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Husband: Arthur Puckle 1
Born: ABT 1582 Christened: 18 Sep 1582 in St Dunstan in the East, London 2 Probate: 1 Jul 1617 in Prerogative Court of Canterbury (see note 1) Father: Edmund Puckle (1535 - ) Mother: Joan Coppinger ( - 1616)
Wife: Mary Springham Married name: Mary Puckle Married: 29 May 1615 in St Martin Pomeroy, London 2
Father: Mother: Notes
Sources: (1) . (2) . Event Notes Note (1) Will written 16 May 1617. Arthur Puckle, of the City of London, Leatherseller. Mentions: My wife Mary Puckle (executrix). My good mother Joan Puckle. Sister Anne Goodfellow, wife unto John Goodfellow and all her children, including my apprentice John Goodfellow. Sister Elizabeth Sute, wife unto Josias Sute (overseer). Father-in-law Mathias Springham (overseer); mother-in-law his wife; brother-in-law Henry Springham (executor). The poor of this town of Beverley. For comments and questions about this family, email Howard Slatter Updated 18 May 2020 Name Index