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Wife: Martha Springall Married name: Martha Dawdy
Father: Mother:
Husband: John Dawdy Married: 5 Apr 1785 in Swanton Morley, Norfolk 1 (see note 1)
Born: AFT 1750 (see note 2) Occupation: Baker 2 Father: Robert Dawdy Mother: Martha _____
1 F Martha Dawdy | Born: ABT 1785
Sources: (1) Parish Register transcript. (2) Marriage record. Event Notes Note (1) John Dawdy was a baker. Witnesses William Springall and William Brookbank Note (2) In father's will (1795) Robert is the eldest son, so this John cannot be the John born 1744, and must have been born after Robert (1750) For comments and questions about this family, email Howard Slatter Updated October 2018 Name Index