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Husband: John Howes
Died: 1601 in Runhall, Norfolk 1 Probate: 1601 in Norwich Consistory Court 1 (see note 1) Father: Richard Howes Mother: Bridget _____ Notes
Wife: Mary Scott 1 Married name: Mary Howes
Father: Mother:
1 F Anne Howes | Born: | Died: | Buried
Sources: (1) From information supplied by Beryl Chapman 0n 16 April 1998. Event Notes Note (1) The will of John Howes of Runhall. NCC. 1601. 56 Gardner. Mentions that the house in which he lived and great part of his living was the inheritance of his mother Bridgett Grigston, now the wife of William Grygston of Hardingham, clerk. BC gathers from the will that as John had no male heirs his mother wanted the property to go to Thomas his brother at his death. Mentions Thomas and Anthony his brothers. Leaves to Thomas his brother his lands in Little Brandon and Runhall, both free and copy. Thomas to pay his legacies but in default property to go to his brother Anthony. Mentions Mary his wife and John scott of Whinburgh his brother-in-law. mentions Ann his daughter. Mentions Susanna Cushing his sister. Leaves Bridgett his mother 20. Mentions his sister Mary Leake. Mentions his nephew Matthew Cushing not yet 25 years old. Thomas his brother nominated executor. John Scott nominated supervisor. Witnesses. William Grigson. Thomas ----vett. Richard Twaytes. Probated 23rd March 1601. For comments and questions about this family, email Howard Slatter Updated 18 May 2020 Name Index