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Husband: Horatio Nelson Sandys Hood
Born: 24 Mar 1843 in St George Hanover Square, London 1,2,3,4 (see note 1) Christened: 2 May 1843 in All Souls, Marylebone, London 2 Census: 1851 in 50 Grosvenor Street, St George Hanover Square, London (see note 2) Census: 1861 in HMS Clio, Guaymas Harbour, Mexico (see note 3) Census: 1871 in Cricket House, Cricket St Thomas, Somerset (see note 4) Died: 3 Feb 1881 in Shanghai, China 2,5,6 Probate: 25 Oct 1881 in London (see note 5) Occupation: 1861 Midshipman 7 Occupation: 1871 Commander Royal Navy 1 Father: Alexander Nelson Hood (1814 - 1904) Mother: Mary Penelope Hill (1817 - 1884)
Wife: Isabella Emily Miller Mundy Married: 28 Sep 1872 in St James, Westminster, London 2,8 (see note 6)
Born: ABT 1844 in Woolwich, London 9 Census: 1851 in Hollybank, Warblington, Hampshire (see note 7) Census: 1881 in 10 Hyde Park Place, Paddington, London (see note 8) Resided: 1939 in Surbiton, Surrey 6 Died: 22 Dec 1939 in Surrey 10,6 (see note 9) Probate: 26 Jan 1940 in Ipswich, Suffolk (see note 10) Father: Mother: Notes
Sources: (1) . (2) http://web.ukonline.co.uk/nigel.battysmith/. (3) . (4) . (5) email June 2007 cwrhc@hotmail.com. (6) . (7) . (8) . (9) . (10) . Event Notes Note (1) Jun 1843 Marylebone 1 158 Note (2) Age 8, born St George Hanover Square, with mother and family, all with grandmother Note (3) RG9/4436 f13: Age 18, Midshipman Note (4) Age 28, born London. Commander Royal Navy, with family Note (5) See media files Note (6) Sep 1872 Westminster 1a 838 Note (7) HO107/1656 f54: Age 6, born Woolwich, with her parents Major Robert M Mundy and Isabella, and sisters including Eleanor age 4 months, born Warblington. Note (8) RG11/16 f13: Age 36, born Woolwich. Widow of Naval Officer, visitor with Sarah, Dowager Countess Shrewsbury, 78, widow, also Eleanor Mundy, single, age 32 born Hollybank, Emsworth. From Wikipedia: Major Charles Henry John Chetwynd-Talbot, 20th Earl of Shrewsbury, 20th Earl of Waterford and 5th Earl Talbot (November 13 , 1860 - May 7 , 1921) was the only son and heir of the 19th Earl . His grandfather, the 3rd Earl Talbot , had inherited the earldoms from a very distant cousin, and had to prove his claim to the premier earldoms of England and Ireland on the Roll in the House of Lords, by demonstrating his descent from the 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford . Lord Shrewsbury was the brother of Lady Gertrude Chetwynd-Talbot , wife (without issue) of the 13th Earl of Pembroke , and Lady Theresa Chetwynd-Talbot , wife of the 6th Marquess of Londonderry and a notable hostess. He inherited the title while young, and proceeded to ruin his prospects by eloping with a married woman, Ellen Miller-Mundy, nee Palmer-Morewood, wife of a very rich commoner and granddaughter of the 7th Baron Byron (a distant kinsman of the poet Lord Byron , the 6th Baron). The couple had one son, Viscount Ingestre , who died in the lifetime of his parents but who had several children including the 21st Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (the father of the current Earl). Lord and Lady Shrewsbury separated afterwards, and Lady Shrewsbury lived on alone plagued by monetary difficulties and ostracized by society. Not all the influence of Lord Shrewsbury's two well-married sisters, nor his own position served to rehabilitate her, such being the mores of the Victorian and Edwardian age. Lord Shrewsbury was also responsible for the sale of Alton Towers , which had been the family seat of previous Earls of Shrewsbury (and had come into this branch once the will of the 17th Earl had been overturned). Alton Towers is now a well known entertainment site. Under his patronage, Clément Talbot Ltd was founded in 1903 to import the popular French Clément car into Britain. The famous automobile brand Talbot has emerged from the name of the Earl. Ellen Mary Miller-Mundy (or Palmer-Morewood) and Charles Henry J Shrewsbury (or Talbot) were married in 1882: Sep 1882 St George Hanover Square 1a 906 (FreeBMD) Note (9) Isabella E Leveson: Dec 1939 Surrey N E 2a 121 age 94 Note (10) See media files For comments and questions about this family, email Howard Slatter Updated 18 May 2020 Name Index