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Husband: Anthony Howes
Born: in Brandon Parva, Norfolk 1 Died: 1569 in Brandon Parva, Norfolk 1 Probate: 1569 in Norfolk Archdeaconry Court 1 (see note 1) Father: Thomas Howes Mother: Catherine _____ ( - 1561) Notes
Wife: Joan _____ Married name: Joan Howes
Died: 1594 in Brandon Parva, Norfolk 1 Probate: 1594 in Norfolk Archdeaconry Court 1 (see note 2) Father: Mother:
1 M Thomas Howes | Born: Brandon Parva, Norfolk 1 | Died: | Buried
2 F Rose Howes | Born: Brandon Parva, Norfolk 1 | Died: | Buried
Sources: (1) From information supplied by Beryl Chapman 0n 16 April 1998. Event Notes Note (1) Will of Anthony Howes of Little Brandon, Yeoman. Nfk. Arch. Ct. 1569. 422 Gottes. Dated 10th September. Leaves to Johan his wife land and tenement both free and copy in Brandon, Runhall, Barnham Broom and Welborne until son Thomas comes to age of 26 years, she during the 10 years to come paying both for the purchse of the land and tenements yet to come and all his debts, keeping the houses in sufficient repair etc. Wills to Johan his wife 5 yearly after son thomas comes to his full age of 26 years. To be paid out of said lands and tenements so that she renounce her third part due in law or else to have her third part only. Wills all his said lands to his son Thomas at his age afrsaid and to his heirs but for want of heirs to Rose his daughter and her heirs. For lack of such heirs leaves to his brother James Howes and to his heirs forever. He then paying such legacies here underwritten. Wills to John Howes and Thomas Howes sons of his brother Richard 20 each. here explains conditions and method of payment. If they die to remain with the children of said Richard, equally. To John Rydell 6s.8d. To Amy his wife 6s.8d. and to every of his children 6s.8d. To Bridgett Howes daughter of John Howes his brother 10s. To Mary Parke 20s. To Rose Parke daughter of Henry Parke 10s. To Bartholomew, James Howes's son 20s. To Henry son of Henry Parke 10s. To every one of John Howes's children being three, 3s.4d. To Richard Howes his brother 40s, but if he dies before the lands come to James, then the 40s. to remain with the heirs of Richard. To John Howes his brother 20s. in manner as for Richard. To Edmund ffenhall 20s. and to every of his children 6s.8d. To Agnes Trendall his sister, 40s. to be paid in same manner as for Richard and John. Poor of Little Brandon 40s. To Rose Howes his daughter milch cow which was the gift of ffran Hall her aunt and also to Rose 30 to be paid 10 at her marriage or age of 21, whichever came first, to be paid by Johanne his wife and the other 20 to be paid by his son Thomas (method detailed). To every of his godchildren 12d. Johane his wife to deliver to son Thomas at his age of 24 four horse horse geldings or mares or six and twenty shillings a piece and also three neate or 3 in money. Wills that she shall sow him four acres of land that is two of wheat and two of barley at her proper cost or charge when he comes to 18 years. Gives to Thomas table and frame standing in the hall and the stools standing by it, best brass pot, a broad brass pan. Various other articles to Thomas. 10 to Thomas at age 26. To every of his brother George's children 6s.8d. To John Stocke a bushell of wheat. Joan his wife executrix. Richard Howes his brother supervisor. To him 40s. Witnesses: Nicholas Chapman. Richard Warn. John Howse. Henry Parke. Proved Wymondham, 12th December 1569. His widow Joan also left a will, q.v. Note (2) The will of Joan Howes of Little Brandon. 1594. Nfk. Arch. Ct. 535 Hardey. Johane Howse of Little Brandon, widdowe. Dated 1st January 1593. To Thomas Howes her son 4 acres of free land called Mindy Crofte in Little Brandon. To Anthony Howes son of said Thomas and to his heirs, close of land by estimation 7 acres and one rood more or less in Little Brandon, when he accomplished his age of 24 years. Thomas to have the use of the 7 acres until Anthony reaches age of 24, but he is not to take the wood from the land for a space of 10 years next before Anthony shall accomplish that age. To Richard one other son of Thomas 5 to be paid by Anthony and a further 5 to be paid by her son Thomas. To Thomas Howes her grandchild one other son of Thomas 5 to be paid by Thomas when he reaches his age of 24 years. Various articles to Anthony and to Richard. To Simon Barnewell 12d. Thomas her son and Edmond Edgely of Thuxton, yeoman, executors. Gives them residue and 40s. to Edmond for his pains. Witnesses: Thomas Love. James Buck. John Hancocke. Proved 6th April 1594. For comments and questions about this family, email Howard Slatter Updated 18 May 2020 Name Index