Notes for: John Hailstone

From Venn's Alumni Cantabrigienses:
Adm. pens. at ST CATHARINE'S, Apr. 10, 1778. [2nd] s. of John [of the Bank of England and later] of York. B. Dec. 15, 1759, at Hoxton, London. School, Beverley (Mr Croft). Matric. Michs. 1778. Migrated to Trinity, Jan. 21, 1779; Scholar, 1780; B.A. (2nd Wrangler and 2nd Smith's Prize) 1782; M.A. 1785. Fellow of Trinity, 1783; Senior Bursar, 1801-12. Studied geology for a year under Werner at Freiburg, Germany, and was only 29 when he was elected Woodwardian Professor of Geology, which post he held for 30 years, 1788-1818. ‘He did not lecture, but devoted himself to the study and collection of geological specimens, by which the Museum was greatly enriched.’ Ord. deacon (Ely) Apr. 10, 1792; priest (Norwich) June 3, 1792. V. of Arrington, Cambs., 1796. V. of Shudy Camps, 1798-1817. V. of Trumpington, 1817-47. While at Trumpington he continued his study of chemistry and mineralogy as well as geology, and kept a meteorological diary for many years. F.R.S., 1801. One of the original members of the Geological Society. Made additions to the Woodwardian Museum and left MSS. Journals of his travels at home and abroad. Contributed papers to the Transactions of the Geological Society, 1816; The Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, 1822; and the British Association Report, 1834. Died June 9, 1847, at Trumpington. (D.N.B.; Clergy List; Foster, Index Eccles.; C.U. Hist. Reg.; G. Mag., 1847, II. 328.)