Notes for: Michael Brewer

Many newspaper advertisements between 1824 and April 1862, including the following:

Cambridgeshire Chronicle and Journal, 29 Oct 1824. M. Brewer, Nurseryman, Seedsman and Florist, London Nursery, Trumpington Road, and Regent Street, Cambridge, has for sale etc. etc.

The Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette, 23 Apr 1831: Michael Brewer, Nurseryman, Seedsman and Florist, Trumpington Causeway, and Market Hill, Cambridge, . . .

The Essex Standard 18 Aug 1843 reported a very violent and destructive hailstorm in Cambridge on 9th August. Among the casualties: Mr Brewer, Trumpington Road, had 4500 square yards of glass broken, as well as his plants etc. destroyed.

The Huntingdon, Bedford and Peterborough Gazette, 1 Jan 1831, has: Monday last, at his uncle's residence, Trumpington Causeway, aged 28, after a lingering illness, Mr J. Brewer, late Gardener to Lord Lyndhurst. Josiah Brewer, age 28, was buried at Cambridge St Mary the Less in 1831. He was baptised in Grantchester in 1802, the son of Josiah and Elizabeth Brewer.