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2 Wingate Way


1955-56         Alfred and Miriam (Summerlin) Brown

1958-62         Charles and Ethel (Reynolds) Walshaw

1963-70         Bertram and Sybil (French) Doggett



4 Wingate Way


1949-60         Lewis and Mary (Edmonds) Gomme

1961-70         Mrs Ruby (Jupp) Suttle



6 Wingate Way


1955-69         Alexander and Julia (Sherliker) MacLennan



8 Wingate Way


1955-64         George and Olive (Jeeps) Royston


10 Wingate Way


1955-70         Miss Audrey Martin



12 Wingate Way


1955-59         Archibald and Dorothy (Baker) Gouldstone

1960-64         Tom and Dorothy (Baker) Robson



14 Wingate Way


1955-61         Richard and Claudine (Vasseur) Watchorn

1962-70         Gerald and Margaret (Smith) Humphrey



15 Wingate Way


1955-61         William and Kathleen (Rhodes) Gibson



16 Wingate Way


1957-70         Kenneth and Gillian (Riley) Thompson



17 Wingate Way



1954-63         Henry and Barbara (Jackson) Holgate

1964-70         William and Gladys (Spolton) Fereday



18 Wingate Way


1955-70         Charles and Mary (Morgan) Patterson



19 Wingate Way


1955-64         Richard and Elsa (Alden) Harman



20 Wingate Way


1955-70         Private



21 Wingate Way


1955-57         Geoffrey and Pauline (Baer) Chancellor

1958-70         Henry and Edna (Dixon) Starkey with mother Sarah Dixon



22 Wingate Way


1954-70         Arthur and Iris (Holland) Barton with father Francis Holland



23 Wingate Way


1964-70         Eric and Agnes (Bill) Barrington



24 Wingate Way


1955-70         Private



25 Wingate Way


1955-70         Leonard and Irene Lewis (no information)



26 Wingate Way


1955-65         Edward and Maureen (Maxwell) Foote



27 Wingate Way


1955-70         Geoffrey and Marjorie (Mountjoy) Wood



28 Wingate Way


1955-70         Leonard and Mabel (Holding) Morse with father John Morse

1955-70         Geoffrey and Marjorie (Mountjoy) Wood



29 Wingate Way



1954-70         Robert and Linda (Smith) Wright



30 Wingate Way


1956               Lionel and Florence (Hatch) Snow with parents Frank and Katie (Talbott) Hatch

1957-67         John and Doris (Barrington-Brider) Perrin



31 Wingate Way


1955-70         Jack and Georgette (Vanson) Davies



32 Wingate Way


1955-63         Ernest and Margery (Cozens) Pledge



33 Wingate Way



1954-65         Private



34 Wingate Way


1955-70         William and Olive (Hutt) Stanion



35 Wingate Way

Holme Hey


1955-68         Eric and Olive (Stearn) Peters



36 Wingate Way


1955-70         John and Barbara (Sadler) Rishbeth





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