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Husband: _____ Kerdel 1
Father: Mother:
Wife: Ernestine Mary Wells Also known as: Nesta Wells 1
Born: ABT 1885 in Grahamstown, Cape Colony, South Africa 2 Resided: 1897 in Morton Terrace, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire 3 Census: 1911 at 44 Teignmouth Road, Brondesbury, London (see note 1) Resided: ABT 1920 in Teignmouth Road, Brondesbury, London (see note 2) Resided: 1935 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa (see note 3) Father: Ernest William Wells Mother: Mary Ness Notes
Sources: (1) Isobel Slatter (nee Bowden) (2) 1911 Census. (3) Letter to Robert Edwin Horne. Event Notes Note (1) Age 25, born Grahamstown, Cape Colony, with parents Note (2) Isobel Bowden visited her, her father and brother Mont in about 1920 in Teignmouth Road, Brondesbury. Note (3) Nesta was Isobel Slatter (Bowden)'s godmother. Address for her in about 1935 was: Westholme, 3 Ruitz Road, Mill Park, Port Elizabeth, South Africa For comments and questions about this family, email Howard Slatter Updated October 2018 Name Index