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Husband: Samuel Puckle 1
Born: ABT 1590 Christened: 5 Apr 1590 in Lowestoft St Margaret, Suffolk 2 (see note 1) Died: 22 Aug 1661 3,4 Buried: 23 Aug 1661 in Stalham, Norfolk 4,5 Probate: 9 Oct 1661 in Prerogative Court of Canterbury 6 (see note 2) Father: Samuel Puckle (1552 - 1596) Mother: Anne Paine (1565 - ) Other spouse 1 Other spouse 3 Notes
Wife: Mary Halbacke Married name: Mary Puckle Married: 10 Sep 1615 in Norwich St Andrew, Norfolk 2
Died: 1623 Buried: 26 Dec 1623 in Norwich St Mary Coslany, Norfolk 5 (see note 3) Father: Mother:
1 F Ann Puckle | Born: ABT 1617 sp. Ambrose Loose |Married: | Died: | Buried
2 F Martha Puckle | Born: ABT 1619 | Died: | Buried
3 M William Puckle | Born: ABT 1620 sp. Mary Hutchinson |Married: 14 Nov 1652 Bull Lane Independent Chapel, Stepney, London 5 Born: 1635 Died: 24 Mar 1675 | Died: 1674 East Indies 7,5 | Buried
4 F Mary Puckle | Born: ABT 1622 sp. Francis Marshall |Married: 11 Nov 1652 St Dunstan in the East, London 2 Born: ABT 1619 Died: | Died: | Buried
Sources: (1) . (2) . (3) . (4) In "MIs in the Hundred of Happing" by Walter Rye, pub. Norwich 1886. (SoG library) (5) . (6) Visitation of Norfolk (Norfolk Record Society) (7) . Event Notes Note (1) Mother's name recorded as Agnes. Note (2) (Appears as Samuel Pinkle in index on PRO Documents Online website) Will of Samuel Puckle 1661 Summary: Samuel Puckle Esq., citizen and Alderman of Norwich, written in my own handwriting 13 April 1661. Unto son William Puckle Esq. all lands in use of Nicholas . . . and my seal and ring. Unto son Martin Puckle one Close in the occupation of Thomas Spooner and . . . of land now in the occupation of Wiliam Cooke lying in . . . Close Unto son James Puckle all my houses and land both free and copyhold in which Thomas Barnham now dwelleth in and occupieth. And one Sixeth Close lying next the leake leading into Chapel field . . . in the . . . of Henry Crake. Unto son Thomas Puckle all lands and grounds in the use of Henry . . . except the Close formerly given upon condition he pay to Sarah Puckle and to Daniel Puckle fifty pounds apiece within four years after my and my wifes decease. Unto Daniel Puckle all my houses and lands now in the occupation of Richard Barnes and I piece of land now in the use of . . . Doughty lying next his house. None of the lands before mentioned shall be by any of my sons injoined till after my wifes death. Unto Sarah Puckle two hundred and fifty pounds to be paid her at her age of twenty years or at her day of marriage which shall first happen. Unto my daughter Ann Cloose fifty pounds. Unto my daughter Marshall fifty pounds. Unto my daughter (blank) fifty pounds. Unto my daughter Armitage fifty pounds. Remainder to Margaret Puckle my loving wife, to be sole executor. Probate granted 9 October 1661. Also from PRO online catalogue: Piece details for PROB 4/20265 Engrossed inventory for Puckle, Samuel, of the City of Norwich, esq. 1666 19 Feb. (1661) Note (3) "Mistress Puckle" For comments and questions about this family, email Howard Slatter Updated 18 May 2020 Name Index