemaid]

1946-63         Miss Rose Sandall [cook]

1965-70         Private



11 Trumpington Road



1924-39         Harold and Palmera (Cesconi) Martin

1939               Miss Queenie Freestone [servant]

1945-50         John and Kathleen (Spicer) Few with children

1951-70         Geoffrey (later Sir Geoffrey) de Freitas



13 Trumpington Road

The Croft


1924-39         Mrs Annie (Browne) Cow

1930-39         Miss Emma Billington [cook]

1945-52         Francis and Helen (Cane) Paynter

1956-63         Mrs Vera McNeill

1966-70         Malcolm and Enid (Tinney) Boston



15 Trumpington Road



1927-39         Ernest and Constance (Brooke) Jones with daughter Constance Jones

1934-36         Miss Winifred Ison

1945-50         Miss Evelyn Boake

1945-50         Miss Virginia Kemble

1951-54         George and Ida (Mann) Nichols

1954-56         Norman and Edith (Lampen) Hilken

1957-79         Reginald and Florrie (Wright) Wale



17 Trumpington Road



1932-39         Alfred and Dorothy (Reed) Bartlett with daughter Diane Bartlett

1934-35         Miss Kathleen Leonard

1945-65         Miss Margaret Howard

1946-65         Miss Elizabeth Glover



21 Trumpington Road


1963-70         Henry and Heather (Spittle) Dixon



23 Trumpington Road

Balsham Lodge


1934-48         Herbert Burrell with sister Miss Ethel Burrell and their mother Mrs Louisa (Halls) Burrell

1934-49         Miss Annie Carter [servant]

1951-52         James and Eugenia (Mershon) Brewer

1953-62         Herbert and Edith (Parr) Newman

1963-70         John and Irene (Jarred) Bartram



25 Trumpington Road

Latham House


1931-70         Cyril and Kathleen (Miller) Ridgeon with children



27 Trumpington Road



1936-38         John and Ursula (Webb) Hicks

1937-38         Miss Ellen Barlow [cook]

1939               Hartley and Alice (Withers) Withers

1945-70         Laurence and Mary (Ellis) Martin







1881               Neville Goodman with children

1891, 1901    Unoccupied

1911-35         Samuel and Louisa (Barton) Ginn

1911-35         Miss Rose Arthur [cook]

1911               Miss Ellen Howlett [housemaid]

1935-46         Claude and Phyllis (Fricker) Whittle

1939               Bryan Houghton


From 1947 Brookfield became nurses’ accommodation for The Evelyn Nursing Home.

House demolished about 1975 to allow building of Queensway.



The Orchard (from 1921 The Evelyn Nursing Home, and then the Nuffield Hospital)


1881               Samuel and Sarah (Finch) Ballard with son Sydney Ballard

1881               Thomas and Fanny (Ballard) Other (daughter of Samuel and Sarah)

1891-1918     Joseph Prior

1891-1911     John and Mary (Waites) Parsons [gardener, housekeeper]

1891               Albert Rowlinson [under gardener] and his sister Julia Rowlinson [housemaid]

1920               David and Margaret (Gillingham) Howard

1922-38         Miss Grace Cracroft


After 1938 it is not clear from records available who was permanently resident in The Evelyn.

House finally demolished in about 2015 to allow the redevelopment of the Nuffield Hospital.



St Faith’s


1901               Ralph and Eleanor (Heale) Goodchild with children

1911-25         Henry Lower with sister Miss Mary Lower and their mother Mrs Alice (Fulford) Lower

1911               Miss Ethel Rowlinson [kitchenmaid]

1927-45         Walter and Phyllis (Pearce) Butler with son Colin Butler

1934-39         Lewis Hull    

1945-49         Horace and Margaret (Hedges) Machin 

1946-66         Frederick and Marjorie (Joseph) White   

1950               Richard and Della (Cohen) Lowes                       

1950-53         Daniel and Ivy (Radwell) Shadbolt          

1962-65         Anthony and Mary (Deane) Weston-Webb        



Edenfield or (from 1907) Firwood

(from 1939 part of St Faith’s School)


1881               James and Emma (Skelsey) Vinter with children

1891               David and Catherine (Wayman) Munsey with children

1891               Miss Harriett Braybrook [cook] with sister Miss Emily Braybrook [housemaid]

1901               Roland and Gabriella Sinclair with children

1907-26         Edward and Alice (Daniell) Browne         

1911               Miss Clara Parker [parlour maid]

1911               Miss Eva Pamplin [between-maid]

1927-38         Patrick and Evelyn (Walston) Browne (son of Edward and Alice)

1934-38         Edward and Anna (Luddington) Browne (son of Edward and Alice)

1930-38         Miss Charlotte Thacker [nurse and housekeeper]

1936               Miss Evelyn Lander [servant]




(from 1949 part of St Faith’s School)


1885-1901     Arthur and Alice (Bales) Chaplin with children and mother Mrs Mary (Crisp) Chaplin

1901               Miss Mary Phillips [housemaid]

1901               Miss Emma Garside [housemaid]

1911-34         Miss Louisa Mansel

1930-34         Miss Frances Webb [ladies maid]

1935               Victor and Lily (Mansel) Douetil (Louisa’s niece)

1935-38         John and Aileen (Masefield) Draper        

1935               Miss Ada King [housekeeper]

1939               George and Lucy (Jackson) Hill               

1946               Ronald and Eileen (Hemmant) Brown

1946-49         Thomas and Joan (Whitchurch) Hayward          

1947-48         Albert and Edith (Roberts) Tyrrell 



Southfield or Summerfield

(from 1949 part of St Faith’s School)


1891-1924     James and Emma (Skelsey) Vinter with children

1927-32         Sir Humphry and Lisette (Ogilvy) Rolleston with son Ian Rolleston

1933               Maharajah Kumar of Dharampur State

1935-40         James and Doris (Leader) Hull    

1936-38         Miss Norah Jugg     

1936-39         Miss Daisy Ready [parlourmaid]

1946-52         Horace and Ethel (Maxted) Crothall        



Southfield Lodge

(from 1949 part of St Faith’s School)


1936-69         Edward and Nellie (Copeman) Little [gardener]





1891               Herbert (later Sir Herbert) and Nea (Adams) Ryle with children

1891               Miss Mary Price [parlourmaid]

1891               Miss Annie Schooling [nurse]

1901               David and Catherine (Wayman) Munsey           

1911-19         Charles and Madeline (Whitting) Grant with children

1911-15         Miss Agnes Brooks [cook]

1920-47         Charles and Katherine (Paton) Taylor with children

1936-39         Miss Eva Woodley [cook]

1939               Miss Eliza Butler [parlourmaid]

1946               David and Margaret (Taylor) Fitch (daughter of Charles and Katherine)




Douglas House or Bentley Corner

(1944-50 Stella Maris Nursing Home)


1901-17         Miss Grace Blyth     

1919-22         Harold and Ethel (Baber) Churchill with children

1927-39         Charles and Helen (Anderson) Wentworth Stanley      

1930-39         George and Alice (Rolph) Dearing [houseman, cook]

1944-50         Miss Violet Hersee with sister Miss Marjorie Hersee

1945-48         Miss Edith Parrott [cook]

1945-48         Mrs Alwine (Scott) Kennedy


No residents listed after 1951



Leighton House

(from 1954 the Perse Preparatory School)


1871-83         Robert and Priscilla (Ginger) Sayle with children

1891-1917     Thomas Bumpsted 

1901-11         James and Alice (Day) Wynhall [butler, cook]

1901-11         Miss Rose Fordham [kitchenmaid]

1922-34         Percy and Grace (Reeves) Bainbridge with son Robert Bainbridge

1934               Miss Helena Ellum [servant]

1938               Stuart and Ida (Michell) Grant Dalton                 

1938-39         Cecil and Eleanor (Hanks) Edwards [caretaker]

1946-48         Thomas and Joan (Whitchurch) Hayward          

1949-50         Richard and Elizabeth Corfield    

1954-57         Barnabas and Ellen Challis) Smith          

1958-70         Patrick and Norah (Neylon) Fitzgerald    



Leighton Lodge (Coachman’s House)


1871-72         Elijah and Emma (Pike) Morley with children

1881-83         William and Anne (Frost) Cracke with son Winfred Cracke

1891-1915     John and Mary (Crisp) Phillips with children

1922-36         Ulysses and Minnie (Wren) Neaves        

1937               Walter Bailey (no information)

1938-39         Harry and Ethel (Toynton) Smith 

1939               Hubert and Olive (Clark) Chapman [chauffeur-gardener]

1945-55         Stanley and Gertrude (Dunnett) Shinn   



Leighton Garage House


1930               Neville and Bertha (Coleman) Green                  

1931-34         Arthur and Dorothy (Swann) Cox 

1935-50         Arthur Moss  

1937-58         Miss Gladys Woollard        



Leighton House Bungalow


1954-59         Charles and Joyce (Smith) Wagstaff                   



Rose Cottage


1861               Charles and Sarah (Jones) Baker with children

1871-81         Thomas and Mary (Brown) Peters           

1891               Arthur and Julia (Marshall) King with children

1901               Harry and Letitia (Topper) Munns with son Horace Munns

1911               Mrs Sarah (Bass) Aplin with children

1913               Thomas Hunt (no information)

1915               Joseph and Rose (Gutteridge) Whittamore                    

1919-24         William and Ellen (Rayner) Dunn

1925-54         Arthur and Margaret (Hardy) Dilley with father James Hardy

1946-54         Miss Winifred Phillips (Arthur Dilley’s niece)

1955-58         Mrs Dorothy (Roberts) Okell         

1959-73         John and Margery (Humphries) Wallace



Vine Cottage or Ivy Cottage


1861-91         George and Sarah (Neaves) Marshall with children

1901               Unoccupied

1911-13         Frederick and Kate (Marshall) Lloyd with son Frederick Lloyd

1922-70         Alfred and Bessie (Wilson) Chamberlain with children



Nightingales Cottages


Before North Cottages were built in the 1890s, there were several properties referred to as “Nightingales Cottages” on the same site, and that beside The Volunteer.  A row of seven or eight of these was where numbers 1 to 4 North Cottages stand today. There were four more north of there, south of Rose Cottage (those all survived until 1936, and two are still there today).  What follows is an attempt at identifying who lived where; the census returns are very unclear, and we have made no attempt to say who lived exactly where within the earlier row of seven or eight cottages.  Before 1871 it is even less clear who lived where within this site.


Nightingales Cottages (north of The Volunteer)


1 Nightingale Cottages


1871-81         Thomas and Susan (Rayner) Marshall with children

1891               William and Mary (Bird) Pauley                

1901               Harry and Emily (Kester) Clabyn

1911-43         Thomas and Alice (Beard) Osborne with children

1945-53         Albert and Hilda (Stearns) Holgate with son David Holgate

1955-70         Miss Winifred Horsley        


2 Nightingale Cottages


1871               William and Harriet (North) Parker with children

1881               Frederick and Silvester (Cole) Marshall with daughter Jessie Marshall

1891               James and Ann (Sparks) Marshall with children

1901-1922     Miss Etty Nightingale         

1924-35         Miss Sarah Bidwell with Miss Ada Bidwell (sisters)

1936-48         Sidney and Doris (Coe) Marshall 

1949-55         Hilary and Doris (Coe) Clark         

1956-66         Private


3 Nightingale Cottages


1871-1916     John and Sarah (Peters) Hines    

1881-1911     George Burns          

1920-27         Edward and Alice (Pett) Osborne

1928-36         William and Edith (Bolton) Moore 


(Demolished 1936)


4 Nightingale Cottages


1871               Thomas and Hannah (Beaumont) Ludman with children

1881-91         John and Rebecca (Twinn) Freestone with children

1901               Frederick and Lily (Newell) Farr with children

1911-13         George and Agnes (Gibson) Merry with children

1916-19         Percy and Eliza (Howard) Chamberlain 

1924-27         Percy and Mary (Hogan) Garrad  

1929-31         Sidney and Dorothy (Charlish) Scarr       

1932-34         George and Emma (Hayter) Whitehouse

1935-36         Sidney and Phyllis (Mortlock) Littlechild 


(Demolished 1936)


Nightingales Cottages (other)


1851-61         John and Sarah (Waterforth) Hancock   

1851               Samuel and Catherine (Askew) Nightingale with children

1851-81         James and Mary (Rayner) Neaves          

1851               David and Frances (Neaves) Beaumont (daughter of James and Mary)

1851               Thomas Allen and children

1861-91         James and Maria (Allen) Bird (Thomas’ daughter)

1851-77         Francis and Ann (Rayner) Mansfield      

1851               Joseph and Sarah (Long) Parker with children

1851               James and Sarah (Green) Belcham with children

1851               Arthur and Ann (Parish) Rayner with children

1861               Frederick and Hannah (Rowe) Ilett with children

1871               James and Hannah (Wallis) Carse with children

1871-74         Christopher and Sarah (Coleman) Lloyd with son Frederick Lloyd and Sarah’s son William Darnell

1875-91         Christopher and Isabella (Bowman) Lloyd with children

1871-77         Robert and Adelaide (Northfield) Lloyd with children

1871               Moses and Emily (Parker) Taylor with daughter Annie Taylor and brother Aaron Taylor

1871               George and Mary (Marshall) Barker                    

1881               Charles and Elizabeth (Carter) Pauley with children

1881               James and Rebecca (Speed) Parker with children

1881               William and Mary (Bird) Pauley                      

1881-91         Frederick and Sarah (Cambridge) Mansfield with children

1881               Andrew and Margaret (Nunn) Evenett with children

1891               Frederick and Silvester (Cole) Marshall with children

1891               Philip and Mary (Wayman) Howard with children

1891               Robert and Sarah (Parker) Webb with children



The Volunteer

(later Bollywood Spice then Zahza Grill)


1871-91         Joe and Jane (Harley) Nightingale with children

1901               Walter and Eliza (Cocksedge) Steggles with son William Steggles

1911-20         Mrs Eleanor (Culpin) Turner

1911               Miss Frances Northrop [servant]

1922-32         Frederick and May (Tabor) Webb

1933-35         Bertram and Maud (Marshall) Daldry

1936-37         Hugh and Kate (Halls) Seaby

1938-56         Conrad and Agnes (Sargeant) Elles

1957-59         Private

1960-61         Norman and Evelyn (Wakelin) Coop

1964-65         Edward and Beatrice (Wright) Howard


(Due for demolition and redevelopment in 2019)



Volunteer Cottage


This house stood in front of The Volunteer, with frontage on the road


1851-86         John and Eleanor (Hall) Nightingale with children

1851-91         Miss Etty Nightingale (daughter of John and Eleanor)

1901               Joseph and Sarah (Long) Parker

1911               Robert and Mary (Davison) Anderson

1913-15         John and Adelaide (Neaves) Peppercorn

1919-36         George and Lizzie (Woods) Webb with children


(now demolished)



(For North Cottages see separate page)



Old Mill House


1851               Charles and Mary (Wybrow) Wootton with children

1861               Uninhabited

1867-86         John and Annette (Kitchener) Peile with children

1871               Miss Ann Ilett [nurse]

1891               Hugh and Margaret (Arnold) Newall

1891               Jesse Muggleton [gardener]

1901-33         Francis and Katharine (Guillemard) Guillemard

1901-30         Miss Annie Grist [parlourmaid]

1911-30         Miss Martha Shepherd [housemaid]

1911-30         Miss Harriet Poulter [cook]

1934-39         Walter and Stella (Park) Wilkinson-Guillemard

1934-39         Miss Agnes Billett

1934-38         Miss Marjorie Dawson

1938-39         Miss Rachel McClintock [personal secretary]

1946-48         Ernest and Stella (Stones) Foster

1948               Miss Ethel Bowers

1949-54         Leslie and Jean (Owen) Baber

1955-2004     Louis and Jean (Owen) Stanley




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